im actually really happy i made this

can you believe it? i actually made it to 4k+ followers! i’m as shocked as you all. i just want to thank everyone for following me through the random fandom changes. you guys are really the best and i look forward to all the new followers i get from this day on! ♥ i’m such a lucky girl and i’ve made it this far thanks to all my lovely followers. you guys deserve all the credit. now that’s move on from all the mushy stuff lol. also since when did half of the people i follow follow me back. i must be in the twilight zone.

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anonymous asked:

she does post selfies on the account, so i'm pretty sure that it's her. and the relationship with her sons is obviously strained (no happy mother's day? did you see how upset that made her?), so it wouldn't be surprising if nobody thought to tell her about rowan. no one told her about bandit either and i'm pretty sure she had to find out from mainstream media.

see about her exclusive pictures, im assuming they might have been lifted from her original twitter account?

and yes i really hope her relationship with mikey and gerard is not actually that bad, because its really sad? but if it is…. hm

Honestly I think the phantom of the opera was such a good villain because he’s so relatable. I too would lock myself away in my bedroom, demand ridiculous amounts of money, and use my unhealthy obsessions to unsuccessfully seduce someone I have the hots for


Every town has one, the spooky house that all the kids avoid. Ours was Thornhill, the Blossom family’s mansion, with it’s very own graveyard. And trapped within its walls, like some Gothic heroine, was Cheryl Blossom, who’s still grieving for her beloved brother Jason. Linked in death even as they were in life.

Now that im totally rested i want to thank everyone who visited me at my stand in the artist alley to say hi, get some hugs, buy stickers, charms, prints and commissions ;0; It surprised me how many people knew me and wanted to meet me in person, i was really nervous but you all made my day!, a bit tiring experience because conventions that last more than a day are exhausting in general but it was nice!

i want to highlight this ow highschool au commission i had to do! It makes me really happy to know that people enjoy my stuff 😭❤

also im out of stock of almost everything! but soon i will start with the online re-stock so you guys can get all the stuff i showed you days ago


Get To Know Me!
Favorite Youtubers 2/? - danisnotonfire

“That’s why I’m here, I’m here for two reasons. To entertain you with stories of my life so , you know, you can find them entertaining. But then maybe compare them to your own lives and not feel so alone with the issues that you go with, go through. And think, “Wow, I’m scared of going to my first day of work, but there is a guy called Dan who actually sold an axe to a child”. And the other half of it is me kind of like articulating my own profound observations on the universe, which is really just an excuse to give myself a therapy. Apparently other people enjoy watching it too wow” 


“This album really symbolized who I’ve become as a new artist, and as a new producer and songwriter, and everything that I feel about the past. I’m able to put aside and write about it like it’s a fond memory instead of who I actually am today. So really, Death of a Bachelor is talking about getting back to my roots, but being able to move forward in a new light, in a new era as a brand new person.”

Happy Birthday, Death of a Bachelor!

January 15, 2016

I watched Jacksepticeye play Night In The Woods a few weeks ago and finally got around to drawing my favorite character 


i decided to make kiu cards/pictures for valentines day tomorrow!!

these took me all day to finish. i never want to pick up my tablet again (just kidding). im actually really happy with how these turned out though! ive had the idea for a while but just got around to doing it. i know valentines is an empty holiday but i always like making art for it. 

i hope you all like these as well! feel free to use them as gifts to people if you want (with credit ofc). also i just kinda made up words for them;;

on a lonely night,

was a blinding light.

a hundred leaders would be borne of you.

it’s been a while since i last drew kagepro, i miss my daughter aND NOW SHE FINALLY GETS A BOOK I AM SO HAPPY

plus jin coming up with a new song while writing her pov can’t just be a coincidence, maybe she’ll get an actual song now??? with a pv?!??

[feel free to delete this if you reblog its just me rambling thx]

So i recently found out how to do a 3D effect thing on gimp,i didnt know gimp was so much like photoshop ???i can do so many things that i didnt know i could omg
I didnt know because i just self taught myself gimp

i dont watch tutorials because i dont like people telling me what to do

and i got the hang of it after a year and then i found out its not actually a drawing program its really bad for drawing

The effect thing like washed her out and made the picture pale but i just messed with the levels and i made her michi coloured again so yea last time i didnt make her super pale intentionally

Im not going to delete the other one because it has notes lol
I read all the tags its so easy to make me happy just put “good” in the tags and i will scream

During Phil’s latest live show on the 16th of March 2017, he spent a few minutes (30.30-35.20) just ranting about his degrees and his university experience. I loved that bit so much that I wrote down the first part of the “quote” and posted it here on Tumblr and the last couple of days, I’ve just been smiling so wide at all the tags people have added when reblogging. I think it’s safe to say we all loved that bit and it brought inspiration and smiles to so many.

I’ve compiled a list of all the tags on the quote post so far. It’s quite long so you can read them all below the cut. It took ages but it was so calming to read through all the love and appreciation written in the tags. If you don’t feel comfortable being part of this list, message me and I’ll remove you immediately! I don’t mean to make anyone uncomfortable.

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Harry Styles: The rant

I feel like I need to talk about harry for a second so sorry for the tiny (not so tiny) rant

I just saw he’s performance im the graham’s show and it was great, he’s voice was great, the band was great but what really made me wanna die was how proud he was and the fact that at the end he just can’t believe that he has actually done it and that people actually like he’s song and know the words i just..

He’s an amazing guy and he’s so humble and he fucking deserves the world and I’m so proud and I love him and I’m so happy!!

To sum it up:

I fucking love Harry Styles and I wanna squish his cheeks and listen to him sing like he could literally sing me happy birthday and I would burst into tears and most likely die and I know none of you are going to read this but I’m really glad his fans are amazing and loving and love this grown ass man so much.
That is all,

All the love. Me.

Hello everybody! I’m just going to jump right into this:

I’ve seen a lot of posts regarding the use of stim toys, such as spinner rings, amongst the use of neurotypicals (those who are not mentally ill, developmentally disabled, or otherwise neurodivergent). I have noticed an increase in the use of stim toys where I live; to my delight, 2 of the 3 people using them were also neurodivergent, which made me really happy because it was kind of a reminder that “Hey! There’s people like me in here!” Or something like that.

Now, I have also noticed a tendency of neurotypicals to buy and use stim toys, and I have absolutely no problem with that! It’s great, and it’s their decision, and I don’t need to know why they bought it, it’s all fine. That is, as long as they are being respectful and not using them as projectiles, or interrupting class (if they are in a school, which seems to be the focus of the topic that I have seen discussed on here) by messing around with their friends and showing them off or just goofing around. 

What a lot of neurotypicals that buy those stim toys don’t realize is that, despite their name, they aren’t just toys for neurodivergent students. Students with ADD/ADHD, OCD, PTSD, Autistic students, those with anxiety disorders, use those objects to calm down and regulate their sensory intake. They are incredibly useful, and sometimes neccesary, tools to help those students.

When I was a little kid, I struggled horrendously with skin picking, head banging, and hair pulling. Everyone, my parents, my therapists, spent years trying to help me find alternative methods of stimming. In elementary and middle school, I was permitted to listen to music on my CD player (later my phone and kindle haha, times changed so quickly) to help me calm down. I had to have permission for earbuds and my music player to use them in the classroom. That step helped me so much, it was incredible. At home, my parents invested in a weighted blanket, which puts pressure on my body, which also helps with the needs I had filled before through stims that were harmful to myself.

That’s what I mean when I say that stim toys/devices aimed at assisting in stimming are vital tools for people like me. And sometimes, maybe we just need them to focus our energy on something, or we do it because we like the repetition, or just because it’s soothing: there are a million reasons for stimming, but they are especially important for neurodivergent people.

Now, do I really know in a group of people with stim toys which one is neurotypical? I don’t! But the people that buy stim toys know, and I know for a fact that they are becoming more “mainstream” and more neurotypicals are now using them along with neurodivergent people. I want to make this very clear: I think that is awesome, in many ways. I think it has the potential to help normalize stimming, however, that isn’t going to happen if people just ban them from schools because a group of kids decided to be immature and use theirs as playthings or projectiles to disrupt the entire class, rather than use them to stim. 

I want stim toys to be normalized, but in order to do that, neurotypicals need to realize that these aren’t just accessories or fun little trinkets, not for the Autistic people, people with anxiety, OCD, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, or otherwise neurodivergent people using them. I want them to respect ALL forms of stimming, not just the ones deemed socially acceptable. That means not using your spinner ring and then pointing and laughing at an Autistic person using echolalia, or a person with anxiety rocking or chewing their hair, or cringing at a person with OCD picking/scratching their skin. These things are real too. 

I don’t blame misbehaving kids for stim toys being banned in schools, but that sort of behavior and the school officials’ reactions to it are part of a much bigger issue. We need to all acknowledge, and help inform those who are not aware of the existence of stimming, that stim toys and other devices are vital tools for neurodivergent people, and also a unique and defining characteristic of our daily lives. That’s my take on the issue, anyways.

made a zine inspired by the amazing Jordan Clark on youtube 🤘🏻 surprisingly loved how it turned out wahahah thought it would be a flop 😅 and can i just say that im really gonna miss the firebird series :(( took me a long time to read it after it was released cause school haha 🔫 actually borrowed this book from a friend a long time ago but never got to return it cause school already ended HAHA
happy reading!

Thoughts on Season 9 contestants

Kimora Blac: She said before that if she ever gets on the show she’s gonna bring drama so thats what I expect. From her MTQ alone she already seems shady, I just hope people don’t send her hate cuz Im really digging her so far

Farrah Moan: Obviously pretty and fishy, but I expect her to be a strong competitor and bring it especially on the runway. Her performances are also amazing so Im excited for that 

Aja: The most hyped up pre-season from what I’ve seen, she’s a great performer and her aesthetic is amazing as well. I can’t wait to see if she lives up to the hype

Shea Coulee: Another really hyped up queen from pre-season, a lot of people consider her as a strong contender for the crown. She kinda seems like a younger Bebe so that has me excited

Charlie Hides: Again, how is she 52? Her YouTube channel is quite successful and she’s quite hilarious, I recommend checking out her impersonations and her interview with Bianca. I can’t wait to see what she does for snatch game 

Nina Bonina Brown: She seems a bit odd on her instagram saying Ru hates her and that she’s not on the show? I hope she’s just trolling cuz I do think she’s skilled but we will see

Sasha Velour: I loooove her aesthetic, its very unique and from what I’ve seen she can be glam too. I really hope they don’t ask her to change her aesthetic far too much and I pray they don’t fuck her over like they usually do with Club Kids 

Valentina: She’s probably gonna get quite a favorable edit imo. She seems so sweet and kind, altho jokes seem to go over her head. She and Farrah are the fishiest of the season it seems. I expect her to be Miss Congeniality 

Jaymes Mansfield: I don’t see a lot of people talking about her? I don’t know what to think of her yet to be honest, but from her MTQ alone….she kinda creeps me out and not in a good way. I really hope im proven wrong

Alexis Michelle: Her outfit was one of my faves in the promo. Her MTQ video was very lovely and I liked it. I think we’re lowkey underestimating her and I hope she pulls a ChiChi on us 

Trinity Taylor: Another Queen that’s being overlooked imo, but frankly I don’t know much about her yet and her MTQ was unfortunately forgettable for me. I hope we get to see her personality shine on the actual show

Eureka: They made her get rid of O’hara ffs. Im happy to see her on the show actually and Im quite excited to see what new stuff will she bring to the table 

Peppermint: Yayyyy Im so happy to have a trans girl represent, and Im so happy they let her talk about it. She seemed very genuine and kind and I hope she’s gonna show us even more