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Camping with Haechan au? (is this even considered an AU?? who knows but I mean I think I'd be cute nonetheless since the best writer out there is writing it (if you do decide to do so 😂)) Thank you so much! 💘

omg this would actually make such a good enemies-to-lover au too!!!
here’s some rivalry!campers au

  • you and haechan have been going to the SAME summer camp since you were tiny tiny children
  • and the first year you got to know each other, it was like all hell broke loose
  • because you were two of the most sarcastic, headstrong, competitive children in your troops,,,,,like even the counselors couldn’t keep you two from going at each others necks
  • and you were both like seVEN ?????
  • but you swear - haechan started it 
  • and haechan swears you started it
  • all because you accused him of cheating on the swim relay race because you SAW him use free style and not butterfly
  • and haechan had stuck his tongue out when you accused him and,,,,it’s just a mess
  • every year counselors changmin and yunho make bets to see whose going to be stuck with you two LOL 
  • but yes this year,,,,,the camping trip is going to be an overnight outdoors survival game thing
  • and the minute you guys arrive in the forest haechan walks past you, the smuggest look on his face, going “the entire winter - i built tents in my room to prepare for the moment. i can pitch a tent in under fifteen minutes.”
  • you roll your eyes going “i bet you’ll burn all your food like you did last year too.”
  • haehcan throws a glare over his shoulder and you just wave, going over to your side of the campground
  • later into the evening,,,both your tents are pitched and you’re sitting at the campfire making what the counselors called an ‘emergency meal’ which just consists of starting a fire and grilling sardines over it
  • when you notice haechan is struggling,,,,,,,,which of course makes you grin happily to yourself
  • until,,,you’re done with your fire and food and haechan still,,,,,,,doesn’t even have a flame
  • and you’re not going to help him - oh god no - not after you’ve banked all your summers on destroying each other in every camp activity possible
  • but also,,,even when you go into your tent,,,,the idea of leaving him out there - hungry - for some reason hurts 
  • so you try to talk to yourself about all the things you /hate/ about haechan,,,,but it doesn’t work
  • and with a grumble you get up and march out of the tent over to haechan
  • and he looks up,,,,opening his mouth and you’re like “save it. hand me the sticks, ill make the fire.”
  • haechan protests,,,,,,,he protests aLOT
  • but you don’t listen because your dumb rivalry doesn’t mean anything when it comes down to basic needs like eating
  • “i already won, i started the fire first. now im just helping you eat, don’t think it means anything.”
  • haechan clicks his tongue “i didnt think it meant /anything/ i just dont want you to hold this over my head.”
  • “i wont”
  • “fine.”
  • “fine.”
  • silently you watch the sparks,,,,and then the flames that burst over the sticks. getting up you look at haechan triumphantly and turn to head back to your tent,,,,,,but the minute you open the flap
  • the whole thing topples,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • “looks like someone didn’t secure their tent. rookie mistake.”
  • haechan’s voice comes from behind and you clench your teeth, turning around you point to his fire
  • “i made that for you, so come over here and repay me.”
  • “are you asking for my help?”
  • “in your dreams, im asking for compensation.”
  • haechan strolls over, grinning as he helps set your tent back up and you watch with your hands crossed to help settle your embarrassment 
  • done, haechan opens the flap and goes “after you, rookie” and you push him playfully
  • but also before you go in you stand there and look at haechan and he looks at you
  • and for some odd reason,,,,you don’t hate it
  • you actually notice,,,,,,,,for the first time,,,,,,,,that he’s pretty cute
  • and his smooth skin and brown eyes aren’t,,,,the worst,,,,
  • but you’re convinced in must be the air up here in the forest or something making you think your biggest enemy is cute
  • but then you hear haechan go
  • “thank you,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • it’s quiet but you look back at him and stutter because “w-what?”
  • “thank you, for helping me. im not saying it again.”
  • you blink and see haechan avert his eyes,,,for the first time - you see clear as day
  • he’s shy
  • and you can’t help but feel your own cheeks flush because,,,,,oh,,,,he,,,,didn’t have to say that but it’s still nice to hear
  • and you nod,,,,not sure what to make of this
  • and then haechan goes “,,,,,,,,,,,ive never said it but you’re ,,,,,,ok,,,,,,,well more than ok you’re p-p-p-,,,,,,”
  • “p?”
  • “,,,,,,,,,,,you’re nice to look at anyway i have to go bye.”
  • and with that haechan storms right across the campground to his tent
  • so fast that you don’t even process his words
  • until you’re laying in your sleeping bag and thinking,,,,,,,,,,,,,,was he going to say pretty?
  • the next morning everyone is happily chattering around breakfast and you walk past haechan who looks over at you,,,,and much to the shock of everyone (counselor changmin drops his plate of waffles)
  • you sit beside him
  • and neither of you say anything,,,,but you eat in peace,,,not bickering or name calling,,,,,,,and it’s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,enjoyable
  • being with haechan is,,,,,,,,,,enjoyable 
let me love you (jefferson x reader x alex)

request : modern au??? angsty stuff !?? ooH basically ur eliza and Alex cheats on u and then u get pissed & break up w him and then go hook up w Jefferson to piss him off but then that becomes a thing and now Alex regrets everything (-anon)

warning : slight smut , angst, cussin, alex cheated so 

a/n : wooo writers block send me more requests. also its not v anon i know who sent this bc she kept on texting me to do it. 

“alex? what the fuck is this?” you choked, throwing your phone at him. Maria had texted you. is this y/n? im so sorry that i had to let you know this way. i just found out you are with alexander… we have been hooking up for about two months. im so so sorry he told me he was single. 

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“Sweet?“ You heard as you walked down the hallway with a laundry basket resting on your hip.

“Yeah?” You answered, opening the door to find Harry sitting at his desk with his laptop open and papers scattered out in front of him.

“Can yeh c'mere, please?” His hair had been touseled and tugged on, eyes tired and sore from the continuous strain being put on them for the past 12 hours.

You dropped the basket by the door and walked towards him. He took ahold of your hand, pulling you towards his lap and helping you settle across his thighs.

Your left arm draped across his shoulders as you sat down and he nuzzled into the dip between your neck and collarbone, letting out a tired sigh. Your right hand pushed his hair back from his forehead so you could place a kiss on his hairline.

“Okay?” You asked, resting your cheek on his head.

His arms which were wrapped around your middle tightened. “Yeah.“

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reykenobi17  asked:

You hate the 50th too? Oh good. What did you hate about it???

whenever I bring it up, I mostly refer to the terrible “plot twist” / “retroactive retcon” at the end-

but if I had to be comprehensive……… *cracks knuckles*:

  • !!! Billie Piper is back…..WOW! AWESOME!
  •  except, haha. JK she is not here to play Rose Tyler. Because fuck you, fans. Instead Billie will just stand around…… speaking in posh-english…… and wearing a very ragged, un-Rose like sulking face the whole time.
  • And since Rose isn’t actually back, you don’t actually get any nice “Oh, Rose is back” things… there’s no Eleven x Rose angst, no flirty Clara x Rose interaction, no Ten x Rose cuteness. NOTHING.  Billie is literally just a Sexy Lamp Prop for the crappy plot to hang on.
  • Then of course there’s the disservice done to………..
  • Paul Mcgann, after being the serving Doctor for longer than anyone, but having no TV appearances, finally had the chance to come back  Him coming back would have done Justice to all those years when he was The Face Of The Wilderness Years, and would have truly connected Classic and New Who for reals………… (and his charm combined with DT’s would have brought the world to its knees)
  • …instead they cast a new person who had 0 connection to the FIFTY YEARS LONG world of Who (just because he has more screen “prestige”/”pedigree” i guess!!), and the actual guy who deserved the spotlight is given a 5 minute webisode.
  • Let that sink in, instead of giving Eight the screentime he deserved, because Moffat couldn’t deal with giving due to a character somebody else created, he had to create an entirely new Doctor-
  • A new doctor that doesn’t make any sense! The “War Doctor” is characterized as a “gritty war hero” yet the only thing he does is graffiti some walls. Ooh, so scary. Also he was destined to die in this (1) episode which just makes his the more pointless.
  • This is because the Time War itself is mis-characterized! The Cool Thing about the Time War is that it was this unimaginable, horrific conflict between two factions whose war technology was literally out of any  comprehensible human scale. The reach of its destruction was so great it literally shattered the structure of time and left things like the monsters from Fathers Day to stabilize it.
  • None of this Coolness is reflected in the special. The images a “Time War” conjures up should have been like in this Nick Briggs quote illustrated by Tealin:

  • However if you just watched the 50th you would walk away thinking the Time War was a tiny skirmish on the surface of 1 planet (Gallifrey), where The Daleks raided the OH SO Poor, Defenseless, bb!Gallifreyans  with their bad deadly lazerz.
  • Then, because the Gallifreyans were mis-represented, that leads us to  the biggest offender: the retcon of the time war/genocide of the Time Lords. Honestly I could go on for 2 hours on why this plot point sucked but I have already written a lot so Ill keep it short: it sucks.
  •  Of all the aggravating things in the 50th it is what aggravates me the most. It retroactively manages to ruin my favorite era of Doctor Who (the RTD era) since it basically said “haha jk, the doctor never actually had to make a sacrifice, AND he was WRONG to think she could make it in the first place
  • (never mind that Nine and Ten DID live their lives with that choice. never mind that we as an audience accepted it because it was presented as a complex, juicy moral dilemma, that was the crux of all the thematic themes of those stories. )
  • but it is all FIXED and now everything you knew and loved was a LIE! long live the Big Friendly Reset Buttom!!! fuck moral dilemmas” 
  • LMAO AND AFTER DOING ALL THIS SHIT Gallifrey could come back in the main series- they did nothing worthy with it. This “I must find Gallifrey” plot went nowhere, and it took it years before it could have any kind of pay off in Heave/Hell Bent (where Gallifrey was pretty much just a white noise for all the Clara/Twelve drama).
  • Sorry, I guess I didn’t really keep it short did I uhhh…..The whole other Zygon subplot is just a stupid set up for the (even more horrible) Zygon episodes later in the main series!!
  • But back to Gallifrey,
  • The episode makes the final point that The Doctor had to go through all those adventures so he could “return” to Gallifrey. And the way it is framed is just….ugh. Gross. At the time the final scene pissed me off so much because it goes against one of the core values of The Doctor as a character.  
  • Let me elaborate: The Doctor as an archetype is that of a rebel, a non-comformist. He is the bohemian, counter-culture to the academical-obsessed Time Lords. This is one of the traits that has The Doctor so appealing to people. This is the reason he ran away from Gallifrey
  • but the way the episode frames it, it comes across as this big moment of “maturity”.
  • It frames his decision to run away from Gallifrey as something not unlike “teenage rebel-dry” and his decision to come back as a sign of “adulthood” (tangent: I was hyper-aware of these themes because they were also the problems with the then-recent Amy Pond arc). And this is the philosophical cross-way where Moffat and I clearly disagree, because IMO, if there is a “mature” reason for The Doctor to come back to his homeland, it would be to improve it. Because he was right in running away from there,  because Time Lord society was stagnant, and “ degenerate, and rotten to the core”.
  • A N Y W A Y
  • The root of it all is that I HATED the concept behind it.
  • The idea we couldn’t “just” have a fun, silly get-together, with as many guest-stars from the past as possible, with old companions drinking tea and hanging around in the TARDIS
  •  (- The Five Doctors . I wanted The Five Doctors)
  • No, we needed to be Serious and Big because according to Steven Fucking Moffat: “It cant be about looking to the past, it is about looking forward”.
  • Yes,  celebrating the past In an anniversary!!!! episode!!! was unthinkable.
  • just ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  • the worst.
  • Oh yeah, and Tom Baker does get a little cameo but honestly it is so pointless and cringe-y that I always forget about it tbqh.

I haven’t seen it again since it aired years ago (#BLESSED) but Im sure there were other, minor grievances about it in the other 80% of the episode. Subscribers get more at my 50th tag.

that time Caitriona Balfe is the nicest human ever

I need to preface this by saying: I think ECCC was a bit under-prepared and overwhelmed by how many Outlander fans were there today. The lines were INSANE. I waited, each time I met Sam and Cait, no less than 45 minutes and over an hour for the autographing. and by the time we had made it to the hotel after the panel, to attempt the first autograph session, it was already filled up. at like 12:15. the panel ended at noon so like….HARDCORE. I am not so hardcore. I left and came back hahahaha


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Hi! Do you have any evidence of Kaisoo? Like they love each other, or how they stare at each other lovingly, they take care of each other, they are jealous when someone flirt with one another, they hold hands? Because I wanna believe that Kaisoo is real :(

hello! if you’re asking for something physical like a kiss, then im sorry anon but we don’t have that. other things that people may just brush over tho, kd has a lot of those. sadly i can’t show you all of it bc theres simply too many so ill mostly be writing down links to other people’s analyses and moments other shippers sent me. without them this probably wouldn’t be as good. in the end its yours to decide whether you think they’re real or not. im only here to present moments and theories that go around in the fandom.

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and yet again I try to draw cool shit but cant decide what to go with in the end

also dont let yourself be fooled by the art bc here’s what I think abt it: this can be fucking hilarious

so heres a list of hcs aka a list of things I might have to draw sometimes later bc its ass oclock rn and I gotta travel tomorrow but this is rly good AU why is organization-type AUs so good

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voltron band au

band au bc???? i fucken wanna ok 


  • shiro is the lead singer n he has one of the most velvety voices ever?? and everyone is like holy shit ma n,,, like holy fuck. he used to just sing in choirs and stuff but he eventually put that aside once befriending the rest of the band. his folks back at his small hometown weren’t exactly happy with his choice of music, but they’re proud enough. but not only can he sing, he can play the guitar too. shiro stans are constantly talking about his sharp handsome features along with his muscles. out of the band, hes the most collected of them all but has a bit of a goofy side that the fans freak out over. 
  • keith plays lead guitar and is a fucking beast at it. everyones a fan of keith’s guitar solos. his electric guitar is colored red and is named the Red Paladin. keith has been playing the guitar since age 8 when he was first put into guitar lessons. additionally, keith adds his own vocals at times and sometimes sings solos in songs. keith stans are attracted to him for his emo-like persona and a few jokingly refer to him as gerard way (which keith doesnt mind until the rest of the band begins calling him that too) and a lot of the fans are attracted to his ~mysterious~ personality. despite looking the scariest, hes actually a puppy at heart and is probably the dorkiest of the group 
  • lance plays the bass and plays it like a god. his rhythm is smooth and constant and everyone’s got a thing for his bass solos. he owns a blue bass that he calls the Blue Paladin (a mirror to keith’s guitar). he first self taught himself the guitar at age 12 and then further on taught himself how to play the bass. he too provides vocals and the group all agrees that he harmonizes best with keith. to the fanbase, he is revered as memelord and king of shitpost. hes the one whos constantly dabbing and making awful jokes at concerts. lance stans love him for his charisma and oozing confidence. he is one of the funniest and light hearted of the band. 
  • pidge plays the keyboard and can play at such a fast rate it rivals sonic’s speed (lance’s words). when shes playing the keyboard she is completely in the zone, eyes trained as her fingers glide across her instrument. in between songs at concerts though, shes always ready to provide a joke at the expense of her teammates (all in love ofc). shes also the one in charge of the effects that go on during concerts (aka how lights will go, whats on the monitors, etc). the smartest of the bunch, pidge is also considered the most savage and wont hold anything back. pidge stans love her for her fiery personality and just maybe bc pidge is adorably tiny 
  • hunk plays the drums and is phenomenal. hes always so enthusiastic to play and has the most energy to play during a concert. his beats are the backbone of their songs and as a member is the heart of the band. he began playing the drums at a young age and was always fascinated by music. he lovingly refers to his drum set as the yellow paladin and he insists pidge call her keyboard the green paladin but she finds it ridiculous. he is also the one they depend on to fix their instruments and equipment, seeing as hes rather handy with those things. hunk’s fanbase loves him for his kind personality and humor. along with keith, he too is a bit of a puppy and the fans l ov e it. hes also the most hard working of the band, always the last one to leave the studio bc he just HAS to get this right. 
  • allura is actually a solo artist herself and was the one who discovered them. she saw them playing at one of their small gigs one time and decided that they needed to tour with her. she is the daughter of alfor altea, owner and creator of Altea Records. allura offers the band a recording label there, to which they agree to gladly. as a solo artist, she has a large following. her voice is known in the business for being so powerful with her barely trying. she serves as a mentor to the band and helps as much as she can. 
  • coran is allura’s manager and works for alfor at altea records. as allura’s manager, he also doubles as the band’s manager too. very quirky and a bit of an oddball, coran always has ideas and is the best when it comes to PR. he too is known by the fans as manager and often stars in the band + allura’s social media. this gains coran a few fans that hes awfully proud of and thinks its the best thing in the universe. (he also lowkey totally has a crush on alfor but as if hed ever act on that but in reality alfor is trying his best to make it known to the redhead that his feelings are reciprocated) 
  • um ofc the band’s name is Voltron what did u expect 
  • shiro and keith were the first ones of the band basically. keith convinced shiro that his voice was fucking good as hell man and that he should quit choir and maybe start up something new 
    • they end up meeting pidge, lance, and hunk after performing at some open mic night bc lance decided hed insult the song they performed (which keith wrote) it was eventually settled when lance admitted that shiro’s voice was amazing though and that keith’s guitar playing was pretty good
      • “not too good of course”
    • after a week or so when shiro first learns that the others play instruments, it hits him that theyve been whats missing all along and eventually they all come together and form voltron 
  • despite originally clashing, keith and lance actually make a pretty good team and write some of the best lyrics together 
  • shiro is constantly acting as a buffer for each of them, often at times having to cross out inappropriate lyrics or song choices
    • “for the last time, pidge, we’re not gonna write a song about birds fucking”
    • “its a perfectly good song and you know it" 
  • hunk coming up with the best beats and rhythms and all out of nowhere just because he was randomly tapping his hands against some object 
  • pidge playing pranks on them during concerts and one time steals shiro’s mic when he’s occupied on a different part of the stage 
  • um yeah ofc the fans ship #klance and the two blush and get flustered over it every time its mentioned but they get together eventually bc honestly everyone saw it coming 
  • the top two things people look forward to in meet and greets: touching shiro’s bicep and getting to experience one of hunk’s bear hugs 
  • fans know about hunk’s passion for cooking so they like to tweet him about it. some even go as far as gifting him food and its honestly the sweetest thing ever
    • hunk sends out a personalized thank you tweet to everyone who gives him food
  • keith is constantly being asked by the fans to wear eyeliner
    • emo style bc they already have shiro wearing winged eyeliner
  • the band going through the the internet to see what fans are saying and being simultaneously overwhelmed with happiness and also confused as to what the hell theyre going on about
    • “why are they calling me daddy? am i a fatherly figure?" 
    • ”…im a sinnamon roll”
    • “wait who the fuck just called me a rip off pete wentz”
    • “why are people making so many memes of keith but not me?? the actual memelord??”
    • “someone just called me a cinnamon roll?? thats the most adorable compliment ever"
  • allura constantly having to Stop them from posting awful things on their social media 
    • “shiro i dont think #dicksoutforharambe is the social movement you want your name tagged onto”
    • “but lance said it was for a good cause”
  • everyone in the band realizes that coran is head over heels for alfor and finds it both hilarious and endearing but also sad bc?? hes so oblivious?? its so obvious alfor likes him back smh 
    • except for lance though. he isnt even aware until hunk makes a joke about coran and alfors’ wedding 
  • their fanbase being called paladins bc why not
    • (sorry im not letting it be called quiznaks. i cant let us be called fucks i just cant)
  • band selfies more like “pidge i understand its difficult for you to be seen but you dont have to stand on the table–no dont argue its not safe”
  • pidge can secretly rap hella good and decides to showcase it one time in lance’s snapchat story
  • lance wont stop making lance bass jokes and no one knows why exactly
  • o god hunk driving all the fans wild when he throws his drum sticks out to the crowd at the end of a concert and is smiling widely in all his sweat filled glory
  • also shiro totally always purposely wears sleeveless shirts at concerts bc Oh Yeah
    • o and also shiro still has a prosthetic arm in this au just saying 
  • hunk and pidge fucking around with the stage equipment and stuff for shits n giggles
    • until allura and shiro find them n tell them to stop
  • one time lance is told to do the opening to one of their songs at a concert and he just strums his bass idly before saying “anyway, here’s wonderwall”
  • oh my god keith answering interviewer’s questions impulsively without thinking
    • “what part are you from?”
    • “my mother’s womb part”
  • they all adopt a black cat as their band mascot (irl they just wanted a cat) named voltron who constantly wears a multi colored sweater (red,blue,yellow,green) which was knitted personally by lance.

,,,,,,,,, b an d a u

anonymous asked:

boyfriend!youngmin, college au? thank you:)

Originally posted by parkkwoojin

thanks for requesting!!

also, i reached 300 followers already?? thank u so much im njdkc??? i wasn’t active that much, and im really sorry about that!! but ill work harder to get more stuff out as a thanks!! 

but really, thank you so much!! <333

under read more bc its kinda lengthy!! 

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[#84] jihoon → 100 ways to say i love you

Originally posted by mountean

84:『 “the key is under the mat.” 』

pairing: lee jihoon x reader insert

genre: fluff

word count: 1,125

notes: wow!!!!!!!!! i actually got a request done this weekend!! im p happy w how this turned out hehe, wholesome soft fluff!!!!!!!!!!

→ 100wtsily prompts | masterlist

For once it is not the obnoxious bleating of his alarm clock that awakens Jihoon — nor does the light of the rising sun drip through his window and claw at his innocently sleeping eyes. No, what has him stirring out of sleep is the sound of his ringtone grinding against his eardrums; not the obnoxious tune he’s grown used to hearing every morning, but nearly just as ear-piercing. 

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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.14

                                         Part F O U R T E E N

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: this part is a lil spicy, so im sry if it kills ya heart ! but i swear itll get better, i promise it will ! im so happy you all enjoy it so much, it makes me smile so much! 100 notes please, loves xx

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]  

                                                   I M A G I N E

Tokyo, 8:00 A.M. 

The boys remained silent once you asked about Nia. Michael became more pale than he already is as all the boys were quick to lose their appetites. That made your heart beat go faster. You couldn’t help but feel super nervous over their reactions. 

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anonymous asked:

what are your favourite stilwater hidden details? stuff like easter eggs, funny posters and npcs, and so on.

ooh wow big ask lemme think

ok i think the #1 thing is that you can actually pick up and try to play basketball at any of the hoops but that really ties overall into how much i like the situational idle animations. theyre the same animations youll see npcs doing in the right places – browsing shelves in a store, leaning on a wall smoking a cigarette outside………….. dancing on a pole in a strip club (which yes, is an animation your boss will do if the situation is right). 

something that makes the sr2 world feel way more alive for me is how npcs will just… walk around and do things. theyre not programmed to sit in one spot repeating one animation for All Of Eternity or to just endlessly walk back and forth up a street. they do shit! its neat!

is it just fair to say i love how many stupid little minigames there are?? ambulance and taxi and streaking?? theres so many little timewasters…

signs and stuff… are funny bcs like holy shit it never stops cracking me up how insanely bad the like… graphic design in stilwater is. all the posters and signs in the city look unbelievably amateurish but i would argue this fits so well in some horrible way. 

anyway the best signs in the game are the Stilwater U fliers which push me into hysterics every time i see them

and of course the vitally important and unforgettable No Rings Boo Hoo

a lot of what makes sr2 so funny to me is just how the game world is fucking absurd in a way the game doesnt especially draw attention to. 

the best hidden location is the nuclear dump w/ the three eyed fish bcs those and the Secret Hidden Crabs are the only animals in the game world i think, which says a lot about Stilwater imo. most of the easter eggs (the hidden cabbits fr example) are pretty silly. i like that the merman exists even if ive never managed to catch a glimpse myself. 

when it comes to npcs…. man i just love listening to people walking around in the world? a lot of them just spew dumb jokes but theres also so many that inform my idea of stilwater as a real place, people who have to live and work there and have opinions on whats going on. having npcs come up to you and bully you over what youve been doing in the story was such a great fucking idea? like genuinely, it gives such a vivid impression of Stilwater as a world in which the absurdity and violence of the game’s story can happen. 

i also love the shop staff. is there BLOOD on this TWENTY?

other random details… i like that road signs list the icons for stores and activities? i like that theres a guided tour in the saint’s row church, i like that the in-game radio accounts for the fact that Veteran Child dies and how Shivington is a burned out husk after youre done with the place (i love seeing tangible real-world impacts of shit in games). 

thats everything i can think of off the top of my head but i know ppl are gonna say “hey what about this” and im gonna be like OH YEAH MAN THAT RULES!!! bcs theres way too many little things to remember all at once.

first dates w/ jaehyun

• right
• so your friend johnny had been begging you for months to let him set you up with one of his friends
• but you’d turned him down like every time
• bc the last ((and only)) time you let him set you up the date had been a disaster
• you’d ended up hiking up some mountain with this guy named yuta
• nd you spent the whole thing wanting to die
• not even bc yuta was bad company like he was nice enough
• but
• it was a date ?? on what planet does getting up at seven am to go hiking equal a good date idea
• anyway

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What happens when reioka and I talk

reioka: For real?! Tony’s tiny, not person sized?!
ifdragonscouldtalk: No XD hes person sized in the fic
But it would make it funny
Imagine bruce trying to find a needle small enough to get a blood sample
reioka: I mean… ask a bird vet probably
ifdragonscouldtalk: Tony hanging off Steve’s pinky finger by his tail
reioka: The idea is very adorable, if impracticle
ifdragonscouldtalk: Bucky has a cat. The cat likes little tony. Tony does NOT LIKE the cat
reioka: Awww.
Wait like like “dinner” or like like “person!”
ifdragonscouldtalk: We dont know. Tony screams when Cat gets within 3 feet. Steve keeps Cat out of the room now.
reioka: Aw poor kitty lol
Poor Tony
“It’s big! It’s get sharps everywhere! EVERYTHING IS SHARP!”
ifdragonscouldtalk: Bruce puts a filter in the tank. Tony doesnt like the filter. It swirls the water around and blows him away. Tony launches a war with the filter. Bruce is Not Happy.
reioka: Smol Tony building tools with the rocks at the bottom of the tank, sacrificing one of his pieces of seaweed to tie them all together to fling into the filter and cause it to jam
ifdragonscouldtalk: Hes smug af cuz he clearly Won until he sees Bruce’s face o h s h i t
reioka: Lmao does he even understand WHY he needs a filter
Does he want to swim in his own excrement
ifdragonscouldtalk: He lived in the ocean before reioka
All he knows is before the waters were still and now they are Not
He probably doesnt notice XD
reioka: Lmao the waters were never still you water horse you were just too far down to notice

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SVT Super Powers; Wonwoo!!

Originally posted by sunkissedhao

you also have me fucked up gDI


-this boy

-he makes everyone’s heart float to the sky

-wait where is he going

-wonwoo get yourself back doWN HERE

-nuada why the fuck did you give wonwoo flying out of all things 


-so yeah he can fly

-it’s not that big of a deal

-okay his parents may have freaked out when he was playing superheroes with his friend and he jumped off the sofa

-and actually flew 

-he just floated in the air

-like it was no big deal

-of course he was a little shaken cause what the living fuck was going on why was he floating in the air

-his friend……

-thought he was possessed

-got scared

-and moved away

-at least he won’t share his secret around

-like every OTHER kid

-his parents told him to be vigilant of his power and to use it when necessary

-obviously when you fly you’re not in the total clear when it comes to people noticing you

-like yeah


-so he came up with a couple ideas

-but none of them worked

-so he gave up for the time being 

-you know that one cleaning sequence that every super hero does to seem like a normal person to the audience


-he does that too

-it’s actually funny to him

-because when people walk past his house and he’s just cleaning while he’s flying in the air

-people walk past and do the biggest dOUBLE TAKE OF THEIR LIVES

-but then they just see him cleaning like a normal person would with both feet on the ground

-and he would just wave and smile

-and the person at the window would just be so confused like wHAT I SWEAR THAT KID WAS IN THE AIR FLYING


-he’s grown a little older and stuff

-and he’s now in college

-he’s also in the same class as you for music

-and you two have known each other for quite a while and have been really good friends 

-and it’s shaping up to be a good friendship for a long time

-he really didn’t know this though

-but he meant so much more to you

-more than a friend

-damn you were kind of head over heels for this dude

-i mean

-he was tall cool

-wait scratch that last one 

-he was tall and had a nice smile and personality 

-he was….the one for you


-wait yeah

-he was

-so one day 

-because you two had a music project coming up

-he invited you over to his house to study and make the project

-you got ready and headed over to his house 

-which wasn’t that far away 

-like it was kind of super close


-he was just chilling in his room

-reading a book like always

-and there you were

-you were let in by his really nice mum 

-she offered you everything the second you walked in

-like a drink snacks anything you wanted

-you politely turn down her offer stating you were fine at the moment

-”y/n he’s upstairs the second door on the right just go right ahead.”

-”i will thank you!!”

-you say making your way up the stairs

-you find his room

-on the other side he’s still in the air

-not a care in the world

-and not listening either 


-you reached for the handle

-i think you should get down now

-you open the door


-”wonwoo? you in–”

-you somehow lose all air in your body

-just looking a Wonwoo

-who was looking straight at you 

-then it hit him

-”oh y/n……oH Y/N”


-it was like a mess

-”h-hey y/n!! w-w-w-what you doing here so early??”




-”……………………….you totally sw that didn’t you?”

-”u-uh huh…”

-”y/n are you going to be alright?”

-”uh huh”

-”you’re not aren’t you?”


-uh huh was all that you could say

-i mean




-you felt like fainting a little cause what the fuck was that

-but you were alright after he explained what was going on 

-you kind of understood

-but didn’t at the same time

-you were kind of hoping for at least a little bit of reality to this 

-cause even though you understood it a little

-you didn’t believe that he just got these powers by chance 

-so you got your laptop out of your bag and started to look up hwo someone starts to fly

-webmd was shit

-it came up with all these different symptoms like wtf

-”are you ill?”

-”no i was born with flying powers”

-he assured you as he just started to float against hit free will

-”did you touch kryptonite or was your mother exposed to it before giving birth?”

-”no i - don’t know…..probably not”

-”okay…that’s it…wait theres one more….”

-you stop because the actual question could be complete bullshit like wtf

-”are you in love or crushing on anyone….or do you know anyone who has a crush on you at this very moment…?”

-”thats a very forward….but reasonable one…i mean if i was in love with someone when i was small then i wouldn’t be flying anymore……..but the crush on me one sounds….kind of….true”


-you’re just on his bed like

-”right how can i dig a tunnel out of his room get out into the street run to the boatyard get on a boat to america call myself jessica jones and fight crime while he’s distracted?”

-then all of a sudden 

-you look up and he’s just there

-right above your head with his back to the wall 

-just looking down to you



-”w-w-w-w-w-w-what is it?”

-you’re done for

-”i’ve been flying more and more these days……could it be you who’s making me fly around more often?”

-”what? me? noooooooo it couldn’t be me it could be anybody it did say someone who loves you and someone who always loves you is your mum and your dad too so it could be them or it could be other family members–”

-you could just see him float down near you and you’re still on his bed like


-”OKAY how did you know it was me?”

-”wait it’s you?”

-”waiT WHAT”

-and that’s the story of how you somehow subtly confessed to wonwoo while he was in the air

“like a g-6 like a g-6″

“jeon wonwoo are you flying while singing that”





College!AU Hakyeon

find leo (here) & ravi (here)

  • major: fashion 
  • minor: psychology 
  • sports: swim team captain 
  • clubs: school newspaper fashion columnist, wellness center/student counselor 
  • the entire campus is absolutely in awe of him because he can somehow juggle a fashion major, a psychology minor, the captain of a sports team that got to nationals???, a weekly column in the newspaper?? plus be an available counselor on campus for other students dealing with problems like???? is he an angel from heaven with superhuman powers or-
  • and tbh hakyeon is literally just a sweet glowing sunbeam of positivity like he makes everyone feel welcomed and loved and he goes out of his way to be friends with everyone just so they know they can count on him
  • and his outfits are always on point like damn hakyeon where did you buy that
  • and he’s like ‘i made it’ and smiles and you’re just like ??? an angel ?? but also talented ?? some people just really do get it all
  • and he’s so proud of his major tbh like he doesn’t care if some asshole is like ‘a dude majoring in fashion?? like wtf bro’ hakyeon is just like ‘excuse yourself scum, some of the top designers in the world are men so you can step off or ill end your life with a single snap of my fingers.’ (and tbh he could do it. he could literally do it do not mess with him)
  • hakyeon sitting around during lunch sketching outfit ideas and listening to music he looks like a goddamn picture he’s so handsome and pictersque the whole campus is just s w oo n i ng 
  • and the reason he’s minor in psychology isn’t even because it’s a back up plan to if fashion doesn’t work out it’s because he genuinely is interested in the way peoples feelings work and he wants to know more in order to be a better counslor and to better understand others like how is someone so pure
  • does the cute thing where he holds pins in his mouth while sewing and the entire class is like,,,,,,he’s the only who makes working hard look so effortless,,,,,
  • leo says he’s happy hakyeon isn’t on the soccer team but tbh hakyeon dominates at the swimming competitions and leo regrets not asking him to do soccer because ok,,,,hakyeon is secretly strong 
  • hakyeon singing to himself whenever he’s doing stretches at the campus pool and an entire bleacher full of girls is just losing it because he’s so adorable
  • and tbh you meet hakyeon on a whim like completely on accident because you’re not even in the same department as him but for some reason you two are the only ones left late at night on campus and he barges into one of the private study rooms where you’re like crying over a midterm and he’s like yOU
  • and you’re like ????me????
  • and he’s like i nEED your HELP plEASE
  • and you’re kind of panicked because you’ve never spoken to hakyeon really like you know him who doesn’t but you’re like is something wrong??? is there a fire??? are you hurt???
  • and hakyeon is just shaking his head and he’s like no no no i need you to be my model please i can’t find anyone else on campus and this outfit has to be done by tomorrow
  • and you’re like oh i should hel- model? outfit?????? 
  • and hakyeon’s eyes are wide with panic and hope and you’re like me/??? model???? an outfit??? i??? um????
  • and hakyeon takes your hand in his and wow wtf his hand is so soft it probably smells like peaches because hakyeon is always glowing but that’s not the point he’s like i know it’s an odd request but it’s like 11pm the person who promised to help me got sick so i need you please help me this one time
  • and you’re like i,,,,,,would love to but my midterm is this week,,,,, and hakyeon is like it’s ok you can study while i take some measurments - please it won’t take long???
  • and you look into his eyes (big miss steak) and they’re sparkling with genuine worry and they’re so beautiful you can’t resist finally you’re like alright,,,ill try my best to help and hakyeon looks so delighted like you just told him you found the answer to world peace and he’s like ok!! get your things and come with me
  • so somehow you end up being measured by hakyeon and it’s a weird feeling to have him moving your body left and right and lifting your hands up and you feel a bit embarrassed under his gaze and he notices because he asks why you keep looking down and you admit you’re nervous and he smiles and it’s so warm and he just apologizes for making you do this but he’s also like
  • you’re a very charming up close and you’re like ???charming what does that mean and hakyeon holds your wrist in his hand a bit longer and he kind of looks to the side like it means that you’re very good at keeping me attracted and your brain kind of stops working because??? keeping hakyeon attracted……attracted how???
  • but before you even get to ask he’s back to measuring and murmuring to himself about the cloth and things like that and he’s like ok i think i have what i need and he’s like im just going to have to work through the night to get this to happen and you’re like through the night?? and he shrugs like it’s not big deal and thanks you again for being a huge help to him
  • but even as you get ready to leave you feel horrible leaving him there so you step out and it’s past midnight now but you know there are cafes near campus that are open so you buy some bottles of water and packaged snacks and return to the room where hakyeon is working and he’s like oh, did you leave something? and you’re like n-no but here you go, since you’re going to be here till morning take these and you give him the snacks and drinks and he just stares but then suddenly his arms are around your waist and he pulls you into this hug that’s so light it makes you feel like you’re walking on air and he whispers thank you against your hair
  • and you wish that that moment could last forever
  • but of course it doesn’t and you expect that after this hakyeon won’t really have a reason to approach you anymore but as you’re leaving the room after your midterms you see him leaning up against the wall and he gives you a small wave and everyone around you starts whispering like???? what?? and you’re confused up until he walks up to you and is like 
  • “hope you did well on your midterm, but now that it’s over let me take you out as a thank for all your help”
  • and you kind of freeze in shock because ok what did he just ask you on a date all you did was let him use you for some measurements you didn’t think that was any means to be taken out so you kind of mumble that it’s fine, he doesn’t need to thank you but hakyeon just shakes his head and goes
  • “you helped me with more than just the outfit, you did a lot more for me that day. let me pay you back, i don’t like owing someone a debt.”
  • and honestly again you find yourself falling victim to his eyes and aura and so you agree and hakyeon takes you to this little, cute place covered in plants and good smelling candles and for some reason you can see why hakyeon would choose a place like this and as you’re waiting for the food hakyeon clears his throat and tells you what exactly the reason is for him treating you like this
  • and he confesses that it’s been a long time since someone has showed genuine concern for him, he’s always shouldering the problems of others and trying to do his best to help them, but that day you were like a superhero to him. saving his outfit project and then even being kind enough to make sure he made it through the rough night.
  • you kind of don’t know what to say because you always assumed his life was perfect, that he would have someone always there for him, but the more you two talk the more you come to understand that hakyeon is not the happy always positive person he looks like. there are weakness even he has and what you thought was a simple gesture of consideration meant so much to him
  • and somehow over the course of lunch you and hakyeon open up a lot to each other and from then on, it’s impossible for you two to just separate
  • you start meeting up more on campus, you spend time watching hakyeon sew or draw and he helps you study in your other courses 
  • and it goes from just sitting together in empty classrooms talking like friends and you praising his artistic fashion skill and him quizzing you on your note cards to something more
  • one day you two see each other after his swimming practice and he comes out with slightly messy hair, telling you he wants to go back to his dorm to get some things before you guys go and do your usual little study together thing and you’re a little nervous because his dorm?? you’ve never been there before,,,,and you tell yourself don’t be nervous it’s going to take five minutes
  • but somehow you end up standing in the middle of his room and his gym bags on the floor and your own backpack is forgotten in some corner of the room and it’s so clean for a college students dorm, he even has flowers in a vase on his desk but before you know it your backed up against that desk and hakyeon’s warm skin is practically driving you crazy and he lets his hands settle on the side of your neck
  • and he whispers again about how you attract him, how something about you makes him never want to let you go
  • and the beautiful friendship you two have cultivated on the truths of your weaknesses turns into something more as hakyeon kisses you for the first time and from then on, you two melt into each other like nothing else matters
  • and hakyeon makes sure you know this is not a once in a lifetime thing, he keeps you close against his chest and he tells you straight forwardly that he’s never loved someone the way he loves you - he’s never wanted to fully protect someone, the way he wants to protect you
  • and you too, you look up at him and you tell him that you’re tired of seeing him being used left and right - you’re going to protect him too
  • and when the campus hears about you two dating everything goes wiLD 
  • and even his friends are like we need to see it to believe it and hakyeon jsut casually holds you around the waist as he walks you to class and kisses you on the forehead before you go
  • these two dudes named hongbin and ken come up to you in class and they’re like “Are you dating Hakyeon??” and you’re like um.,, yes,,, why? and ken’s like “Hongbin you owe me fifty bucks” and you’re like ?? (don’t worry, you get introduced to them later hakyeon’s like these are the guys i know from high school- they thought id never date anyone in my life, guess they were wrong)
  • the one named hyuk leans over and is like “i hope you know what you’re getting into, hakyeon is such a -” and this is the moment when he probably gets smacked upside the head with a notebook
  • and as you and hakyeon grow even closer now that you’re together you see that his caring side really has no limits like he constantly asks if you’re ok or need anything, probably carried around one of those little first aid kits if anything, and when there’s even so much as a slight wind he shrugs off his jacket and hands it to you
  • and hakyeon spends a lot of time drawing and sewing and you get into the habit of helping him out when you can and even picking up on sewing with him it’s cute you two working together to help him get some outfits done for school
  • and you’re always excited to see what hakyeon has drawn up and he’s always the most excited to show you 
  • and he also adores going shopping with you because he has such good taste ????? that anything he picks out is just perfect and you’re like hakyeon you’re the best boyfriend but also stylist and he’s like im a fashion major for a reason hehe
  • and when you can you go to all his swim meets to support him and you even make little banners for him which hakyeon hangs up in his room because he thinks they’re aDORable 
  • the two of you sitting cooly, sipping lattes, talking about the latest episodes of dramas you are both really into and everyone doing a double take because you’re the most fashionable couple on campus tbh
  • the fashion column hakyeon writes for also becomes a love advice column because now that he’s dating he thinks he has some merit to help others with their relationship but tbh most of it is him just ranting about how amazing it is dating you and how much he loves you it’s kind of cute but you’re also like hakyeon please the whole campus now knows that i give you shoulder massages and am good at making green tea which is not really what i want them to know
  • hakyeon sketching outfits one day but then he notices he’s stopped and started sketching a portrait of you instead 
  • hakyeon sometimes nagging at you for not keeping your dorm as clean as his and you’re like hakyEon and he’s like ‘we are going to ikea and getting you a new desk that one is falling apart’
  • he’s totally a fan of calling you cute nicknames in public and when you’re hanging out with like ravi or ken they do the gagging noises and  hakyeon doesn’t even care he’s so focused on you and you’re just like hey guys don’t be jealous of this beautiful thing hakyeon and i have~~~
  • on those rare occasions when you two are so tired neither of you cares enough to try you both just put on face masks while wearing sweatpants and order pizza and watch movies and you’re like if only the campus knew this side of you hakyeon and he’s just like they never will this is just between me and you who i trust the most in this world, now pass me a slice
  • falling asleep over your notes and hakyeon carrying you all the way back to your dorm as your roommate swoons over what a good boyfriend he is hehe
  • bonus: you and hakyeon take an elective drawing class together and you’re like hakyeon,,,,,,,,i can only draw stick figures and he’s like baby that’s fine as long as you make me the most handsome stick figure 
The Great Ahoge Battle

Hajime Hinata, it is me Makoto Naegi, I am ready to challenge you to a battle

Naegi, you are not ready to battle me yet, you need more training, I can sense it

Trust me Hinata, Kirigiri has helped me train everyday. I am more than ready

Kirigiri: Yes he has been training very well, I’m sure he’s skilled enough

Naegi you’re not prepared! I know you aren’t! You’ll get injured! It pains me to do this! But If you insist: Komaeda! Unsaddle me now!

Komaeda: Your wish is my command!

Komaeda: Be careful honey! Good luck Hajime! Love ya!

Kyoko: Yes good luck to you as well Makoto

Hinata: You asked for a challenge Naegi so I won’t go easy on you!

Naegi: I’m much stronger than I look! Here I come!!!

(Ahoge battling noises)

Naegi: I-I won’t give up yet! I WILL WIN!

(After a while of battling)

Naegi: How am I losing? No i-it can’t be!

Hinata: Time to use my ultimate power: SUPER SAYAIN MODE ACTIVATED!

Naegi: W-Wha- HUH????!!!!!!

@a-lonely-ahoge  this was my great idea I had  XD (Also Makoto is doing well and is recovering in the hospital)  :)

kunikida w/tattoos

right. due to some of the posts ive been seeing (mostly by @kunikidazai, @mr-reblogbutton and @thelampisaflashlight) i decided to chip in and add a few of my own hc’s about good ol’ kuni and his tattoos

☆ as someone who’s been inked, it doesn’t hurt as much as a lot of people would think, but it’s still. irritating. like several thousand bee stings but without the poison and anxiety.

☆ now, kunikida? super high pain tolerance. tattoos would be a walk in the park for him compared to what he’s grown up with

☆ (this guy used to get into fights as a kid and canonically hates authority figures. my guy has to have some sort of tolerance for pain if he got away with constantly being in fights)

☆ you wanna tell a tiny, delinquent kunikida doppo he won’t get a job if he gets a tattoo? sure. but you can bet your entire bank account and your ass that he’s going to get the biggest, most easily hidden tattoos he can find and hold down a job, just to tell you that you were wrong

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Title: lemonade jealousy

Kind: donghyuck gets jealous after seeing mark’s flirting(he dosent actually) w the girl in lemonade love mv, they had a fight and mark keep looking at donghyuck all along the concert. Slight angst but you won’t cry i promise. It has a happy ending cause im a trash for happy endings 😊

Warning: none ?

Note: original idea’s owner is @d0pedead-gorgeous 💙 i just mixed it w the idea i thought today(that making hyuck jealous of the lemonade mv girl) 😅 hope you’ll like it dear 💙

Original aff link:

Second note: i know lemonade love’s mv came out very recently but im guessing they started the filming of it earlier so yeah 😅








“Babe ?”


“Donghyuck ????”

Mark turned around in his chair to look at donghyuck who was lying on his(their actually. Cause let’s be honest mark slept in donghyuck’s bed more than his own) bed, reading a book.

“Babe ?”

Mark got up from the chair and walked towards donghyuck but donghyuck didn’t answer again so mark sat down on the bed.


Mark tried to hold donghyuck’s free hand that was lying on the bed beside him but donghyuck pushed his hand away.

“Don’t touch me.”

“What ? Baby why ?”

Donghyuck turned around and lied on his left side, looking at the wall.

“You fucking know why.”

Mark sighed but still talked softly “donghyuck, baby, mind to explain what happened ?”

“Oh i don’t know. Why don’t you ask that lemonade girl ??” Donghyuck said angryly, still looking at the wall, holding the book so tightly in his hand that his knuckles were turning to white.

“What ? What lemonade girl ?”

Donghyuck turned around to yell at mark’s face “LEMONADE LOVE GIRL THAT YOU LOOKED AT SO FLIRTIOUSLY!!”

“Oh…” mark said then laughed “oh my god donghyuck really ?”

“Stop fucking laughing mark fucking lee”

“Come on hyuck we talked about it before. No cursing.”

“Yeah right. Tell it to that….girl.”

In other times donghyuck would say “bitch” but he didn’t blame the girl this time. No it was all mark’s fault. Poor girl would of course get effected by such amazing boy like mark lee. Donghyuck couldn’t blame her. But mark. Oh yeah he blamed him. He blamed him so hard.

“You got jealous when i made a collab with seulgi noona too hyuckkie.”

“Yeah but i knew seulgi noona. And i knew she has a girlfriend. But i don’t know this girl and i’m pretty sure she dosen’t have a boyfriend.”

“How can you be sure hyuck ?”


“Baby you are overreacting really” mark tried to hold his hand but donghyuck pushed him away again.

“No. Okay ? No. You literally flirted with her in front of my eyes. You knew i was watching while you guys were filming the mv. But you still flirted with her.”

“It was for the mv and you know that too hyuck.”

“Oh really ? that’s why you kissed her hand ?”

“I didn’t kiss her hand! She said she started using a new hand cream and asked if it smells good  so i smelled it.”

Donghyuck rolled his eyes “yeah right. Just…” donghyuck sighed “just go away hyung. Really. I just wanna sleep. I don’t care anymore. Go flirt with her. Or anyone else. Leave me alone.”

“Come on donghyuck don’t be like that plea-”


Donghyuck yelled and pushed mark away to get up from the bed and walked out of the room. Mark heard the front door of the dorm slamming and sighed. Donghyuck was overreacting again. How the hell he could even think that mark would cheat on him ?? When he is that much in love with him.


“Is he still angry ?”

Mark sighed “you know donghyuck so well don’t you ?”

“So he is still angry.”

“Yeah….i don’t know what to do anymore jaemin. He had been being cold to me for days now. And i am getting mad cause he is acting like a child really. We are not 5 you know. And i hadn’t even flirted with the girl. That’s what makes me so mad. He blames me for something i haven’t done.”

“I get it…had you tried kissing him ?”

“What ???”

“They say kissing can stop the tension between couples”

Mark rolled his eyes “kissing can’t stop that tension. He dosen’t even look at me.”

“Not when you are looking”

“What ?”

“Donghyuck always steals secret glances from you mark. Even before you two started dating he was always looking at you. Just you didn’t notice that.”

“No i would notice that.”

“Are you sure bro ?”


“Yeah i thought like that too” jaemin said and laughed.

“Ugh i just…really don’t know what to do. You are his best friend jaemin tell me what to do please”

“You are his best friend too”

“I’m his best friend plus boyfriend. So this dosen’t help me in this situation”

“Don’t you all have a concert to attend tomorrow ?”


“Then my suggestion is; make up with him somehow and don’t fuck up in the concert.”

“I…how i will make up with him ?”

“I don’t know. But just do it. I don’t wanna hear donghyuck’s whining anymore. Hearing him sad makes me sad too. Also i gotta rest you know but none of you let me” jaemin laughed at the end of his sentence, clearly just joking.

Mark sighed.

“I wish you were here nana”

“I wish that too”

They both sighed.

“I gotta go now. Oh can you please tell jeno i will cut his dick off if he keeps flirting with renjun ? Just because i’m not there dosen’t mean i ain’t seeing what’s going on.”

Mark laughed “imma tell him that.”

“Good. Bye then ? I gotta take some pills.”

“Don’t choke on them again” mark joked and jaemin laughed “i won’t don’t worry. I got used to them anyway. Bye mark”

“Bye nana. Get well soon ok ? We miss you”

“I miss you all too…i’m going now. Bye.”



“Hey donghyuck can we talk a bit ?”

“Why ? What do you wanna talk about ?” Donghyuck said in an annoyed tone and mark breathed deep to stay calm.

“Look hyuck we gotta talk and solve this problem”

“Oh ? But i don’t see any problem tho ?”

“Come on hyuck you haven’t even looked at me for days. There is a huge problem.”

“Maybe i don’t wanna look at you anymore ? Maybe i found a lemonade boy for myself ?”

“You…you wouldn’t…”

“Oh really ? Why not ?”

“Y-you love me.”

“You love me too. But it didn’t stop you from saving that girl’s number to your phone did it ?”

“She asked for my number first! What should’ve i do ? Say no ?”

“Of course you should’ve say no mark. I can’t believe you are even asking this. You have a fucking boyfriend for fuck’s sake. People who have boyfriends don’t go and give their numbers to a girl who just flirted with them.”

“Yeah but i couldn’t tell her that i have a boyfriend who is also my bandmate right donghyuck ??”


God damn it mark was right at this. Donghyuck shook his head and sighed.


“No. We will talk.” Mark said and held donghyuck’s arm hard, stopping him from walking out of the room.







Mark slammed the door when he got out of their room.

“I’m guessing you won’t sleep in your room tonight ? Wanna sleep in our room ?” Taeyong asked at mark who was just standing and breathing angryly in front of his and donghyuck’s room’s door.

Mark just nodded and followed taeyong who made a long and boring af talk with mark about how fights between couples are normal and their relationship will become stronger after they made up.


‘Oh no he just didn’t’ mark thought but he just did.

Lee freaking donghyuck just took of his jacket and threw it somewhere in the stage while they were performing “cherry bomb” making all nctzens go crazy, screaming their hearts out.

'Fluffing tease’ mark thought and stole some more glances from donghyuck like how he did in all of their performances they had that day. He knew this was donghyuck’s way to make mark jealous. Showing the whole world how fucking good looking he is. Like his solo dance part wasn’t enough…

Mark wasn’t a jealous type actually. People praising donghyuck was making him so happy and proud all the time. His heart was filling with joy whenever he heard nctzens’ screams at donghyuck’s parts. But this time was different. This time donghyuck did it on purpose to make mark jealous and mark knew it.


'So how did the concert go *winky emoji*’

'It was fine. Oh i took of my jacket’

'Oooh me likey *winky,flirtous emoji*’

'Ugh shut up it was too hot to wear that jacket in that weather’

'I bet weather wasn’t the only hot thing if u know what i mean *winky emoji* *winky emoji*’

“Oh boy stop it *winky emoji*’

"Who the hell is "lemonade boy” ?“

Donghyuck jumped in his chair when mark talked suddenly. He didn’t even notice mark was standing behind him.

"Oh my god mark i almost shat my pants what the hell ??”

Mark came to put his own jacket on donghyuck cause his back was so sweaty and mark didn’t want him to get sick.

“I said who the hell is lemonade boy ?”

Mark’s look was cold but his voice was even colder. Donghyuck gulped. He never saw mark that angry before.

“J-just a friend.”

“Just a friend ? He was flirting with you.”

“Y-yeah. So ?”

“So ?” Mark slammed his hand on the table and donghyuck almost fell from his chair cause what happened to the softie mark he knew ?

“Does that boy know you have a fucking boyfriend ??”

Donghyuck gasped “did you just curse ?”

“Answer me donghyuck!”

“H-he knows.”

Mark leaned back and shook his head, smiling so bitterly.

“And i was feeling guilty as fuck for making you sad. How stupid i am.”

“Mark no wait a second” donghyuck held onto his sleeve but mark shook his hand off

“What ? Do you wanna say that you are offically over me right to my face ? Do it then.”

“No i just-”

“You just what ?! I had been trying so hard to make up to you donghyuck. I tried everything and you just pushed me away. Now i can understand why.”

“No mark i-”

“Don’t. You don’t have to explain anything to me really. I wish you two will be so happy. Imma just go now. We can talk with hyungs to change the rooms later so you ca-”


“What ?”

“I…wanted to make you jealous so you can understand how i felt. I never talked with any other boy like that than you mark. I just changed jaemin’s name in my phone and told him to send me some flirtous messages so you will see them and get jealous then apologize and we will make up. Maybe with a kiss. i don’t know jaemin said kisses are great to erase the tension between couples.”

“………” mark just looked at donghyuck with a blank face

“Mark say something please. I’m so sorry. I just didn’t wanna lose you to that girl. Please i just-”

Mark pulled him into a hug and wrapped his arms around him tightly.

“Lee fucking donghyuck you did the most stupid thing you can ever do.”

“Y-you don’t hate me.”

“No. I can never.” Mark said and held donghyuck’s head softly, pulling him even closer if possible. “But you scared me so much hyuck. I was SO scared. I thought i lost you and thought you were secretly dating with another boy now.”

“I’m sorry mark. I really am. I know what i had done was so stupid. I was just…I…i love you so much okay ? Maybe too much. When i saw you kissed her hand i got so mad cause you are mine. Then you gave her your number and i got even more angry. And when i heard you talking with her on phone after our fight i thought you…you replaced me already. I just…never wanna lose you…and i just i felt so hopeless…i had to know you still care about me. I had to know okay ?! So i did something so fucking stupid. And now i regret everything cause i just turned into such a stupid lover and you probably don’t love me as much as you used to cause you saw my weakest side and i can understand if you wanna break up cause i had been really stu-”

Of course mark did the best thing to shut donghyuck up. Pulled away from the hug and pulled donghyuck by the back of his head to a kiss that blew donghyuck’s mind off. Donghyuck held onto mark’s shoulders to not melt away.

“W-why ?” Donghyuck whispered when they broke the kiss.

“Who said i don’t love you as much anymore ? Who said i wanna break up ?”

“Y-you talked with that girl. A-and i-i behaved so stupidly. So i thought-”

“I talked with her that’s true. But i called her to ask her to delete my number and never talk with me again. I told her my girlfriend got jealous and i can’t make the love of my life sad.”

“Girlfriend ?”

“I couldn’t say i have a boyfriend.”


“And about what you had done.”

Donghyuck looked up again when mark caressed his cheeks softly.

“Yes it was unnecessary. Yes It got me so mad. Yes it was our biggest and hopefully last fight ever. But i don’t regret it. We both made some mistakes. And we learnt from those mistakes. I shouldn’t have give her my number in the first place. I thought she just wanted to be friends. And you. You shouldn’t overreact like that. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be jealous. But you shouldn’t have overreact hyuck.”

“I know…”

“Look donghyuck. I love you. I love you so much with all of my heart. You know you are my first love and will be the last.”

“You can’t be sure. We are both still so young.”

“True. But i’m sure. And let me finish my god damn sentence for once.”

Donghyuck chuckled at mark’s chest. “Okay”

“I love you. And i can understand how you felt when you saw me with someone else. And i’m sorry for making you sad. I just want to go back to how we were before. Make jokes about my hair again. Roast me again. Be the little devil that i love so much with all of my heart.”

“I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t overreact. I should’ve trust you. I…i love you.”

Mark pulled donghyuck to his chest again “can we go back to before all of this mess ?”

Donghyuck nodded.

“Good."mark said and smiled at him sweetly. "Oh by the way tell jaemin that i will pretty much kill him when he came back.”

“Oh my god mark ple-”

Mark pecked donghyuck’s lips and winked “no one can flirt with my boyfriend”


“Did you guys made up already ?”


“Did you kiss ?”


“See ? I told you. Kissing erase the tension.”

“Na jaemin i swear to god”