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Can you do a request for what nickname/pet names they would give you??

This was so cute! but bear with me because I don’t know many pet names.

Seungcheol: Honey Buns

Jeonghan: Little Angel or Angel in training

Joshua: Darling or Dear

Jun: Depending on your personality it either be Monkey or Peaches (something cheesy af)

Hoshi: Little Panda Bear (ANd he’D be Big Panda im Crying)

Wonwoo: Jagiya (Because honestly I don’t think he’d get that creative.)

Woozi: Babe or baby (something simple because he’s awkward)

Dokyum: Blossom or Cupcake (something really corny)

Mingyu: Shorty or Short cake (becuz hes like 6 foot)

Minghao: Sunshine (but in mandarin which I don’t know)

Seungkwan: Bunny boo (then you can be the boo couple)

Vernon: Bae, but he wouldn’t type bae when texting you, it would just be a pear emoji. (Bae is the korean word for pear btw.)

Dino: Princess or teddy bear

- Admin Alisa =^.^=

rp with salty

flow was walking through the park when she saw a red panda what then it stood up to show a skeleton with red panda ears and tail wait what? “hmm an anthro skeleton sounds like an anime or somethin i wonder what their doing? hmm maybe ill ask”*open her wings and flies to the skeleton**lands* “hi im creative flow but please call me flow!i wanted to ask what are you doing?”

( @saltyirishpotato2002 )