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I will say, hands are some of the hardest things to grasp when learning how to draw! Even people who have been drawing for years can be intimidated by these lil appendages! My methods for drawing them might be a bit weird, but I’m happy to share some of the things I try and keep in mind while trying to capture the essence of The Hand

I hope some people can find this useful! I could probably have gone on and on about drawing hands in this post but it’s already long enough-

A lot of people on here say that their ask is open just for the sake of it, and sometimes they sadly don’t mean it. I want my followers to know that my ask is ALWAYS open, because to me, you guys aren’t just “my followers”. You are real people with real problems and your happiness and health is important to me. Just because I don’t know you in person, that doesn’t mean I don’t care. So if you’re ever having a bad day, please reach out, or if you’re ever feeling a bit lonely please know that I am here, to be a friend and someone who will listen :)


A Somber Prince, a Winter King.

Whenever I read something by @callmearcturus, I always imagine the scenes like @cityinthesea. So this is my attempt at a softer Dirk (because City’s Dirk is an amazing Dirk)


just chankai being dumb and in love

HI FRIENDS I’VE MADE AN IT BLOG FOR THIS DAMN FANDOM THAT I LOVE SO DEARLY!! pls i want/need friends! like or reblog this n i’ll reach out/follow or message me. plsplspls?? i’m nice i swear
teacher!au / junhui

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part 4/13 in the teacher!au series

other parts: s.coups / jeonghan / joshua / jun / hoshi

(note: s.coups is found on my main)

more notes at the end!

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Oh dang, I'm really excited now. DoFP was an AMAZIN story, and I can't wait to see ya dub it. Keep up the awesome work, Steph. Both in dubbin, and in art, cus you're doin awesome. ^u^b

lynn you are always so nice to me :A: Im gonna try my best to keep making good stuff ^W^ 

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Can you tell me your daily routine or what you used to do to be this amazing???

is this a legit question? haha but alright i’ll answer it nevertheless! :^)

i’ve always been optimistic– ever since i was a kid, i always try my best to look at the brighter side of the things and combat every problem with that positive mindset. however, when i entered highschool, things have been really tough and rocky between myself, my family, my insecurities, mental health, my friends, and many more. it was exhausting and really, really a terrifying phase and it has drained the life out of me. it broke me and left me with nothing but bitterness and anxiety. i became a terrible person and resorted to cutting some people out of my life because i could not bear the thought of dragging them to my own crap. i even thought of harming myself. and although i was not clinically depressed, i knew there was something wrong with me. but despite all that, i held on to the little spark of hope that something could possibly change. and i dont know, somehow the pain, the sadness, the numbness, and all the other feelings just eventually went away with time. now, i know it sounds fake and impossible (sometimes, it feels like that too) but i promise you, i could guarantee that in my case, it got better and im quite sure it will get better for you, too. life is not all about misery– there are better and beautiful things at stake for you. and i could testify to that.

i then started helping myself after those months. i must admit: it’s not an immediate progression but my baby steps got me here and i couldn’t be more proud!

recently, my life is quite uneventful but i try my best to make the best out of everything. alsooo i’ve been really busy recently (which explains my inactivity) so my normal academic routine was divided into different sections to cater the new stuff that i got into. so here goes my daily routine i guess:

1. hygiene: i shower and wash my face every single day because my day isnt complete without washing my face, body, brushing my teeth, etc!
2. breakfast: i used to skip breakfast because i often times wake up really late and i consider breakfast insignificant! but ever since i had regular ugly tummy aches for not eating bfast, i started to make it a habit! in fact, it helps me become more capable for the rest of the day!
3. academics: hmm im a pretty pumped scholar so i think i do well in school? it’s just a matter of making competent outputs since our courses are mostly output-based.
4. organizations: since i’ve joined a lot of organizations this year, it’s been really tough for me! im still TRYING MY BEST to manage my time really well but im getting the hang of it! i am really passionate about the stuff that i get into and i give my 100% always!!
5. friends and family: unfortunately, due to my busy sched, i dont have much time for my family and friends!!! BUT I PROMISE IT IS REALLY REALLY important to make sure and check on the people u love once in a while!! so i still send them love all the way from my busy bum every time!!
6. mindset: my everyday mindset recently is basically work, work, work but dont overwork yourself– give your all and im sure you will do great!
7. study period: 50% of my time in the evening is dedicated to my org stuff and 50% for my acads!!
8. sleeping time: tbh im normally sleep-deprived (i know it’s toxic but what choice do i have) sooo sometimes before i start doing my stuff, i get some sleep and then wake up to do my stuff! it’s p effective so far!!
9. reevaluation: aaaah this is my favorite because before i sleep i always make sure to recall the stuff that i did the entire day for 10-15 minutes to point out the mistakes that i have done and consider checking on how to improve myself!!! y'all should do this too!!
10. social media: every day i alot 3 hours of my time for social media mostly for tumblr! it’s a huge ass improvement for a phone addict like me!
11. self-time: i cant stress enough how important this is to a growing person! every day, i dedicate an hour of my time for this!! normally, this is when i pamper myself, give myself a break, think about existential stuff, fix my self, plan this and that, etc!
12. bad days: of course just like most people, i have my bad days!! may it be losing my cellphone, failing an exam, etc! yes it’s normal and i dont exactly dwell on it, i let it pass, and i live my life. i believe in thr magic of fate– tomorrow would be a good day!
13. on failures: i cry about it (im a huge ass cry baby aaaah) but i accept and learn from it.

this response is really, really long im so sorry, i got really excited halfway!! but tbh, im nowhere near amazing but i ALWAYS try my best to be kinder (while giving my best) in everything that i say and do!! and somehow, it sorta changed the way i live my life. it’s empowering, really. and i suggest everyone who was able to read until here should do this too!!!!! it gets exhausting but i promise it’s worth it!!

i hope ur having a good day, bee! let’s be our best versions together! ly! 💕

*deep breath* tHEM.

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This is just an assumption: your faking your postiviy since there is no way you can be happy all the time

that’s an interesting assumption !! imo there’s a difference between being happy & being positive. i’m always trying my best to spread positivity (cause it’s part of my personality- i hate seeing ppl sad but ofc i cant spend all my time talking to everyone cause im a busy bee but if i could i would :+(!!) in the community cause we need it :+) ! nothing wrong with that!! but i’m not happy all the time- im always content but im trying my best so spread love + positivity :+) thanks for ur input !!!

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Rec some Lirrie/ Liam blogs ?

alright i’m the most terrible at these bc i always forget half of my following list but im gonna try my best in alphabetical order:

@airportliam @aradicalinterpretationofthetext @armanigucci @domesticharry @dulcedeliam @excusemelirry @fakelimabean @foliealou @henristarrs @i-am-here-for-liam @imalirrie @intoyoump3 @letpaynelive @liamismyhome @liampayneappreciation @liampaynetbfh @liamsboss @liamsglorydays @liamshands @lirryandstuff @lirryingucci @lirryonce @lirryxnouis @mooncycling @nofucksliam @paynesenterprise @pinkharold @preciouspayne @rainbowgucci @relaxliam @roselirry @softlylirry

as usual, please like this if you’re a lirrie/liam blog if i didn’t mention you!!!!!! you can also go through my /tagged/liam and /tagged/lirry to see who i reblog from :-)

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hey! how are u so positive? i wanna have ur positivity but i keep reverting back to being negative and talking badly about myself and stuff like that and i wanna stop cause its hurting people i love but idk how. please help!

I’ll let you in a little secret nonny: I still struggle w/ being positive too. When I was in highschool I was legit the opposite of who I am today. What clicked for me personally was my bf telling me not to give a fuck about the little things (easier said than done) but I know it’s difficult to be in a spot where you’re constantly beating yourself up w/ negativity. so I try my best to spread positivity to others because I’ve been in that spot before. I wish I had all the time in the world to reach out to everyone + help out but ofc life’s a butt & logistically I can’t but i would love to :+( specifically for you, I haven’t dealt with that because I distance ppl away instead of sharing my problems w/ ppl? I always feel like I’m a burden to others (im still trying my best!!). The best advice I can give is to take your time. You can’t be super positive from 0 to 100, take baby steps & hopefully as time goes on, you’ll get more positive :+)! good luck nonny & i believe in you! ily 

@ all of my mutuals on here that i haven’t talked to in forever: I care about u still and im sorry for being such a ghost aljd;lsjfl;