im an immature child

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Nick is 27. I legitimately thought he was 22 or 23 (my age) & the fact that hes 27 makes it all the more unbelievable that he was really unaware of how unprofessional & dangerous his behavior was. Its also very concerning, if he is telling the truth, that someone his age could act so obliviously. I want to say I believe him, but that also makes me not trust him or respect him. Like its basically lose-lose for him. He's either a sexual predator, or an immature man child with no hope of improving.

you’re totally right that its a lose lose for him and i have no respect for him any more either way but after looking at the screenshots im leaning towards the “immature man child with no hope of improving” angle 

god damn this shit needs to be more safe to talk about for the victims its really the only way this shit can get less frequent because the sad truth is that there are almost definitely more cases of shit like this

ok so here’s the thing with nico being 14

14 year olds do things

i am fairly straight edge. however, considering i, a real life child, am often around other children, i can say from experience that 14 year olds do illegal things and wow this sounds so immature but ill get over it of course im immature im a child the point of this is just because nico is 14 and will is 15 does not mean they won’t have sex