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I will say, hands are some of the hardest things to grasp when learning how to draw! Even people who have been drawing for years can be intimidated by these lil appendages! My methods for drawing them might be a bit weird, but I’m happy to share some of the things I try and keep in mind while trying to capture the essence of The Hand

I hope some people can find this useful! I could probably have gone on and on about drawing hands in this post but it’s already long enough-


just chankai being dumb and in love

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I need advice, everyone keep telling me shit and stepping on me. I have no idea what did i do wrong, but i feel bad fir it. What do you suggest Captain?

I don´t know what´s going on in your life but let me tell you some little somethings, don´t let people get to you, don´t feel the need to prove yourself because that´s worse. People come and go from our lives but what´s important is staying true to yourself, because you know youself better than those people who try to judge you or bring you down. I´d say fuck them, don´t listen to them. Let´s say you did do something, nobody is perfect, I do make mistakes sometimes, but if people can´t forgive and forget well….fuck them. Don´t spend your time on that cause that´s really draining. Keep being your unique and awesome self Nonie.

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Oh dang, I'm really excited now. DoFP was an AMAZIN story, and I can't wait to see ya dub it. Keep up the awesome work, Steph. Both in dubbin, and in art, cus you're doin awesome. ^u^b

lynn you are always so nice to me :A: Im gonna try my best to keep making good stuff ^W^ 

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Rec some Lirrie/ Liam blogs ?

alright i’m the most terrible at these bc i always forget half of my following list but im gonna try my best in alphabetical order:

@airportliam @aradicalinterpretationofthetext @armanigucci @domesticharry @dulcedeliam @excusemelirry @fakelimabean @foliealou @henristarrs @i-am-here-for-liam @imalirrie @intoyoump3 @letpaynelive @liamismyhome @liampayneappreciation @liampaynetbfh @liamsboss @liamsglorydays @liamshands @lirryandstuff @lirryingucci @lirryonce @lirryxnouis @mooncycling @nofucksliam @paynesenterprise @pinkharold @preciouspayne @rainbowgucci @relaxliam @roselirry @softlylirry

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teacher!au / junhui

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part 4/13 in the teacher!au series

other parts: s.coups / jeonghan / joshua / jun / hoshi

(note: s.coups is found on my main)

more notes at the end!

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@tarantulamoon I have a deep fear of cigarettes bc my dad used to smoke and has almost died multiple times while I was growing up. like idek how he’s still alive rn and little me promised myself forever ago that i would never smoke and I’m just trying to keep that promise

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full moon

full moon: what type of person do you hope to be?

one who tries hard to be kind and openminded to everyone, and also one whos successful and has a rockin cartoon she made

hello it is i and i am just here to tell u all that if u ever wanna become buds i am 3000% down with that!! i’m totally okay with u guys dming me or asking for other social media accounts!! disclaimer im not always the best with responding to everything but i will TRY MY DARNEDEST I AM HERE AND READY TO MAKE FRIENDS GOMU GOMU NO FRIENDSHIP 

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You doing ok owl? Hope you are 💗

also i do apologize for leaving again,,,,for a long period of time like the last time,,,,im really bad when it comes to managing things and time,,,,but i do really love this blog and i love all of you guys too!! im sorry for always leaving,,,,ill do my best to try and post more here,,,since its the new year and all!!! but yeee,,,sorry again,,,,and i hope you’re doing ok too, thefandomismad ♥ !!

I hate living in a world where you cant be upset and anxious because it makes you childish and apparently you let things revolve around you because of it.

I can’t even tell my family when im upset because I’m always being childish and selfish and mental issues as a crutch when I do. I know I have times that my anxiety is bad and the only way not to take it out is by blowing people off but I always try to explain myself and apologize when I calm down, but it’s never enough. I don’t know what to do and I feel like I am the letdown of my family because of it. Ive been trying my best but I always feel like im the screw up in the end. I know I screw up but it’s not like I act like I never do.

Im just confused right now and needed to let this out. Im sorry if no one really wanted to read this on their dash. It’s just good to write it out sometimes when there isnt reallty anyone I can talk to in real life. I just, I know I can be immature and childish, but I also know that it doesnt mean that im not an adult. I have a hard time believing I am an adult because of it. I take care of my bills and.personal life well and usually dont have problems until it comes to my blood relations and I always end up feeling shitty because of it.

I have a hard time explaining myself because I tend to be dramatic, it’s something ive always had a problem with because ive never been able to communicate how upset or uncomfortable I am until im upset because I was very introverted and quiet as a kid. My family had a lot of issues and I kept my problems to myself because my older sister and younger sister needed someone to be grounded when our lives werent. Because of how I was in my childhood I ended up messed up when my senior year of high school came around and I made bad decisions and got into a lot of trouble due to it. It caused a bad rift with me and my family, worse than what was already there because there were problems with me being more independent. I’ve been give everyone their space and still make up for it, but when things get scary for me when they’re trying for a small amount of time and it causes anxiety, they get mad because theyve tried for a week or two and how much that means when ive been trying.for over a year now… I ended up getting mad about that this time and.I tried to communicate what I felt and why as best as I could. I still ended up fucking it all up though.

Needless to say that now, I’m listening to sad songs and crying.because i.messed up again

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself publicly. Then send this to ten of your favorite followers❤

pfft Oliver i hate myself 😂

ok ok

1. my writing skills are pretty okay
2. my eyes look cool sometimes
3. i like that im literally never mean to anyone. i always try my best to be nice. even if someones mean to me. like im kinda mean back but like,, in a nice way …yeah lol
4. my singing voice is okay i guess
5. i have the ability to find myself ugly and hot as fuck at the same time and im okay with that 😂

Shion: Nezumi you can’t be born everyday.



so yea… everyone’s been saying Nezumi’s birthday is on the 19th of Jan… I would like to celebrate it… if it was his real birthday but nope. Even better, it’s his birthday everyday because he is too dorky‘cool’ to have just one tiny birthday. Cake all day and party all night.