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Stenbrough, so Georgie has a kind of hero worship for Stan and Bill + the rest of the losers think is adorable

- Stan? Stanley! Are you having fun?!
Georgie tugged at the sleeve of Stan’s sweater four times in a row. Stan Uris had been lost in a daydream. Standing somewhat far from the campfire; chewing on a marshmallow and staring at a tall tree, which the night breeze swayed gently.
He looked down at Georgie, and was surprised to notice that the little boy had a white fluffy blanket wrapped all over him, that was not there the last time Stan glanced at the Losers around the fire.
- You don’t look happy. - Georgie said, frowning.
- Oh, I wouldn’t worry too much about that if I were you, G. That is just his default setting. – Richie pointed out, raising his voice all the way from where he was sitting with Eddie. Stan ignored Richie, he didn’t take his eyes from Georgie and then pointed, saying:
- Do you see that over there? Swaying, perched on that branch. It’s an owl.
Once Georgie spotted it and nodded, Stan perfectly mimicked the bird’s sound while sitting down on the grass, making Georgie smile and giggle.
Stan then tickled Georgie, aiming to make him vulnerable, and then grab Georgie and sit him on his own lap. By the time that mission was accomplished, the white blanket laid abandoned on the grass.
Georgie sighed and sank his little fingers in Stan’s curly hair. Wrapped his fingertip in one of the curls, pulled it fondly then let go and did it all over again, to another curl.
This whole time, Georgie mindfully watched Stan’s face, studying the light in Stan’s eyes as they looked at each other.
- You should smile more. It makes your heart beat for longer. Means you will live until you’re 100! – Georgie informed Stan, his voice adjusting to as serious as a five-year-old can sound.
- H-Hey, how about you s-stop st-stealing my bro-brother from me; while sitting in the bah-backyard of m-my own house, huh? – Bill inquired, getting up from the tree trunk where he sat alone since Georgie went to check on Stan.
- Firefly! – Georgie unexpectedly shouted, excited, bolting out of Stan’s lap to go after it.
- Sorry, Bill. I don’t know why he said these things…
- You don’t know? - Bill took the last bite from his s’more after he sat down… - He asked if the blanket looked okay before he left me. – Bill recounted, laughing.
Together, Stan and Bill now looked at Richie and Eddie, realizing the two of them started playing Truth or Dare. Bill fidgeted for a split second, and without meaning to, he brushed his fingers on Stan’s. Stan reacted as if struck by lightning.
- Stan! Stan! Look at what I caught for you!
Georgie was coming back. Bill was looking at Stan, still trying to understand why Stan had shivered like that. Stan, acting as if nothing happened, rose his hands in Georgie’s direction. Georgie had trapped the firefly; Stan cupped both of Georgie’s precious hands so they both could observe it better, without the risk of the bug getting away.
Georgie was chuckling, feeling victorious, finally entertaining Stan at their Camping Sleepover.
- You should make a wish, Stan. It’s not a star, but since you are helping me with my 1000 pieces puzzle, you deserve one.
Bill, still looking at Stan, smiled at the blonde, his own eyes saying:
“See, this is why he’s obsessed with you now. Aside from all the previous reasons.”
Stan himself looked once from Georgie to Bill’s smile and back to the little boy. Pause. Once again he looked over at Bill Denbrough. Stan’s excitement with the firefly was gone.
He said: – I can’t ask for what I truly want yet, it’s too soon.
Both Georgie and Bill looked clearly confused after that enigmatic answer.
Too committed to his secret, Stan ignored this.
- I’ll give it to you, Georgie. Wish for something.
Stan let his arms down, leaning back and resting both hands on the grass. Without realizing that Georgie trusted his hold so much, he saw those little hands relax. Stan’s move had been enough to set the firefly free.
- No! Come back here. My wish! – Georgie chased the firefly, desperately pleading to the tiny creature: - I want Stan to stay until we are finished with the yard sale puzzle. The lion only has half his face! I want to get to the part where E.T. is posing! - Georgie ran in circles around the campfire; Eddie and Richie where nowhere to be found.
- Guess one of them dared the other to do something inside the house. – Bill said, eliminating the possibility of them being in the tent because there was no light coming from it.
Stan felt restless, even more so now that only Bill was near; Georgie was in his mini tent, the firefly probably went in there.
- I’m going to sleep. I’m not feeling too well.
Stan got up, cleaned one hand with the other, and headed to the third tent.
- I’ll go with you. – Stan hadn’t said anything exactly inviting, but all the boys had already decided that Richie and Eddie had tent #1, Georgie had #2; and #3 was for Bill and Stan. It would have made no sense for Bill to stay where he was.
Once in the tent, Stan and Bill laid side by side. Bill was creating patterns on the thick fabric above them; by turning the flashlight on and off quickly.
- Are you training Morse Code?
Stan’s question made Bill laugh even though he felt judged by his tone, Bill then placed the lantern in the space between them.
“Stan did not go home, Georgie.” “It’s alright, he probably just went to sleep.”
Bill heard Eddie’s voice. Kaspbrak was having a bit of trouble, now that he and Richie wanted to go to sleep; but Georgie was looking for Stan.
“Don’t go over there. Don’t leave your tent.” – Richie was laughing, ironically enjoying discouraging the little boy.
Bill tried not to move, he wanted Georgie to believe he had to go to sleep now.
But still, he was too intrigued not to whisper:
- T-Tell me ah-about your im-impossible wish.
- No, Bill.
- B-B-B-But, I’m curious.
- And I’m sleepy.
Considering his tone, Bill expected Stan to turn his back now. However, Stan turned to Bill; eyes closed, and like this Stan adjusted his pillow, ending the conversation.
Obeying an impulse, Bill reached for Stan’s curls, sinking his fingers in them, copying what he saw Georgie doing earlier.
- What are you doing? – Stan mumbled, half asleep.
- Don’t know. G-Georgie made it look lah-like f-fun and I w-wanted to try.
Stan did sound on defense with that question, but Bill could clearly sense the boy relaxing under his touch now.
- Stan, why aren’t you feeling well today? – Bill whispered.
Stan made a sound that told Bill there wouldn’t be an answer.
- Stan, answer me! – Bill couldn’t help but act on instinct, he let go of one of Stan’s curls, and with that same index finger, he poked Stan’s nose repeatedly. Stan, more alert now, wrinkled his nose, laughing ever so slightly.
- Go back to what you were doing and I’ll be fine. – Stan grabbed Bill’s fingers and delicately placed them back amidst his own hair.
Bill smiled watching Stan smile now. That sight made him happy, even if Stan didn’t open his eyes to look at him. He continued what he’d been doing.  Now Bill was starting to fall asleep too, he relaxed and searched for the best position that didn’t require letting go of Stan’s hair.
- You should smile more. – Bill whispered; repeating and emphasizing Georgie’s words.
But Stan was already definitely asleep now. Transported somewhere else, secretly dreaming of the older Denbrough.

I Get Off

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Request: Kozik Imagine based on I Get Off by Halestorm

You can listen to it here.



You don’t know that I know,
You watch me every night
And I just can’t resist the urge
To stand here in the light
You’re greedy eyes upon me
And then I come undone
And I could close the curtains
But this too much fun


Kozik stifled a yawn as he walked into his bedroom, a beer in one hand, ready to collapse against the mattress after another long day in Charming.
He pulled the leather off his shoulders and hung it on the the hook on the wall.
With a sip of his beer he moved across the room, reaching for the curtains. He was about to pull them shut when something stopped him.
When she stopped him.
Kozik had been blessed to move into a house next door to her, and even more blessed when he realised his room was opposite hers. And she never shut her curtains.
He watched from the darkness of his room as the girl in the house next door flicked the light switch, illuminating her tidy bedroom and casting light across the yard between their homes, only a small fence separating the properties.
She was oblivious to him watching, at least he thought she was.
There was something about this girl that kept him coming to the window every night, desperate for a glimpse of her.
She wore ripped black jeans and a black tank, a small strip of skin showing between them. He could see the tattoos littered across her skin and he licked his lips as he watched her.
She pulled her tank over her head, dropping it to the floor next to her dresser. Her black bra cupped her breasts and the rest of the tattoos on her body were exposed.
She moved in the room and stood in front of her mirror, her back to Kozik. She tied her hair on top of her head and pulled her jeans from her body.
For a moment she studied her reflection in the mirror and Kozik studied the shape of her curves.
With one last glance in the mirror she walked into her ensuite, shutting the door behind her.
Kozik licked his lips and shook his head.
The nightly shows were becoming a habit, and even though he knew he shouldnt, he couldn’t help but stand there every night, his eyes fixed on her.


I get off on you
Getting off on me
I give you what you want
But nothing is for free
It’s a give and take
Kinda life we make
When your line is crossed
I get off
I get off


“Large caramel latte?”
“Thats me.” You stood and grabbed the cup off the barista before thanking her.
With your spare hand you pulled your sunglasses from the top of your head and pushed them up your nose.
You took a sip of your coffee and headed out of the cafe, thankful for the first coffee of the day.
After taking only two steps out in the street you ran smack bam into someone, narrowly missing spilling the precious liquid.
“Sorry!’ You gushed.
“Dont worry bout it-“ The blonde stopped, his eyes widening slightly as he looked at you. “Oh. Its you.”
“Do I know you?” You tilted your head to the side with a face of innocence.
“Not yet. Im Kozik. I think we’re neighbours.” He grinned, flashing you his pearly whites and you smiled back at him before removing the sunglasses from your eyes and pushing them onto your head.
So it was him.
“I’m (y/n).”
His eyes met yours and you smiled sweetly to him.
He bit his bottom lip and nodded, not even trying to hide the fact he was clearly checking you out.
“Well it was lovely meeting you, Kozik.” You fluttered your eyelashes, your voice sickly sweet. “But I should get going.”
“See ya round.”
You flashed him one last smile and stepped around him, heading for your car.
You could feel his eyes on you as you walked and you swayed your hips a little moe than normal with each step.
‘Hate to see her go,’ Kozik thought tp himself. ‘But I love to watch her leave.’


So much left unspoken
Between the two of us
It’s so much more exciting
To look when you can touch
You could say I am different
And maybe I’m a freak
But I know how to twist ya
To bring you to your knees


Kozik sat on the edge of his bed, waiting impatiently.
He took a sip of the beer in his hand and went back to fidgeting with the label off the bottle, anxiously glancing out the window.
She was late.
Well, she was later than normal. He could see there were lights on in her house so she was home, but she had usually gone to her room by now.
The sexual frustration of watching, and not touching her was messing with his head and he wasn’t sure how much longer he could wait.
Finally the light came on and Kozik jumped up, careful to not stand too close to the window.
She swayed into the room, wearing a tight red dress and black heels.
Every night was the same. She’d partially undress  in front of the mirror, go the ensuite, and then get into bed. Sometimes smoking a joint in bed or watching something on her laptop.
She walked into the room and shook her hair out behind her. She stood a little closer to the window than normal and she reached behind herself, unzipping the dress.
She pulled it from her body.
Now to the mirror.
But she didn’t go. Kozik gulped as he watched her unclip her bra and turn her body, facing the window directly.
The bra fell from her body and he felt his pants grow tighter as she pulled her panties down her body and stepped out of them.
She stood directly in front of the window and stared into his room.
He knew she couldn’t see him but she knew he was there.
Kozik licked his lips, ready for her next move when something in the doorway of her room caught his eye.
A man entered, tall and muscular and he walked up behind her. He put his hands on her thighs and she tilted her head, allowing him to kiss along her neck.
She smiled into the darkness before turning to the man and pulling him to the bed.
From his room Kozik watched, feeling himself grow harder as she made love to the man. She rode him expertly, all the while knowing that the handsome blonde next door couldn’t take his eyes off her.


I get off on you
Getting off on me
I give you what you want
But nothing is for free
It’s a give and take
Kinda life we make
When your line is crossed
I get off


“Colette, theres some guys waiting for you.” Cherry said.
“Thanks, you mind helping me with the washing?” Colette directed her question at you.
You rolled your eyes but stood, throwing your boss a smirk and following her out of the room.
Together you walked into the waiting area and she headed to the sofas where her guests were waiting.
You however headed to the door across the room, where the laundry was situated.
You pulled the load of washing out of the dryer and placed it in the basket before having it onto your hip.
Pushing the door open you walked back through the room and you took a few steps when you felt eyes on you.
It was him.
You met his eye and you couldn’t help but smirk as he took in the sight of you, in the little dress you wore.
Colette was sitting with him and a few other men, all dressed in leather.
Kozik stood and stepped in your path.
“You work here?”
“No, i just hang out at brothels all day.” You smiled, your voice thick with sarcasm.
Kozik chuckled before taking the basket from your hands, despite you resisting.
“Oh honey,” Colette called across the room, getting both of your attention. “(Y/n)’s not available, she just helps me out with the books.”
“What a shame.” Kozik replied, his eyes looking you up and down.
The guys he was with watched curiously but soon got back to talking business with Collette.
“So who was that, last night?” Kozik asked as he walked with you out of the room.
“You mean the guy you watched me fuck?”
Kozik blushed, taken aback by your forwardness.
“He your boyfriend?”
You shook your head,smiling at his interest in your love life.
“Just a co-star in my nightly shows.”
Kozik laughed again, and was about to say something else when his club filed into the foyer.
“Koz, we gotta go.”
He nodded and looked back at you.
“I’ll see you later, (y/n).”
You winked and began walking away.
“I’m sure you will.”


I get off
But you don’t know
But you can’t see
It’s what you forgive
Out here for me
I get off on you
Getting off on me
I give you what you want


Kozik walked to his front door, throwing a glance to your driveway to check if your car was there.
It was.
He grinned as he opened the door and headed to his bedroom, excited to see what you had in store for him tonight.
After being in his bedroom for only a minute the light next door came on.
He licked his lips and stood in from of the window.
She entered the room with the same dress on she had been wearing earlier that day.
He watched as she walked across the room and stopped in front of her window.
She smiled into the night, knowing he was watching.
And then, for the first time since he had moved n, she closed her curtains.
“Damn.” Kozik cursed as he watched her disappear behind the fabrics.
He sat on the edge of his bed and opened his bottle of beer.
He took a long swig before pulling the bottle away from his lips and sighing.
What was he supposed to do now?
A knock on his front door disturbed his thought and he stood, a slight frown on his face.
He left his bedroom and headed to the front door.
Twisting the handle, he pulled it open.
There she was, standing right outside his door, a wicked smirk on her face and a playful spark in her eyes.
“How can I help?” Kozik asked, a smug smirk on his face as he eyed her appearance eagerly.
You shrugged and stepped around him, welcoming yourself into his home.
“Figured it was time I let you touch.”
Kozik grinned and closed the door. When he turned around you were already walking down the hallway, pulling your dress over your head.
“Holy shit.”


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Why Ochako Is Actually a Big BadAss

When this past chapter came out, there wasn’t material enough in it for me to really write my thoughts on. To me, it was the class just being adorable and I want to wait til next week to talk about the new Big Three that appeared (also who saw the memes for them? My friend just showed me and I died of laughter.)

Instead, I’ve been rereading the manga (more specifically the sports festival) and the past chapter happened had Ochako’s outburst about the festival and it almost made me upset to see the reactions that were given to it. I remember going through the tag and seeing quite a few people reacting to that outburst as “OMG SHE WAS SOOOO CUTE” or “OMGGGG SO FUNNYTTT”. Of course, I am exaggerating this a lot but the fact there were no more in depth thoughts on it and it kinda made me a bit sad and now that I’m reading that festival stuff again, I just had to put down my thoughts somewhere.

I’ve said this before and I will repeat myself until the day I die: While Ochako’s character is based on her being cute and bubbly and the most adorable gal in the entire universe, she’s so much more than that. She’s more complex than the fandom makes her out to be and I wish more people saw that.

Now, in my Why Ochako is Actually A Complex Character post, I talked about this complexity a bit with how she handles her emotions and more specifically on how she displays this to others. However, I did not talk about how much of a determined individual she is and really how feisty she is (like this girl can be Bakugou fierce ok?).

To start, when the whole Sports Festival came into play, after the stakes of the festival were told to the class, this is precisely how Ochako acted (which definitely caught the rest of the class off guard)

Now, of course I know that it was displayed as an act of comic relief, especially with how expressive she is during all of that but I personally see it as something more about her character that Horikoshi was just trying to mix with the silly cute aspect part of it, especially since we get this scene later one (I stg I have this scene stamped in my memory):

Already in a chapter, Horikoshi showed us that Ochako is a supremely determined individual who has absolutely no chill when it comes to things that would affect not only her goals but the situation with her family.

I mean, in the festival, we got a small glimpse of that with her waiting to use a secret move (which btw, she hasn’t used yet and Im dying for that day)

And here she is being all determined in some other panels (which you can even see her suppressing her emotions once more as she tells Deku congrats for winning first)

And then we get to her fight with Katsuki, which OH BOY really shows how far her determination and feistiness can go. And honestly so much happens in this fight that truly does characterize who Ochako is and how strong she is.

I mean to start, she gives off a Katsuki like sentence to push away the statement he made earlier.

And then it’s so interesting and I see so many people overlook this but look at what she does.

She acknowledges that the fight is bad and the situation surrounding it isn’t completely ideal YET she shoves down those feelings of fear and apprehension and still continues to display herself as this strong woman that isn’t intimidated by Katsuki whatsoever (which kind of ties into her reaction in the newest chapter).

And then of course, here are two pages in that same chapter that really display this fire that she has within herself and how she’s kind of similar to Katsuki in that she isn’t one to back down without really putting up a fight (even if the fight that is something that terrifies her or even makes her a bit uneasy).

What makes all of this incredible too is that Katsuki not acknowledges her by the middle of the fight

But she even crosses his mind when he fights Todoroki when he says this

Yes, my good old gravitational stars, Katsuki even acknowledges the strength and ambition that Ochako has that maybe only Deku might have noticied (even then maybe not too much).

And she doesn’t just show this fierceness in this fight. She shows it not only when she fights 13 with Yuuga but also when she fights with Toga during the training camp (and yes I am referring to the infamous panel of Ochako)

So we get to the little scene from this past chapter where everyone went on the cute train with it.

Now, to me, I saw this scene a bit more than just her being the precious little princess she normally portrays herself out to be. To me, the way I saw it was a girl who clearly was affected by the Sports Festival. As we saw, Ochako took the festival I personally believe much more serious than the rest of the class. For her, this was a real chance for her to show off her skills and how strong of an individual she is. Since they made the Sports Festival to be something of utter importance, she completely put away any fears or apprehension she had and fought to the extreme and even showed up how insane her powers go and just really how determined she can get when it involves her family. So to be told that the festival didn’t matter I’m sure had to have been a slap in the face to her because it would have pretty much told her, “Hey, all the efforts and shit that you put yourself through to really further your goals? Yea doesn’t mean anything at the end.” Yea not a nice way to look at it and not a nice way to interpret your actions during that time period. 

Alright so I kind of went everywhere with this but the point I’m trying to make is that scene from the past chapter wasn’t just an adorable moment that we got of Ochako. Rather, although done in a funny way to mix with her general personality, it is a scene that gives us more of an idea of Ochako and how she took the Sports Festival and just how in general she takes events that impact things that pertain to her goal. Even though we see her as a usually laid back individual with a bubbly personality, she’s so much more than that. This is a girl who doesn’t back away from any challenge presented to her and doesn’t allow things to get in her way of her goals. She has them clear cut in her mind and she chases after them. She even has a fiery side that you can compare with Katsuki as seen from the fight she had with him. In general, she’s so strong and powerful and truly fierce and I just want more people to see that side of her. I guess I just wish people could see her as more than just the cute little cutie pie she is and really see her as a badass cutie pie because damn, that strangle she gave Toga was pretty intense for her character.

TLDR: Ochako is actually a big badass and not a lot of people acknowledge that.

Happy Turned Hostile: Part 7 (Revival)


Characters: Sam, Dean, Jack, Y/N. Mentions of Lucifer, Kelly, Crowley, Castiel, Mary

C/W means Codeword.

Word count: 1,321

Warnings: Angst, swearing

Please catch up below for this to make sense <3

Previous parts: PART 1  PART 2  PART 3 PART 4  PART 5  PART 6

You begged him to let you come with him. You begged him to not go. He was going up against Lucifer and possibly Lucifer’s son. But you knew he would go. And you knew he wouldn’t let you go with him. And part of you knew he wouldn’t come back, but nothing prepared you for when he didn’t come back.

You didn’t have anywhere to go, almost every demon in hell pledged loyalty to Lucifer. And with word of Crowley’s death spreading quickly, that put a target on your back as long as you stayed in hell.

You left hell and ended up in North Cove, Washington. In front of a remote cabin. You didn’t know why you ended up here, but something was pulling you there; you felt like you needed to be here.

Looking around for a reason as to why you would be drawn here; you spotted 3 figures standing in front of a hunters pyre.

You couldn’t make out who the 3 people were, so you crept closer until you could hide behind a tree just close enough that you could hear what they were saying but you were out of sight.

“What do you say?” a voice said that you didn’t recognize.

“You say thank you. And you say you’re sorry; you hope they’re somewhere without sadness or pain. You hope they’re somewhere better. You say goodbye.” another voice said with evident pain in his voice.

You knew that voice instantly; chills going up your spine. That voice belonged to Sam Winchester.

“Well. Goodbye, Cas. Goodbye, Kelly. Goodbye, Crowley. Goodbye, mom.” Dean said shortly after.

A tiny wave a shock hit you that he mentioned Crowley; in their own way, Crowley and the boys had their thing. But that brief moment of shock was suddenly hit by a bigger wave of sadness. Sadness for Sam and Dean. They just lost Castiel and their mom, along with two others who clearly meant even a little to them. All in one night. You felt sadness for yourself, for losing the man you love, never getting a real chance to say goodbye.

Staying hidden and silent until Sam, Dean and now who you knew as Jack, Kelly and Lucifer’s son left. You crept from behind your hiding spot making your way over to the pyre where it’s flames were burning low. You knew Crowley’s body wasn’t here, but you knew this was as close as you were getting to a goodbye right now.

Taking a deep breath in, your hands shaking, you stood in front of the pyre with tears falling down your face.

“Goodbye, Castiel and Mary and Kelly.” you said your voice cracking more with everyone word, saying goodbye to everyone; even if you didn’t know them like Kelly. In truth, you just didn’t want to say goodbye to Crowley.

“And good-goodbye, my love. Goodbye, Crowley.” you finished closing your eyes and falling to your knees sobbing into your hands.

Hearing a stick snap from behind you, you stood up and turned around quickly, ready to fight off whatever monster it was.

You weren’t expecting Sam Winchester to be standing behind you.

Nothing but sadness and pain was looking back at you written on Sam’s face.

(Y/N?) he asked his voice strained from yelling and crying.

You had two options. Teleport out and never see him again or stand here and explain, explain everything.

As much as you wanted to go with choice A. Sam deserved this; he deserved the truth after all this time. After all this heartbreak. You owe him the truth.

“Hi, Sam.” you answered back softly.

“Are you real?” he whispered back.

He must have thought he was seeing a ghost or seeing things in general.

“Yeah, Sammy. I’m real.” you said, your own voice cracking.

“You’re not just my (Y/N) from the other universe?” Sam questioned, a flicker of hope in his eyes.

You overhead Sam and Dean talking about this other universe while you were hiding, a universe Jack opened when he was born. Where Lucifer and Mary were stuck at, Mary dead apparently. The other universe where Crowley’s dead body was and as of now there was no way of getting there.

“Sam, it’s me. The real me. I swear.” you replied to him then looking down to kick some rocks around on the ground; not being able to keep eye contact with him longer than a minute or two. It was just too difficult.

You knew he still had doubts it was the real you; after all, you were supposed to be dead. You said the one thing you knew he would believe. Something only you and he knew.

“C/W” you said looking up at him.

A word you and Sam made up when you lived in the bunker. A word only you two ever knew, a safeword that only you two shared. Not even Dean knew what it was.

The gears in Sam’s head starting turning, wondering how (Y/N) could be standing in front of him after she’s supposed to be dead. The letter, Crowley shedding tears in the bunker, everything.

The hope in Sam’s eyes now gone and replaced with disbelief and anger as soon as it clicked in his head.

“You lied again.” he said matter-of-factly.

“I did, but please let me tell you everything.”

“Why so you can lie again?” he said getting louder and angrier.

You didn’t blame him, he deserved to be angry. In a way, you needed him to be angry at you. You deserved it for everything you did.

“I’m not gonna lie again, please Sam.” you said pleading, tears threating to escape your eyes again.

Before he could reply the sound of boots on gravel caught both of your attention and you were met with Dean Winchester walking towards both of you.

Dean looked so tired and like his either world just got torn in half, which it did.

“What the hell?” was all he said looking at you and Sam.

Before you could say anything, Sam beat you to it.

“She lied. Again. She was never really dead, either time.”

“So it’s really you?” Dean asked his brother and Sam replied with a quick and angry yeah.

Dean looked at you with shock written across his face.

He clearly had different feelings towards the situation as he took a few steps and wrapped his arms around you.

You stood there with your arms at your side, not knowing what to do; eventually, you slowly lifted them and wrapped them around Dean’s neck.

“I’m sorry” he whispered once he felt your arms around him.

“I’m so fucking sorry, (Y/N/N)” he added tightening his hold on you.

You knew exactly what he was apologizing for. He was apologizing for everything he did, the fights, not accepting you. All of it.

“Me too.” you whispered back quickly.

“What the hell, man?” Sam’s voice boomed causing you and Dean to break from each other’s arms.

“What?” Dean replied looking at his baby brother confused.

“She lied to us again, Dean!” Sam yelled.

“Well, I don’t care.” Dean said looking over at you.

“We just lost everything, Sam. Cass, mom, Kelly, hell even Crowley.” he added looking over to you again with pity in his eyes before adverting his eyes back to Sam.

“So for once, I don’t care but I’m not losing anyone else today, Sam.”

Dean knew that he was right and so did Sam. As much as Sam didn’t want to admit it, seeing you alive made him happy through everything that has happened in the last couple of days.

“Stop pouting, Sammy and get in the car. You too, (Y/N/N)”

“Are you sure?” you asked looking at Dean but mostly asking Sam.

Dean replied with “hell yes now go” and Sam gave you a little nod. So, the three of you made your way to baby.

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Written on the wrist - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 4 (French Mistake/Soulmates AU)

Title: Written on the wrist

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 6,589 (and the FAA feeling takes over!)

Warnings: None

Prompts: Your Imagine getting zapped to the Supernatural universe and meeting Dean.” imagine is perfection!! Please please write a mini story or something based on it! It would be so good! P.S. You are one of the best writers whose stories I follow! :)

Im so glad requests are open! What about a readerxdean with French mistake reader whose soulmate is Dean?? Maybe soul mates have each other’s names on their arms so her name is on his arm and she enters the spn universe and he gets nervous because she doesn’t have his name on her arm since she’s from a different world?? I’ve never seen this done before so I think it might be nice to see! and your writing is amazing! Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️

Read: Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3

You didn’t even realize it when sleep overcame you. One moment you were caught up on staring at Dean, luckily him not realizing anything, and the following moment you felt your eyelids close. Dean’s image was there even as you closed them. The image of him and the soft lights illuminating his face in just the right ways. You had to keep yourself from being any more creepy than you already were. But you couldn’t help it. He was there, almost within reach for you. The man you had admired for years and seen through screen… there, close to you.

And well, the man you’d had the hugest crush on of course. You loved seeing him drive the Impala. He was so focused and at the same time so calm. Worries fading away as he let himself enjoy yet another ride in his precious Baby. And this time he seemed to be even more at peace.

But it wasn’t the chance of Dean having caught you staring, no definitely not that, that made you blush. Neither than nor the green jacket wrapped over your body. His jacket you noted. You didn’t even remember when he gave it to you but you weren’t complaining. You’d wondered so many times what Dean’s smell would be like, read so many fanfictions with that too – a guilty pleasure you weren’t going to let out for sure – but none of them could ever begin to describe it. Musk, leather and soft gun powder smell, mixed with cinnamon and an apple scent. There was a faint smell of rain too no matter how crazy that sounded. It smelt like fall. And it all mixed with something else you couldn’t find the words to describe. This was the key, one nobody had ever described because obviously nobody had ever been able to smell this amazing scent that described Dean Winchester perfectly. And it made just one warm feeling spread inside our chest. The only way to describe the feeling and smell? Home. The only word: home.

But no it wasn’t that which made you blush. Neither that nor the fact that you snuggled as much as you could with it, taking in a deep breath to enjoy the smell and feeling it brought to you. You just realized that it’d become your favorite blanket instantly. But once again it wasn’t the fact that you let yourself enjoy Dean’s jacket being all over you – or the fact that Dean did something like that – that made you blush.

It was the fact that you snuggled closer to Dean in your sleep. 

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C r i m s o n N i g h t

Pairing: reader x taehyung

Genre: vampire!au, supernatural, angst

Word Count: 3.5k

Series: 7 NIGHTS << Jin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook >>

Summary: Your boyfriend Kim Taehyung leaves during the night claiming that he is ‘working’ when really he is trying to straighten a misunderstanding with a couple of loan sharks. Whilst fighting off these loan sharks, he is caught in between a life and death situation. That is, until he escapes his death through a transformation from a human to the monster of the night — a vampire. Will things still be the same?  

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Letters From Home (Part 3)

Steve x Reader

Word Count: 1945 (I thought this was ironic)

Warnings: Slight angst

A/N: This got a little angsty towards the end, but for a good reason!! (It is a Steve x READER after all ;) ;) ;) ) I’m glad you all are liking this so much!! I’m loving where I have this planned on going, and I’d say we’re about half way through. Enjoy!! <3

Italics are for the past, and for your Grandmother’s/1940’s POV. In this case, your grandmother’s name is Alison, just so you don’t get confused between Y/N and your grandmother.

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Other Parts: (Part 1) (Part 2)


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notes from a casual cashier; december 4th

• i started my shift opening my usual register, i checked one customer out and moved on to the next person in line. the barcode scanner straight-up stopped cooperating and the guy whose things i was trying to scan got really mad at my incompetence. lovely way to begin a sunday

• the placement of the price tags on the ferrero chocolates display led everyone to believe the 30 box of ferrero rochers costed €2.99, and i had to break many hearts with the news that that was actually the price of the 16 box of mon chéri which nobody likes

• middle-aged balding customer: “nice hair! id dye mine like that too!”
me: “well why dont you? it would look great”
customer: “but people would think im insane”
me: “so what!”
customer [clearly endeared]: “youre RIGHT!”

• a customer: [buys three bottles of wine and eight boxes of coffee pods for the fancy coffee makers]
me: “that would be €45.87 please”
customer: “why so much!!! the bottles were €7 each!!!”
me: “um yea but you got all that coffee, and its €2.99 a box”
customer: “eight times two is sixteen!!!!”
me: “but 2.99 is pretty much three, and eight times three is twenty four”
customer: [flees the scene]

• an old man came back to the store after having paid, claiming i had given him too much money back.
to prove it, he showed me the (surprise! correct) change i had given to him and promptly dropped a coin in the unreachable depths of my register

• a girl bought 12 eggplants and i have questions

• people keep trying to stuff too many things in a bag, and ive gotten pretty good at eyeballing how many bags are needed.
i told a lady that there was no way her shopping would fit in a single bag, she proved me wrong and i apologised for not having faith in her.
she cracked the fuck up

• i had a weird interaction with a pretty dude who i guessed was a university students but turned out to have graduated like three years ago, and when he left i caught myself staring into nothingness and droning out a flat ‘wow kill me’

• a young child, approximately aged four: “why is your hair red?”
me: “i like it,,, don’t you?”
the childs dad: “oh she likes it, she was talking about it just now!”
child [now done with discussing my looks, but still eager to talk to me]: “did you know……… im very hungry………”

• an elementary school aged kid politely asked me for one of the avenger toys we hand out with certain purchases, so i complied.
he was very excited to have received a black widow figurine, if his exclamations were anything to go by

• old lady: “is your hair real? is it a wig?”
me: “its real but dyed!”
old lady, scoffing: “well obviously!!! its precious. how old are you anyway?”
me: “im twenty-one”
old lady: “u…h….. i thought you were sixteen……”

• when i walked back to my register after the break, i got asked by a new employee to help her with a machine that had ran out of receipt paper.
it was all haphazardly taped together and i didnt feel like taking the responsibility of opening it, so i asked her if there was anyone more experienced we could call over. she said there was no one.

i started stating something like “we are neck-deep in shit then”, but i spotted a child looking at us so i heroically changed it to “we are…… in a bit of a pickle :)”

• i left my register to go grab an item for a customer, and when i got back i noticed that the access to my seat was blocked by a stack of shopping baskets that reached to my waist.
i asked the customer how had i left my seat in the first place, and she claimed i swung “very athletically” over the obstacle. it sounds extremely ooc.

• despite my attempt to reach it in time, a package of pasta fell off the register with my high-pitched “nooOooOoo…” as a soundtrack

• an old lady who was clearly a zombie stole some lettuce under my horrified watch

• i interacted with a child who looked about seven and acted about fifty-four

i gave him a couple avengers figurines in hope of showing him how much his politeness and eagerness to help were appreciated, and he looked at them like they were a strange offering from a friendly but ultimately clueless alien.
i think he just wanted to go home, help his mom put the groceries away and then read papers about economics and finance.

spinning worlds (kaneki ken x kirishima touka)

au in which everyone lives and they’re all happy and idk im still so sad over chapter 75 i need to make some kind of good ending/fluff up to cheer my limping self on // small 488 words vomit

 “you’re so pretty today, touka.”

the words slip past his lips, a febrile thought turning into a spontaneous monologue he definitely didn’t intend on having. he averts his eyes from her still form, feeling his heartbeat gradually accelerate.

“i mean– not that you aren’t everyday though, because you are, indeed, however i think i should tell you more often, or something like that, yes.”

the lack of response from her side makes him look up in her general direction, where he is met by a clearly embarrassed glare most likely to mean ‘shut up or i’ll beat your sorry ass up’ (and he, as the stupid boy struck by love that he is, has actually learnt to grow fond of such passive-aggressive manners). she then resumes to wipe the table she is tasked to clean up, trusting the colours of her cheeks caused by his statement to eventually fade.

“where do such thoughts even come from, by the way?” she nonchalantly asks after a few seconds, having recovered from her initial shock. she however doesn’t dare look at him in the eyes, afraid everything would shatter away the moment she does, as if everything that happened since he saved and helped them escape cochlea had only been a dream all along.

“i don’t even know myself.” he answers poorly, breaking the silence her precious question had built up. or maybe does he, but things seem still a bit delicate and hesitant between them – after all, it hasn’t been so long they have started dating, and the both of them still experience those tingly and butterflies-in-the-stomach-y feelings (ah, tender young love). how could he possibly tell her that the dim lights of the sunset shining through the café :re’s wide windows illuminated her ethereal features and soft locks, emphasising her beauty? yes, how could he tell her that after all this time, she still makes him feel terribly helpless..

everything feels so slow and eerie as she finally turns around, gathering her courage and smiles up to him – her purest and most honest smile, one only a few have witnessed –, before mouthing she doesn’t know either. and ken is too caught up in the moment, the radiance, the magnificence of it all, that he doesn’t quite register that touka is walking towards him until she presses her soft lips on his. their worlds spin, and they no longer feel loss, ache, longing; it is full of affection, joy, love. they are each other’s solace, their calm oasis of truce soothing them from the violent storm outside.

they need no grief, heed no criticism. whoever tries to break them apart is to be met by a tough wall; they are bound by a red string of fate that shall never be cut. likewise, they are one entity that cannot part, akin to the yin and the yang.

they’re each other’s sole one, and it was about time they realise it.

first fanfic posted on here ya y,,,, constructive comments are always welcomed, as well as correction since english is not my mother tongue! thanks a whole frickin’ bunch for reading up to here. ♡ expect a lot more in the future! - deb (always open to au/scenario ideas and any sort of tg related rant btw)