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Things that give me life in 2k3

Leo’s terrible terrible puns.

Donnie’s lisp (srsly just listen closely, it’s there bros).

Raph’s soft spot for the ‘underdog’.

The fact Mikey’s probably the second smartest turtle (but he’s too busy inhaling comic books to put it to any good use).

I just wanna take a small moment to talk about something that we have been talking about for awhile, but this is directed to those who are not familiar with the source material and need deets to stand up to entitled racists and that subject is

Ghost in the stupid ass Shell

I’m a huge fan of Ghost in the Shell, and I have been for years. The Major was one of my (fictional) heroes as a teenager, because she was sexy, badass, sexually fluid, had all of her receipts ready at all times, knew how the great game was played, and was an absolute motherfucking badass. I said that already but it needed to be said again. Anyway, you’re going to hear arguments from now until this movie releases about how this isn’t about race. And I want you to know that those theories are bullshit and here’s why.

1) They needed a familiar/famous actor to sell the movie. Absolute bullshit. If they absolutely needed a famous actress, they could have still gotten someone who was of Asian (Japanese, hopefully) descent. But the real point here is that they needed a famous face to sell the movie… They needed… a famous face… to sell Ghost in the Shell….

No, sweetheart. The original 1995 Ghost in the Shell movie influenced The Matrix. It was the first of its kind to really get into the existential theories of A.I., cybernetic bodies, uploading consciousness, etc. Plus it has a woman absolutely wrecking every jackass in the future. You don’t need a famous face to sell that shit, just like they didn’t need a famous face to sell The Matrix.

2) ScarJo’s a good actress. I’d like to argue that this is subjective. I like her well enough in the MCU but… ehhh. That aside, she’s not the one woman on the planet with a decent acting ability.

3) There are no Asian actresses fit for this role. Yes, I have seen this argument. I don’t think they realize how many people are on the globe and how big of a percentage of that the Asian population is. This argument gives me a headache, it’s so stupid.

4) If you actually knew anything about the source material, you’d know it doesn’t matter. The point of their argument is that the Major’s past is ambiguous at best, meaning we aren’t sure of her original body’s race, and that cyborg’s don’t have a race because they’re robots. Need I point out that several characters in the Stand Alone Complex series have pointed out that Major Motoko Kusangi’s shell (prosthetic body) is Japanese.

5) Race doesn’t matter in this show. The entire Stand Alone Complex series was about race. Particularly it was about being racist towards a large group of refugees. Being 100% Japanese was such a big deal in this show, especially in the second season due to the terrorist situation. This is why Motoko’s race came up the few times it did.

6) The race of the Major won’t affect the quality of this movie. Refer to #1. When I first heard that they needed to sell one of the most infamous pieces of art of all time, I was already suspicious. Now that we’ve seen a few trailers, I can guarantee this movie is going to throw out all of the source material except for parts of the setting and some people’s names, and it’s also going to suck big time. It’s basically female robocop, and it’s shit. They turned her into a white snowflake who’s scared all the time. It really doesn’t matter about her race because this movie is going to be shit either way… But if it’s going to be shit, they could have tried to get the casting right and not have to be racist about it. God, who the fuck thought this was a good idea?

So there you go! There’s a lot of entitled assholes in this fandom, particularly on reddit, so understand at all times that this is racism. All of Hollywood’s and ScarJo’s excuses are bullshit.

Don’t let that turn you away from GitS completely though, because Motoko is absolutely amazing.

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This is a gif of her grabbing a rope attached to our equivalent of a Black Hawk helicopter and stopping it so that one of her team members can snipe the pilot out of the cockpit. Thank you for your time.

If you have questions, feel free to ask. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find out for you.



006; college!jungkook

“Have a good day at work.” (006)

Jungkook’s still fast asleep the moment you wake up. He’s snoring by the time you come out from the bathroom and he seems dead to the world just as you’re done with breakfast. You hesitate to wake him up, especially since this morning last night he had gotten back from some pre-celebration party in a dorm near campus.

Now, Jungkook knows better than to skip classes—more so when he’s in a relationship with a teacher (or when it’s your class) but when he’s so close to graduating with his certificate, he couldn’t care less. He’s been good for as long as he can remember and he’s certain, just this once, you’d close both eyes.

In which you did, fast asleep when Jungkook returns to your apartment.

Just as you grab your bag, you hear a whine from the bedroom that makes you do a quick U-turn to check on him. If you don’t, he’ll probably struggle to get out of bed and he’ll get hurt in the process. You could’ve sworn he had been sleeping but there he is, arms spread with his eyes half-opened with that innocent pout playing on his lips. Chuckling, you discard your bag, walking over until you’re by the side of the bed so he can manage both arms around your waist, his face pressed to your stomach as he muffles, “Have a good day at work…”

You run your fingers through his hair, chuckling, “Thank you, Kookie…”

“Meet me for lunch?” He tries his luck, peeking up to you, his lips pressed to your clothed skin and you scoff, poking his nose, “You’re going to skip my class today and you have the cheek to ask me out for lunch?”

He frowns, squeezing your waist, “But noona…”

“I’ll meet you down at the café. Don’t be late. I have another class to run at three,”

“Gotcha,” He grins, smiling at you with closed eyes and your classes are not the only thing that Jungkook makes to skip. He does it pretty damn well to your heart too when he indulges in your embrace for a few minutes too long, then drops back to the mattress with a sheepish smile.

So hopefully, the day will be saved! (:

Introducing a sentence that I actually wrote and genuinely thought was okay until proof-reading.

i give you: a summary of every destiel drawing ive ever made throughout the whole year.

not all of them are in there, but if i were to put all of them in there, then it would be too long of a collage because this destiel trash is too weak to resist the urge to draw destiel every fucking second.

heres to many more in 2016!

Haikyuu!! First Kiss HC’s Part 2

Tsukkiyama: Yamaguchi plans it out. Wants it to be absolutely perfect. When they win a match he thinks ‘this is it’ because Tsukki looks so happy and he’s glancing over and smiling at Yamaguchi. But he chickens out at the last moment. Then it’s New Years and they’re standing side by side in his front yard and Tsukki glances over at him and smiles and Yamaguchi thinks ‘this is definitely it’ but then his mom is calling them inside and the moment passes. But one night they’re in his room and it’s dark and they’re lying on his bed together, watching something on his laptop. He glances over and Tsukki is already looking at him and Yamaguchi just does it. Leans over and kisses him. And it’s perfect.

Bokuaka: Bokuto is in one of his slumps one day during practice. He’s distracted and grouchy and Akaashi has just about had it. He’s watching him wobble around on the side lines, sighing and moaning about his life. Finally, he marches over and tilts his chin up with one finger and kisses him, hard. Bokuto freezes and there’s yelling and cat calling from the others but Akaashi just keeps their lips pressed together until finally Bokuto kisses back and wraps his arms around him and lifts him up. He refuses to put him down for the rest of practice because ‘You’re mine now Akaashi!’

Levyaku:  Yaku trips over Lev’s water bottle during practice and hurts his ankle. Lev then insists on carrying him around on his back for the rest of the day. When he’s carrying him home Yaku just grumbles that he’s perfectly capable and can walk ‘thank you very much. But Lev just laughs, loud and bright, and keeps walking. When they get to his front door, Lev bends down to let him slide off gently. Before he can say anything Yaku tugs him down by the front of his shirt and kisses him. Lev is speechless and Yaku just turns around and walks into the house without another word, his cheeks bright red.


Anonymous asked: Could you do a parallel gif set of 1x20 where Barry and Iris are in his lab and he thinks she’s going to confess her feelings vs. 2x20 when he’s not expecting anything and she does confess her feelings?