im an action figure


Legolas reports back to his father.


Ahsoka Tano custom action figure.

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Star-Lord custom action figure. [Comics inspired]

This was the first time I’ve tried anything like this, but it was really fun. I love how he turned out! 

You know that soulmate AU where at different points in your life details of where you meet your soulmate appear?  And it had an example of the things you’d know at 16?  What happens if you already met them earlier in life?  Like you’re 16 and you discover “it was preschool. They brought an action figure to show and tell” and you have to frantically think back and ask around to try and figure out who in your preschool class had an action figure

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People like you are a cancer to people who are actually fans of the punisher. Please go find someone else to have your stupid fangasmings over instead of ruining a character that doesn't deserve it.

did you just– did you just call me CANCER?

oh my god, people, help, im being attacked by the internet!!!!!!!!

but no, in all seriousness, before you make anon hate about someone being cancer– please make sure your hate isn’t cancer itself. it negates its purpose and i don’t even feel inclined to try and argue with you because of it. i mean, this was….. supposed to insult me, right? was that what you were going for? jesus christ. please do put more effort in your hate, dearie. <3


Cowabunga Countdown: Mikey Mania!

I wanted to enter this countdown so so so long ago , but thanks to work i couldnt keep up with it. But one thing is for sure , i CANNOT miss my favorite turtle appreciation day!  Ive learnt so many things from Mikey, like staying positive on the hardest times, making someone smile is for free, its okay if you are annoying to others, as long as you are being yourself you are fine and so the list can go on and on

Mikey has always been my favorite ,since i was little. I had a couple of Barbie dolls, but i had every Mikey action figure . Until today , im waiting to buy my build-a-bear TMNT plushie ! 

the astro boy figure i ordered has shipped and that’s nice enough to post here

also i love astro boy and i ordered an action figure of him….. im sorry ive neglected you all of the happenings of my life

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I'm about to throw you for a loop what's your favorite digimon

okay so ive never actually seen digimon (im sorry im a fraud) BUT

i had an action figure of this one digimon, veemon i think, that i LOVED as a kid i had him play with all of my pokemon figures and he was great!! he was very kind to them

so my favourite digimon would be him, veemon!