im at 1100 and i just

Stop Moving

Summery: Bucky wakes up from a nightmare to fin that you’re up too

Triggers: Nightmares

Word Count: 1100+

A/N: I just wanted to get something out, Im sorry I haven’t really been active. Exams and shit

Key: Italics is Bucky’s thoughts


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<Your work had been a gift to mankind. You shaped the->

He woke up, panting, dripping with cold sweat. Some of his hair covered his eyes so he brought his right hand up to brush it out the way, leaning on his left. He managed to complete his task through his shaking. I’ll just get a glass of water and try again. He told himself.

Pulling the blanket off himself, he turned so his feet touched the floor. I should put some clothes on. Since he spent so much time in Russia everything was too hot for him. It didn’t help that the chunk of metal was there permanently and he had to hid it under long sleeves. He wore almost nothing to bed, just a pair of briefs to cover himself when Steve stormed in.

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anonymous asked:

i just binged on 25 choco-covered raisins and 3 bowls of salmon (fatty!!) with WHITE!!rice!! im scared to weigh myself i was doing so good.. it was bc i told myself i need to eat more to gain back the energy ive been noteating, so im alive for an important soccer game tmrw (been restricting to 1100 cals, active almost every day and feeling the enrgy loss). what shld i do? i dont want to keep binging after thinking i need more enrgy but i dont want to lose enrgy either. (im the same14y,5'2,95lbs)

okay, first: dont panic. you are going to a soccer match and you are going to spend those calories. just go to your normal diet after the tournament


i got tired of the fasting/binging/crying cycle so i decided to just eat whenever. last week i lost about 3lbs of water weight and gained it back because i ended up binging. so now my cal intake is probably 1100-2200 and i checked my weight this morning. i lost the same amount and im so confused. I’ve never lost weight that way and I’ve barely been drinking tea, haven’t been working out every single day and managed to get down to 238.4lbs. the only way I’ve been able to lose weight was fasting/restricting and overworking myself and im sorta happy now because im unable to eat how i used to eat(i probably had 4000kcals everyday because im fat) so im just hoping that I can be at my gw1 before the 20th(im getting a parakeet but i wanna make it seem like i earned my parakeet because i reached my first gw) *update* i decided not to eat meat anymore so i im gonna be vegetarian

 started making this when i hit 900 bc i wanted hella time to do it & gush about you guys ?? but i hit 1000 so damn quick, & as of now this is probably better being a 1100 promo but i’m just ??? i’m seriously speechless. i have so much to say but i’m gonna be quick, bc i’m super, super tired && slightly delirious right now so i’m might be too emotional. this is the quickest i have ever hit this amount of followers on a blog ?? (  srs guys i still havent written up an about page im ?? this fandom has always been so accepting and god damn you guys have been so lovely to me right the beginning. — — but especially as of late i’ve felt so good about being here <3 & i’m just having so, so much fun writing with you, && cracking && sinning. seriously when life is stressing me out, this is my spot to chill. which hasn’t been the case for all my rp blogs. && i understand how rare that is. i generally just love being here. the friends i’ve made here are amazing, && not ones i take lightly. so this is for everyone who’s ever listened to my overenthusiastic yelling, or played along w my crack ( or just for those who seen my daddy!kink shenanigans from a distance && have thought ‘im not gonna unfollow her’ SR S THANK U ) && just all general sin on your dash. && especially for those people who have listened to me bitch or have just talked to me && unknowingly made me feel better when i was feeling shitty <3

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I never imagined that I would get this far with this blog and I love you all so so much!! Now it’s almost summer and the Red Era is almost over and I have almost 1100 followers and I’m very bored so I thought, let’s make a follow forever. 

I love you all so much!! 

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