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Losing Count

@ghostpressure asked:  on this day of days im gonna be cliche and ask for jaderose maybe?? of the first kiss variety??

How could I ever say no to some sweet jaderose content? Lil non-Sburb AU, Rose POV!

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You lose count of all the ways Jade Harley is perfect every time you sit and try to name them.

You start with the single bit of hair that falls out of place no matter how many times she tucks it behind her ear, carry on past the way she plucks the bands on her fingers in a way you’re sure echoes some song played on a bass, and around the time you’re settling on the way she smiles with full lips and a fuller heart that shows in the dimples in her cheeks and the shine in her eye, there’s far too many things to keep hold of and they all escape in a dreamy sigh.

She is far too lovely for this world. Were you a traditional romantic you might call her an angel, or a flower in bloom. As it is, your diary is full of neatly transcribed descriptions of the finest of Lythalia’s daughters, wound in vines and tempting you with every look that lures you closer to her, yet able to crush you easily with a single dismissal if she desired. You describe yourself in less glowing terms in such entries, the groveling spawn of Th'rygh, a thing of ugly flesh and dirt not worth being the ground she walks on.

(When marking your diary, Mother gave you a high mark for dramatics, but a low mark for rationale. You’ll take what you can get from the privacy invading witch.)

Still, somehow Jade has not grown tired of your company, and allowed you to continue basking in her glow, which you do without even a modicum of restraint. She foolishly inquired about your home and you responded as if you hadn’t had a handwritten invitation to afternoon tea sitting in your purse for weeks, slightly dog-eared from all the times you’d hesitantly grasped it with intent to present it and then rapidly changed your mind. But no- she asked, and how could you not respond to such an earnest request, such bright eyes and such a broad smile and such glowing cheeks and such a melodious voice and-

You lost count of the ways she’s perfect, and gave her the invitation, and now here you are in your own bedroom, diary kicked firmly under your bed and Jade sitting opposite you in the most garishly beautiful combination of a neon green summer dress and yellow tracksuit pants. She’s folded her long legs into a knot and clasped her hands around her bare ankles, watching with open interest as you carefully mix a pot of tea with little preserved rosebuds all held in an octopus strainer.

“Those are so pretty,” she hums, rocking forward to peer at them closer, eyes blown up big and vibrant through her oversized glasses.

So are you, you think in a swift cliche, before battering it down with a metaphorical broom and smiling shyly instead. “I’m glad you think so.”

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||❥ equal warmth

d i n o ! s c e n a r i o

word count: 2.8k 


prompts: “are you still cold?” + “i know how to take care of you.” 

✎ based this partially on me being a lil dumbass and trekking through the snow to get hot chocolate and then paying the price bc I A,M HAVING THE WORST COLD @ LEE CHAN WHERE U AT 2 COMFORT ME?? jk lol it’s not that bad im just a dramatic hoe. anyways enjoy the cheesiness🌙

Every student in the class had sworn that fifteen minutes most certainly stretched before them on the clock, pencils creating uneasy rhythms to disturb the silence as the front desk remained empty, stark with the presence of your advanced functions teacher who hadn’t even sent an email out. You were undoubtedly annoyed, and a little taken aback that the teacher who never missed a beat when it came to you being tardy was absent.

There was a rule, granted with senior privileges of course, that if the teacher fails to show up within the first fifteen minutes of class, the students were allowed to depart. Most people were exchanging glances with each other, some even tucking away last nights homework and bundling up their pens and papers.

 You didn’t know if you wanted to leave yet, no matter how much your stomach felt roiled, your eyes were still glued to the clock and counting the minutes drawl by. There were a few hums consisting of, you know you’re allowed to leave, right? But you simply shrugged your shoulders, and let the audience around you trickle out like raindrops scrolling down glass.

Suddenly there was a petulant whine behind you, something gripping the back of your chair and wobbling it slightly. You already knew who it was, your ears beginning to perk at the voice you’d come to recognise so acutely.

“Y/N, everyone is leaving and as much as I like you I’m about to leave you too.” Your chair continued to quake as the boy behind it followed through with his ministrations, at least waiting until you swivelled around to face him with your gleaning eyes and arms that began to unfold from your chest. 

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Forget About Me

Request: #3 with jaebum 😍

3) “You smile. I smile. That’s how it works.”

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Got7′s JB x Y/N

Type: fluff

I shuffled around in the kitchen in my small apartment and huffed as another piece of moist hair flopped onto my forehead. It was unseasonably hot in Seoul for the middle of October and I felt like I was suffocating with all of the windows in my apartment all but nailed shut. I pushed up on the glass to the window behind my sink and groaned as it didn’t budge. Readjusting my grip and letting out a few grunts did the trick as the glass was freed from the track below and sprang upwards, letting in a slight breeze. 

I heaved a sigh and leaned back on my counter, proud of my small accomplishment. Although I had let the sidewalks of my city into my kitchen, it was nice to have an occasional cold wind blow through my cramped space. My air conditioning had been on the fritz for weeks now and opening the one small window turned the area from a sauna to something a little bit more bearable. 

I happily tapped at my phone to once again begin to hum to some music as I cooked. One of my favorites, Don’t Forget by Crush, began to fill the four walls of my apartment and I smiled at the smooth sound of the singer’s familiar voice. I couldn’t tell you how many times I had listened to this song. 

It made me think of my love life, which was mostly the tragic musings of a teenager, but there were some incredible sparks peppered in that I wouldn’t be able to forget if I tried. I thought of my own current relationship and felt myself getting teary eyed as I chopped at the vegetables in my hands. 

“Damn onions,” I grumbled, flipping on the sink and washing my hands before I began to rub them over my saddened eyes. I sniffed a few times, closing my eyes and allowing my body to sway to the music. 

I was in a relationship that was for the most part, long distance. Yes, he was occasionally located in the same city as me, in the complex across the street no less, but we might as well have been worlds apart. His work kept him so busy, and my life wasn’t any less stressful with the students I taught and the lessons I had to prepare in my free time teaching English. All that we hung onto was our love and the time we did get. 

“If you and I become estranged someday, if we could never meet each other…don’t forget, don’t lose,” I whimpered, my eyes remaining shut as I sang. “Even if you are holding another’s hand, if you are somewhere I cannot go…don’t forget, don’t lose.”

A crisp, clean voice cut the air, and I didn’t need to open my eyes to know who it belonged to. “Hope the moment sitting face-to-face and looking at each other would last forever. Actually I’m worried time would envy us. Don’t change, always by my side. Together forever my love.”

“Jaebum,” I said quietly, a smile growing on my lips as I opened my eyes. JB was leaning against the sill outside, smiling in to my kitchen from the sidewalk. 

“I heard a beautiful songbird as I was walking by,” he sighed, his eyes hidden in his smile. “I thought I’d join her for one of her favorites.”

“Get in here!” I gasped, my hands balling into fists at my sides in excitement. I half hopped, half skipped to the front door and waited as the handle turned slowly and my boyfriend appeared. 

“Jagi,” he hummed, his arms open. I collapsed into his body and took handfuls of his sweater into my palms. I couldn’t let go of him. His familiarity immediately calmed me as he backed me into my apartment and shut the door behind him, finally wrapping his arms around my waist. 

“Jagiya, I don’t know if I can breath,” he chuckled, running a hand across my hair absently. “So tight, cutting off air.”

“Sorry,” I whispered. “Actually I’m not sorry…I missed you.”

“I missed you too, silly girl,” he chuckled. “Did I scare you?”

“Why would you scare me?” I asked, my eyes widening as I leaned back to look at him. 

“You know, strange man, singing at your open window? Or is this what you’re used to when I’m not around?” he asked, making one of his trademark derp faces. 

“Oh yes, Jaebummie,” I chuckled. “Matter of fact, I usually invite them in as well and let them know I miss them.”

“Well frankly I don’t know if I’m alright with that,” he said, pursing his lips, eventually breaking into a smile. 

“Yah!” he gasped, taking me into his arms again and spinning me. “God, you don’t know how much I missed you.” He attacked my face with kisses as we continued to walk backwards into the living room and plopped us both onto the couch. 

“Jaebummie!” I gasped, pushing him away so I could look at his handsome face. “What are you doing back in town so soon?”

“I wanted to see you,” he sighed. “You smile, I smile. That’s how it works.”

“Although that’s an incredibly cute response,” I cooed, cupping his face in my hands. “What are you doing home?”

“Our second date in New York got cancelled,” he sighed. “Nothing about us, just some promotional and managerial mistakes we couldn’t avoid. I didn’t really mind to be honest. Of course I’m upset to disappoint ahgase…but I have an ahgase here too.”

“You do,” I nodded, tucking my head beneath his chin and closing my eyes, listening to the muffled thud of his heartbeat. 

“But I have to ask…why are you listening to those sad love songs…crying in your kitchen?” he sighed, rubbing circles with his fingertips on my hip. 

“I was just…thinking,” I sighed. “If you and I aren’t together…if we can’t handle this life…if you’d forget about me?”

“I could never forget about you,” he sighed, pushing his face into my hair. “But want to know the best part?”

“Hm?” I hummed. 

“I won’t have to forget about you because I’m going to see your face every day, for the rest of my life,” he whispered. “I promise that.”

“And how can you promise a thing like that?” I croaked, my voice breaking at every syllable. 

“Because me being around makes you happy. You smile, I smile, that’s how it works. Remember?”

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Treasure Chest of Pretty Things (Shalaska) - Monroe

AN: Hiya! This here is 4.6k words worth of Shalaska lesbian SEX. So, you know, if you’re into that, check this out. Then you can take a cold shower or read it again or you can consider sleeping without a bra. My name is Monroe, my blog is im-alaska-trash, and you can totally hit me up there if you want. Anyway, without further ado, venture into my small world of cis girl Shalaska morning groovy time. And then never call it groovy time.

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