im animal crossing blogging

i unfollowed a ton of blogs 

i need to follow more that share similar interests so

could you give this a like/rb if you post:

-the last of us

-tomb raider (any is fine, though i prefer the rebooted timeline)

-bioshock (all)




-animal crossing

-until dawn

-floral/nature aesthetics


and i’ll check you out, thanks!

would you guys not like it if I just posted some animal crossing doodles/drawings here for a while to help me cope with the stress I’ve been having?

I need more people to follow tbh like, ive been refreshing my feed for ten minutes and the same posts keep showing up so,,,

If you’re a ____ blog;

•ughhghhhh in the nd community
•animal crossing

Like this and ill follow you!!


I was gonna make Filbert’s trait “Excited”, but changed it so all their traits would start with ‘c’ lol


I need more animal crossing blogs

Im avoiding all responsibilities as an adult and not studying for finals. So instead i need more animal crossing in my news feed. (or other videogames) 

if your an animal crossing blog or any other nintendo related blog. Please reblog and I’ll follow back.

for ever reblog you help 1 procrastinating student procrastinate more! Isn’t that something!