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I’m debuting my new blog with a headcanon

  • look ok the Waynes don’t go to normal banks
  • what are they, poor?
  • but Jason does because he doesn’t have access to their money
  • I mean he is fucking dead
  • and fuck if he’s letting them give him any money
  • so Jason is in line at the bank
  • he looks like a normal guy, if a bit muscular
  • he goes by the name Todd Peters
  • bc he has a sense of humor gdi
  • and some guys in masks run in and shoot at the ceiling
  • they order everybody around
  • and the civilians “cower”
    • none of them are actually all that scared
    • they’re used to this ok
    • they deal with Scarecrow every other week ok they’re fine
    • they just figure this is easier than making a fuss
    • Jason’s pretty sure there’s only one bullet in that gun anyway
  • they start demanding the money
  • and Jason can’t just leave this bc he’s here
  • he might as well deal with it
  • so he stands and brings attention to himself
  • “hey!” he yells
  • they turn to him
  • and he just
  • he just fucking decks the closest one in the face
  • it’s a surprise bc nobody usually tries
  • he’s outnumbers like five to one
  • but he ducks their attacks and kicks their feet out from under them
  • and punches them all and basically just leaves them all black and blue
  • he ties them all up when he’s finished
    • bc of course he has fucking rope with him
    • why wouldn’t he
    • that’s a normal thing to have
    • (no it isn’t Jason what the fuck)
  • he couldn’t help but notice that as this was all happening
  • the civilians just quietly started making their withdrawals
  • the people at the desks thank him when they realized he was done
  • one person calls the cops
  • and then Jason realizes that there’s a camera in the bank
  • and he just makes his withdrawal and fucking books it
  • no doubt the bats will be seeing this footage soon
  • and he’s not about to deal with the police
  • he hides in a safehouse for a while in hopes that they don’t call
    • they do
    • bruce thanks him for leaving them alive
    • he doesn’t respond
[fic] we can go halfers on the consequence

desperate to get the too-dense leo to notice him, guanghong agrees to a fake relationship with phichit to make him jealous - so why’s seunggil the one acting so weird? a tale of romantic incompetence, cultural confusion, and asians being allergic to feelings.

(on ao3)

“In the dictionary, the definition of ‘flirt’ is just my picture,” Guanghong says.

“I don’t think you’re a flirt,” Phichit says from the other end of the phone.

“Not the noun,” Guanghong says. He’s nineteen and has never been on a date - he’s definitely not a flirt. “What does 'to flirt’ mean?”

“Well, flirting is basically telling someone you like them without actually telling them, right?”

“Exactly,” Guanghong says. “That’s my specialty.”

“This is about Leo, isn’t it.”

Guanghong groans and flops back onto his pillows. Phichit laughs. “You should just tell him.”

“That’s not what the magazines say,” Guang mumbles. He covers his face with his hands. “And I’m too shy.”

He’s not sure when it began, but it’s been a while since he started crushing on his best friend. Every touch feels like static crackling on his skin and makes his heart beat as fast as love songs say they should. When the realisation finally hit him, he avoided talking to Leo for weeks, unable to even form a coherent English sentence around him. He’d only blurted the truth out to Phichit after Phichit confronted him, concerned about the state of their friendship.

Guanghong apologised to Leo, saying he’d been busy (this through text because he was still playing hide-and-seek with his grammar every time Leo was around), and they returned to their normal patterns.

Well, mostly normal. Along with English, eye contact seems to be one of the skills Guanghong’s feelings conveniently threw down a well. Sometimes, he finds his gaze lingering on Leo, unable to stop looking at the nape of his neck, his collarbones and clavicle, his calloused hands and long fingers. Other times, he can’t make eye contact without his heart threatening to burst out of his chest.

“Maybe you haven’t done enough,” Phichit suggests.

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I think I’m way funnier than I actually am

Things that give me life in 2k3

Leo’s terrible terrible puns.

Donnie’s lisp (srsly just listen closely, it’s there bros).

Raph’s soft spot for the ‘underdog’.

The fact Mikey’s probably the second smartest turtle (but he’s too busy inhaling comic books to put it to any good use).

I’m going to be by your side, like I always am, protecting you

damn u know whatd be. super freaking cool.

morro centric oneshot in where lloyd doesnt forgive him for what he did except the thing doesnt revolve around internal morro “:( he wont forgive me even tho i said sorry lets spend the next 10k words guilt tripping him into forgiveness” angst its true repentance and in that he accepts lloyd wont forgive him and doesnt HAVE TO and basically a character study

except i dont trust any of u people so even if i ended up writing it like hell id actually work up the nerve to post it

006; college!jungkook

“Have a good day at work.” (006)

Jungkook’s still fast asleep the moment you wake up. He’s snoring by the time you come out from the bathroom and he seems dead to the world just as you’re done with breakfast. You hesitate to wake him up, especially since this morning last night he had gotten back from some pre-celebration party in a dorm near campus.

Now, Jungkook knows better than to skip classes—more so when he’s in a relationship with a teacher (or when it’s your class) but when he’s so close to graduating with his certificate, he couldn’t care less. He’s been good for as long as he can remember and he’s certain, just this once, you’d close both eyes.

In which you did, fast asleep when Jungkook returns to your apartment.

Just as you grab your bag, you hear a whine from the bedroom that makes you do a quick U-turn to check on him. If you don’t, he’ll probably struggle to get out of bed and he’ll get hurt in the process. You could’ve sworn he had been sleeping but there he is, arms spread with his eyes half-opened with that innocent pout playing on his lips. Chuckling, you discard your bag, walking over until you’re by the side of the bed so he can manage both arms around your waist, his face pressed to your stomach as he muffles, “Have a good day at work…”

You run your fingers through his hair, chuckling, “Thank you, Kookie…”

“Meet me for lunch?” He tries his luck, peeking up to you, his lips pressed to your clothed skin and you scoff, poking his nose, “You’re going to skip my class today and you have the cheek to ask me out for lunch?”

He frowns, squeezing your waist, “But noona…”

“I’ll meet you down at the café. Don’t be late. I have another class to run at three,”

“Gotcha,” He grins, smiling at you with closed eyes and your classes are not the only thing that Jungkook makes to skip. He does it pretty damn well to your heart too when he indulges in your embrace for a few minutes too long, then drops back to the mattress with a sheepish smile.