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while i hate the idea of billy killing flint, it would make a lot of sense why he is terrified of silver in TI. as of last episode silver/flint are on good terms, so i could totally see silver hunting billy down to seek revenge. that being said, let's pray that the promo is misleading, because watching flint die, is not something i will surive.

that’s exactly what i thought of and what im afraid of. billy has already done some really fucked up shit, but he has yet to do something that will truly, definitively put him on silver’s kill list. something that silver will never forgive or forget and will never stop hunting him for. in the promo someone puts a knife on madi’s throat and i am fairly sure it’s billy because of the leather cuff on the man’s wrist. it’s the same one billy has. so it’s either madi or flint. i pray he doesnt get a chance to hurt either. i PRAY the writers were smarter than this. because flint doesnt deserve an ending like that, that’s not satisfying as toby said it will be, and not to mention that killing madi off is all kinds of wrong.

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i realllly want to be tattooed and i have for years, but i have pretty bad anxiety. im afraid of pain, but im also afraid of permanence and choosing the wrong placement or choosing the wrong thing. did you ever worry about that, and do you have any advice? love you

in my life i’ve had two tattoos that lead to an anxiety attack, and I can tell you they were awful experiences that I wouldn’t want to relive for any reason. After the dust settles, I can say that i always recover, but I also never know when they’re going to happen, and like I said, I would do anything in the world to make sure i never relive the experence. I’ve also been in high levels of pain, where I mentally shame myself into never getting tattooed again. A few years ago I was hospitalised, and the entire time I kept repeating to myself, “I never want to feel this again, I never want to feel this again, I never want to feel this again,” meaning, I never want to subject myself to voluntary pain. 
then two years later I got my scarification.
So I don’t know. 
You risk SO much knowing that you are subject to panic attacks and anxiety, and I don’t have any good advice other than, you roll the dice and put yourself at so much risk. 
I have dozens of tattoos and body mods that never triggered anything, but it’s the two that did, and the pain I couldn’t withstand that keep me afraid of something else happening again, but I DO keep that fear very dormant in my thoughts, and plan to continue to get tattooed. 

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man oh man do i lov jeon jeongguk 😪😪 

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oh god i hate these bc im afraid i’ll leave someone out ahh nd also that some of the people don’t consider me their friend fodhgfuhfdsji

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ive wwanted to change my icon for a while but im afraid of fucking up the natural vibe it gives my presence idk do i rly want to change that? i kind of do but i want something with a very specific feel to it so it doesnt disrupt the harmony chip skylark has created for me

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I was forced to id as a girl so ive lost my natural body language i had and now i have to make such an effort to remind myself who i am and let myself be a boy. Everybody would ignore my dysphoria and basically tell me you are pretty so stop complaining about your body. They have jealous thoughts and tell me im ungrateful​. Im lucky to be the girl i am but im not a even a girl. Nobody cares. I tried to be a girl and it's just not right. I still am me despite denial. Im afraid they will be mad

Those people need to realize they are trying to force you into a mold you don’t fit, and never did and that you being “pretty” doesn’t change the fact that you’re a boy and you refuse to be seen as a girl any longer. Who cares what they say about you? Be a boy. You should ignore them and transition, become who you want and ignore the rest. Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.

Okay but if YOI ends with Yuuri looking to Victor and being like “Well it’s all over now. I guess I owe you that coaching fee.” And Victor just stops him there and he’s like. “Yuuri…Marry me and we’ll call it even.” And kisses him and it goes black with just a little breathed “Yes” I can die happy okay. Give me that.

mcr flavored ~ tag yourself

Today, March 22nd 2017, marks 4 years since My Chemical Romance joined the Black Parade on March 22nd 2013, after 12 glorious years of bandom and adventure. In honor of this anniversary, tagurself presents a My Chemical Romance themed ‘tag yourself’. Killjoys, enjoy.


Salutations, the first part of A Study of Letters is finally out!

Mari’s older sister–heir to the throne and one-half of a crucial political engagement–disappears during a ceremonial trip.

Having no choice but to seek help in finding her from the neighboring kingdom she distrusted, Mari writes to long-time penpal, Chat, betting on her hunch that he is actually more than an assistant to the neighboring kingdom’s crown prince. But then Chat turns out to be more than Mari bargains for and now her plans—her roles?!—are changing…

Thank you @lilmikomiko and @peonydee for the commission!

one time i got an ask which was like “why do you headcanon link as a trans girl? like i totally think you should be able to choose your gender but… why”

and the thing is it’s just the facts simply are that link is a sword lesbian, thats just how it is. hylia came to me in a dream and told me that link is a lesbian