im also in such a good mood tonight

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im so glad, your literally the only person on my dash expressing this like i feel everyone else is just accepting it at face value or are in on the joke 😧 i can only hope its actually a sincere game made by sincere people since im also starved for quality gay gaming...

Saaaame. I feel like I’m bringing down the mood.

It’s just… its all well a good that its a joke about dads. But dads dating dads isn’t JUST a dad joke… its gay representation. I just… I just really hope this has been considered. 

God. I didn’t expect tonight to be spent sent into an anxious panic over a game grumps dating sim. 

Woozi, Jeonghan + Seungkwan React To: You getting into the shower with them

Request: I wasn’t sure if your requests are open so it doesn’t matter if you don’t do this but how would Woozi, Seungkwan and Jeonghan react to you hijacking their shower and jumping in with them? Thank you^__^

A/N: Tbh idek when my requests are open anymore so it’s alright anon <3 Also, I would just like to apologise for the disgrace that is these reactions. I really don’t know what went wrong lmfao. Aaa, thanks for requesting anyway. :))


He’d hear the door opening and would turn around to see your bare figure sliding open the shower door and would just pull you in with him, a slight smirk on his face when he entertained the idea of you showering together, kinda hoping that wasn’t all you had planned.

“Want me to… wash your back, Y/N?”

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He’d be pretty flustered when he turned around to see you climbing into his shower and might even try to cover himself up despite the countless times you’d seen each other naked. This wouldn’t last long, though and he’d warm up to the idea pretty quickly when he realised that he not only had a great view if u know what im sayin but also someone who would gladly pamper him after a long day of practice by washing, drying and massaging him the entire time. He’d love it and would suggest you do it more often.

“You know babe, when you said you wanted to get steamy tonight, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind but damn that massage feels good.”

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He’d get the fright of his life when he seen someone out of the corner of his eye climbing into his shower and would definitely scream as he aimed the shower head at you. Effectively completely ruining the mood you were going for, he’d whine a little about how he thought this was the end when he realised it was just you and not someone trying to murder him. He wouldn’t tell you to get out or anything, though. No, he’d instead demand that to make it up to him, you both have a karaoke session in the shower while you washed his hair for him.

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