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1. Plain white socks or cute patterned/colored socks?

I’d say patterned/colored socks since thats what i own the most alongside fuzzy socks

2.You have to give up one of your senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch), which would you give up?

Hmm maybe smell? 

3. If you were a dog, what breed do you think you’d be?

After some discussion with @flxwercafe (which wasn’t actually discussion just her saying i’d be a bloodhound) im gonna go with bloodhound

4. If you were in a group, what position (singer, rapper, dancer) would you want to be (regardless of experience level)? Now which do you think you’d actually be assigned as?

I’d want to be a vocalist, i used to be in choir a long time ago and despite being shy and just generally closed off, whenever we performed i felt pretty open and happy about it (not that i was any good at singing or whatever but i enjoyed it). what i think i’d be assigned as? Maybe a vocalist still, but one that doesn’t get much lines because my voice isn’t stable or that good (not at all lmao)

5. If colors could describe feelings, what color are you right now?

Right now? At this moment? It’d be gray. Just gray.

6. You have to start off every conversation with a pick up line, which do you use?

I said I wouldn’t do this one but this actually made me laugh:

“You smell like trash, can I take you out?”,

7. If you could give your ultimate bias a birthday present, what would you give them?

Not to get soft and sjfsjgskgj but I’d want to give him an arrangement of flowers, BUT the flowers are paper and made by me and i’d decorate it really nicely, make the flowers really pretty, and the flowers will have messages written all over them about how much he means to me, that i love him, he should eat well, i admire him, to take some rest if he needs it, etc. etc. just meaningful or cute things. oR maybe a painting, not of himself but just a painting that i made but that has meaning and its beautiful. idk just something i made that will convey how much im thankful to him

8. If you could learn to do anything instantly (speak a language, play an instrument, etc.) what would you pick?

Speak a language, useful and interesting, i’d like to communicate and understand others without barrier.

9.  You can travel through time, do you go to the past, future, or do you stay in present times? Why?

I’d like to say i would stay in the present, but i think i’d go to the past not necessarily to change anything but I’d just want to see and relive certain things. To see how much I’ve grown, how much things have changed

10. What would you do if you woke up one morning and had swapped bodies with your ultimate bias?

I’m bbh?? nICEEEE 👀👀👀 but actually i’d be so freaked out and then even more when i realized bbh was probably in my body so i’d go to tracking myself down so fast

11. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?💗💗💗

is nothing an option? probably not, so the moles i have on both my forearms, idk i think its cool i have one on both arms near the same place ahdjhsjfsjgsgjks

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this was pretty fun, but no pressure to do it

in case u haven’t heard, andi mack is a new disney channel show about a 13 year old asian american girl who finds out that (spoiler but it’s in the first episode) her sister is actually her mom. it centers around her, her family, and her best friends who are a black girl and a gay jewish boy (there’s a confirmed gay plot line and i could be wrong but im pretty sure it’s him) like ?? it deals w/ serious important topics like teen pregnancy, family dynamics, sexuality, and coming of age and it’s about children, for children im so HAPPY??? the first two episodes are online now and it officially airs in april pls watch and support!! if this show is successful it could really be vital in breaking into genuine inclusivity for modern disney channel like this is ? so ? important ?

“Villainous”: Why you shouldn’t  throw hate to this show

Okay, so over the past days you may noticed a lot of fanart and posts about a particular show: “Villainous” (or “Villanos” in spanish). This is actually a mini series that is transmited between comercials for Cartoon Network México. Is about a villain (Black Hat) who tries to make the most evil and succesful artefacts for villains, along with Dr Flug, Demencia and 5.0.5.

So, what’s the problem with this mini-series?

There’s a few flaws that people have been complaining about, the most important of those being Markiplier voicing 5.0.5, a problematic artist (LemonTeaFlower) working on this show, etc.

Ignoring those facts, “Villainous” is pretty funny and entertaining to watch, and the animation and art style is really good. Is not the humour that everybody likes, but I personally enjoy it. But actually neither the characters or the plot are the reason im encouraging you to support this show.

This is the first ever cartoon (for Cartoon Network) created entirely by mexicans.

As a mexican, I can’t describe how happy I am to know that my country is finally making big steps in the animation industry, this is a huge opportunity for people like me, who aspire to be an animator but don’t have the resources to get out of their country.

And, if this show gets enough positivity and fame, Ai Studios, the animation studios who made this show, might actually do more cartoons! Better cartoons, with better plots and characters!

Let me tell you something, if Ai Studios doesn’t start making more cartoons, there’s literally no job opportunity in Mexico for aspiring animators. You either go to the U.S or forget about animation.

And yeah, this show might seem cringey, (well, it started developing in 2007, what did you expect?) and as I said it has some problematic aspects, but I dont think this is the right time to start making callout posts and discourse blogs for this cartoon. It hasn’t even aired in the U.S yet and there are already pleople complaining. And I don’t blame them, I would callout those things too if I didn’t already know how important this show is for Ai Studios, how important this show is for mexicans.

Many of the people who complain about it don’t even know that this show is made by mexicans and the opportunities it could give to us. So, what i’m asking you to do is simple.

Don’t throw hate at this show.

I’m not asking you to praise it, I’m not asking you to make fanart for it. I’m asking you to leave it alone, and leave alone the people who are enjoying it.

How can we do better if you don’t even give us the opportunity to make more cartoons?  

So yeah, that’s basically it. I’m not saying everyone should watch it and enjoy it, I mean, if you want to do it go ahead. I’m just saying it would be kind of egoistical to make discourse blogs and callout posts for the first mexican cartoon made by a new animation studio that just came out 3 days ago. 

Let us have this, please.


Daishou scribbles cause he was there for, like, half a panel and I got excite

KANAYA: Rose Has My Hair Gone Messy?
ROSE: Why are you asking me this? Why don’t you look in the mi-
ROSE: Oh, sorry.
KANAYA: I Want You To Say It.

headcanon that elves, much like dogs, have really expressive ears. like, when they’re threatened, they go back, when they’re excited, they perk up, etc.

so one day taako, kravitz, lup, and barry are on a double date, as they do. taako is off doin something, and lup is also off somewhere. listen man i don’t know the details, barold and krav are talking about their s/os and whatever. barry mentions that he hasn’t seen taako this happy in a long time. kravitz says something about how hard to read taako is and how he can never tell what he’s feeling. barry explains that elves have one obvious tell, their ears. he says that he can tell taako is happy, not just because spending over a century around someone creates that kind of synergy, but also because his ears keep perking up.

“really?” says kravitz. “but his ears are always like that.”