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Obligatory Valentine’s Day Shipping Post

What up it’s Valentine’s Day which means -insert title here-!

I’m not really a romantic person and I don’t watch a whole lot of romance anime, but there’s some ships I like. So considering what day it is, I decided to just make a quick lil’ post about it because why the heck not. 

i dont really have anything else to say lets just do it the day’s almost over i’m gonna be late

In no particular order, my favorite anime ships!

Tsukasa and Subaru (.hack//Sign)
Been a while since I watched .hack//Sign, but I think it’s pretty underrated (I do see why though). These two are cute together and the scene the above screenshot is from is probably my favorite scene in the show. And what makes this ship even better is ***SPOILERS*** it turns out Tsukasa’s a girl IRL and they still stay together! 

Kumiko and Reina (Hibike! Euphonium)
Yeah I already made a 12 Days of Anime post about this so I’m kinda out of fangirly things to say. Also it didn’t become canon and yuri bait sucks. But screw it, I can still dream.

Utena and Anthy (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
Adolescence of Utena has become my go-to Valentine’s Day movie. If not the whole thing, at least that dance scene. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: that scene is the most beautiful thing in all anime. And Utena is definitely the best yuri anime I’ve ever seen, no questions asked. 

Kirito and Sinon (Sword Art Online II)
Sinon and GGO were the best things to happen to SAO. I regard the whole show as a guilty pleasure except for the GGO arc, which I genuinely like. And honestly, Sinon is probably the biggest if not the only reason for that, she’s such a good character (especially compared to everyone else). She also works off of Kirito better than any of the other girls in the show. If they had actually gotten together, I wouldn’t have minded. 

Holo and Lawrence (Spice and Wolf)
I didn’t expect to watch Spice and Wolf and like it, yet here I am. Holo and Lawrence have such good chemistry together throughout the whole show and both of them are great characters even by themselves. This is probably the first and only time I’ve seen a “we’re the main characters so of course we get together” kind of couple that actually worked super well.

There we go that’s my list! Happy Valentine’s Day!