im almost finished season 3

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Uuuuummmmm so im pretty sure that? Our dear Jaehee Kang and Hyun Ryu aka Zen love you?? So much?? And would 10/10 love to just sit, cuddle up, and watch project runway with you?? And like just give you kisses to the top of the head and do some of your work for you because you need Ams Time(tm) okay thanks love you

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oh boy this is very sweet, i love you so much ;A; 💛
love me some cuddle piles :’) 

it’d be a big mess too please imagine both of them acting like judges on the show smh yo if one of them could edit this video for me so i can just write, that would be great

you need You Time™ too, my dear! make sure you don’t work so hard! ^^ stay hydrated! keep warm if its cold! keep cool if its warm! love you lots~ 💛💛