im also not done with the ideas *w* more to come

i was wondering why various parts of me were feeling weird/uncomfortable but then i realized i woke up at 6:30 this morning after <4 hours of sleep so uh that might be it

@burning-ground (jewel’s roommate) has been a huuge help dealing w/ medical bullshit over there and im really grateful and it looks like we’re probably gonna be able to get the blood work done for <1k.

also i’ve got a pretty cool idea for the design on this site thing i think, just need to make sure it doesn’t get in the way of getting to content.  also am not forgetting about the transformation story comic, i think i need to focus down more on the story for that.  i feel like disconnected bits of my life are maybe starting to come together a little bit and i’m feeling more hopeful about the future, overall? maybe also feeling safer about opening up about stuff to family members although still nervous …

on a totally unrelated note i kind of want to start painting my nails so i will stop chewing them to shreds all the time :/