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When you animate do you just draw the frames from the first to the second or do you do key frames and inbetweenings

again, i dont animate frequently at all so i have no real experience. with that one previous gif, it was traced over a really old 2000s anime meme gif

howEVER, I have read something from The animator’s survival kit about comparing animating using the“Straight Across” method or with actual planning and doing in-betweens:

here’s the pros and cons to each method

And here’s what the “best way” is!

So, it could be a personal preference thing that could wildly depend on what you’re doing,. It seems from experience, people use a blend of both techniques to get the best results in the long run! 

that clip of the knight running and jumping off the airship was really smooth and well animated…!

unlike the rest of the fight, the rest of the fight looked like cancer

but the choreography ideas were good! ish. i really like the uh.. the omnislash, its like a flashback to v2 back when the fight scenes were still actually good

and i guess the overall ideas for weiss standing there and shooting at the lancers, and using the floaty islands, and throwing the dust at the queen, and having the knight do those things, was… pretty okay.. 👍 although the actual execution was still too slow and choppy, and theres always that /pose/ shot in the middle of the fight and its so awkward

i still have no idea how to do gifs so please forgive me for this terrible quality

Look who’s finally an adult! adulter adult? ok but is he turning 18 or 19? i’m genuinely confused

still version 

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I just want to say that I love frogs

they have faces that make it look like they’re just listening to you rly well

and some of them like to hide in the water with a bit of nose sticking out, like a teeny alligator just waiting to getcha

I mean, even when they haven’t hatched yet, they’re adorable. such smols

they come in lots of different shapes and sizes, like smallmouth round

and bigmouth round

some are rly bright colors to say “pls do not eat me, I am a danger!”

and some look like glowy stars

lookit this one’s foldy toes!!

!! and the bumpy belly!

sometimes they even tuck their legs in like cats do

and let’s not forget they do the thing when they make noise!

frogs are such good creatures