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SS-GB Modern! AU

Where Archer is an overworked Met CID officer and Huth is this absolute dick of a Defence barrister who keeps torpedoing his cases every time they come to court

And then Archer gets stuck with the Case From Hell (a.k.a R v Spode), and just when he thinks things couldn’t possibly get any worse he finds out that Mr Smug Shit in a Wig himself is prosecuting it. So now they actually have to work together, and Archer is FUMING, because this guy keeps bossing him around and spooking the witnesses and making snide comments about the police’s charging decisions

…Except it turns out that it’s a lot better having that razor-sharp intellect on your side than having to work against it, and maybe he’s not so bad after all, and who knew taking down bad guys together could be so fun?

You, of course.

I had some thoughts about who holds Vex’s heart.

After her bold words to Saundor, they all come to her, one by one, all seeking answers to questions she had rather left alone. But they come, and she answers as honestly as she feels like. (But elves are masters of half-truths.)

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