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HEY HEY HEY thanks for sendin asks!! there were so many good ones, sorry i could only answer a handful! forgot mobile users cant see the faq. i’ll copypaste it in a post in a sec.

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Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 66 Spoilers

Furuta: Kanou’s clown huh, you know alot, no wonder the higher ups are so cautious
Eto: When and where and who are the aogiri members having tea with, I know it all. The one who does “bad” stuffs with him, its you right? Collecting bodies for his experiments, leaking information of the transportation carrying QS body through Kanou, though, I do not know how you got related with V, do tell me
Furuta: Kanou sensei and the steel beams, I do have some personal reasons in them~ But Im not telling you now *laugh* Then, what can you do? Walking into CCG like this, you d better off going to Rue island together with the others *spinning on his chair*
Eto: I have nothing more to do, technically I am already “done”
Furuta: …sure talk toughly, I kind of like it, a woman like you. Your face looks decent too, makes me want to make you submit
Eto: You are the one who has something to do. Finding me “who cant do anything”
Furuta: Nothing, those higher ups, so bothersome. They are worrying to death you know
Eto: About what?
Furuta: Dont act stupid, you know it, its all about your “king” ….lets make a deal. I will let you play in the VIP room of Cochlea until death, provided that you tell me who is the one eyed king
Eto: Oh
Furuta: …our ancestors thought about it, what is the best way to control people? …that is to make them concentrate on one place. If they are idiots, then even making them committing suicide together would be easy, so, suggesting an “irregular enemy” to the CCG, “clowns”, “Tsukiyama house” etc, politicians, artists, reporters, terrorist, whoever. Because “supporters” no longer need to worry about “food”. Therefore, you and that one eyed who, these “irregular enemies”, it will be very~~~~bothersome
Eto: …..that put me at ease, all in all, you all do not have any information regarding the one eyed king. Good good
Furuta: At least im trying you know? Like getting into a ghoul salon– *spins his clown mask* or being a clown *wink*. But the information house doesnt help much, and getting such a reply of “there is no king” from the okama. Sighhhhh~~~ even though I have opinions myself, but its possible too, a symbolic “king”. Putting hopes in something made up could lower the hopelessness right….
Eto: The king does exist, and, its “in your stomach”
Furuta: Takatsuki sensei, its ok to have revolution… But the more you want to change something, the more the sadness and deaths, you even killed your own father… Even tough its warped, as long as it can retain balance, its not a bad thing, am I right?
Eto: No, I am the “excluded”, and your opinion is that of “who exclude”. Mother and those who took care of me are stolen from you guys, I cant accept that
Furuta: aha
Eto: need not to rush the king will come
Furuta: …..then, the deal is off then? ….I will visit you, when you are minced like a rubbish during the disposal in Cochlea *walks away*
Eto: Hey Washuu, you are pitiful too. How does it feel to be unable to call dad “dad”? You are a rubbish too arent you *smile*
Furuta: Die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die *pressing against the glass*
Eto: …scary

Furuta’s throwback
Furuta: Rize
Rize: What is it Nimura
Furuta: Are you a ??? too

Furuta: no good no good…that woman… i need to teach her a lesson….
Sasaki: Furuta kun…you do not look good
Furuta : ah it seems that i overworked, thanks for the concern ahaha
Sasaki: ah is it, take care of your health

Eto and sasaki listen to the recorded conversation between her and Furuta
Sasaki: making me installed a recording device in there
Eto: I told you, you get to hear interesting stuffs, now you can believe what I said is right ka ne ki kun. Your last job might be tougher than you think
Sasaki: how do you know what my next steps are. And I will be keeping it
Eto: thats because i am a writer. I can help you, I can disturb them. then I want you to accept my request
Sasaki: I never thought of what comes after that…. I have no time for your request
Eto: I will be transferred these two days, if you are interested please find me, most possibly at lower room– i will tell you my request just in case anything happens, my request to you is to kill the one eyed king
Sasaki: …….i dont understand

Rue Island
Tatara: (Houji… I have repaid what I owed you….)
Tatara: (Eto….. We shall meet when there is a chance *in chinese*)

Banjou: Ayato, is this enough?? I have no obligation to help you, but for Hina chan I will
Ayato: Yes its enough, sorry. Banjou

Amon: ….has it begun….

Just finished watching Code Geass, its been such a long time ever since I last watched anime at late night. Why didnt I discover this amazing anime sooner?!