im actually not sure if thats him

i think one really cute detail is that Viktor used to wear gloves

at basically 



but once Yuuri gave him the ring

he stopped

Viktor Nikiforov is good and pure and so in love with Yuuri he’s so sweet my teeth are breaking apart 

im tired and was thinking abt how jack has said that dark and anti probably won’t meet ever bc of anti lore and i’m sure this has already been said a bunch of times but… i like to think that anti isn’t actually a physical being. like i see him portrayed a lot as a sort of demon, which also makes sense and im all about that ghosty shit but like

a few days ago i was thinking about how anti could be a virus of sorts? like a computer virus, that is. and he leaks into jack’s videos and harms the jack in the videos, but maybe not even the real jack?? idk i was trying to make sense of that and….. that could be smthn really cool idk

im not really sure how it would actually work? but i like to imagine that anti is just…. in jack’s computer or w/e, and he kinda pops into the videos themselves and not actually in the physical world. he’s all programming

and he can corrupt the video files to put himself in the place of jack and hurt the jack in the videos, and that’s why it’s all glitchy. bc he’s trying to change the whole format of the video and change the images that we see and the audio we hear, and i bet that’s fuckin hard to do. hence, little (or big) glitches happen as he tries to get it to work in his favor

like looking back at the halloween video, rather than jack actually cutting his own throat, it was just the IMAGE of jack doing it. and anti somehow fuckin changing the recorded image and taking over the recorded jack to make him do that, but real life jack is maybe perfectly fine? 

this honestly makes no sense and i have no idea how he’d actually do that, but hey, this is anti right?? he’s a fuckin weirdo that can do some wacky shit. like possess a previously recorded image, bc it’s easier to work from a template than create an entirely new image from scratch to go over an old one, as well as meshing old audio together to make new audio (tho that part sounds like hell to me tbh im no video editor)

the only thing that makes me second guess this is also in the halloween video (which i just remembered is called say goodbye) when before anti actually shows up, jack hears a bunch of weird stuff or keeps going off screen to do stuff (ie. the part where he’s like “i keep hearing bubbling”), although i don’t know if all of that was acting or if just some of it was. bc, who knows, it could’ve all just been a coincidence and anti coming in to be like “oh, you made this pumpkin carving video? well, instead, im going to put in all this footage you and robin edited out to make it seem ~spooky~ and then surprise everyone” rather than jack actually hearing anti doing some poltergeist stuff to try and distract him

and who knows, maybe real jack also gets hurt, but i just love the idea that anti takes over and harms and messes with the recording itself and not anything else. and that’s why jack wasn’t actually found dead with his throat cut after the say goodbye video lol

maybe i’ll revamp this when im not half asleep on some advil pm but just!! computer virus anti seems so cool!! 

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since you kinda asked, can you draw/have you drawn a usjavi??? (that's javier muñoz as usnavi if its not obvious///)

:000 i dont think ive ever drawn javier,, i had to change that IMMEDIATELY

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all jokes aside the fact that dan was genuinely upset at the situation with phil at the gym makes me really warm bc he's proven himself to be the kind of person that doesn't tolerate people hurting his loved ones and i think that's such a nice quality and he's such a good person and i love him dearly

phils video was meant to make the entire situation into something other people can laugh at but im sure something like that actually is upsetting to some degree like i would actually cry if something like that happened to me and i know id be mad if it happened to someone i care about a lot because it was more than just some bizarre misunderstanding, it was a shitty personal trainer who wouldn’t listen? dan getting genuinely angry over it made me feel emotionanal


my blind ass: im sure orochimaru is actually a Great parent!!! im sure he raised mitsuki to be good and pure and raised him like a normal child :D
mitsuki: *immediately tries to strangle a kid to death without a thought, doesnt even understand why its not ok to Kill people…..almost like thats normal for him Almost like he learned that from someone..*
me: Welp!!!!! lol!!!!

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um, actually chu responded to the ama saying that genji was nicknamed sparrow by the devs while he was in development? so im p sure thats before the game trailer lol (: pharah who?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) shame he can’t fly or have wings or have any other traits linking him to a bird. 

like, i’d love to sit here and argue with you, chu, but I have pharmercy content to make. xoxo

popstar AU drabble

something i scribbled at work during the water shortage

(rose’s and dirk’s handle abbrvs are the same and i can’t use their colors but it’s pretty obvious in the narrative when the switch happens) 

Strider: Have A Fashion Emergency 

TG: my god this is asinine
TG: youd think with a wardrobe the size of a manhattan apartment and a team of professional stylists and a gazillion labels sending me free shit all the time id actually have something decent to drape over my meat puppet

TT: You’d think.

TG: what do you even wear on a date rose
TG: i dont go on dates im not a date guy

TT: Are you asking what I wear on dates specifically? Because I am not lending you another dress.
TT: You are catastrophically hard on clothes.

TG: you mean that time at the grammys because that was not my fault

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i know it’s been like. half an hour max but uh,,,, here’s some alex headcanons

  • she’s beautiful and im sobbing. that’s not a headcanon i just needed 2 remind you all
  • cares too much about her hair,, gels it into a perfect pompadour every morning & fights ppl who try to squish the floof down 
  • (yes that kinda contradicts the official art but idc!!)
  • blitz makes her a chain mail sweater vest !!
  • speaking of sweater vests ,, wanted to grow up to become a professor (pottery, maybe!) one day before. yknow. he died :(
  • fav animal to turn into is a koala aww
  • when shes close to someone *cough* magnus she becomes a lot more affectionate & dare i say.. cuddly!!! than one would think she would be
  • she and sam are the best pair of sisters the world has ever seen!!!!!!!!!! soooooo much sisterly support and they only shout at each other occasionally!!!
  • magnus: “i’m so lucky, i’m the luckiest guy on the planet, i have a boyfriend AND a girlfriend” someone: “wait… is ur girlfriend alex okay with this?” someone else: “wait you have a girlfriend named alex?? i thought your boyfriend was named alex” magnus: “yes”
  • alex is actually really easily startled for someone so good in combat loooool just sneak up behind him and poke him in the side and he’ll screech and probably smack you
  • one time halfborn convinced her to turn into a bear and fight him to see if he could survive. alex won
  • a SOFTIE!!!!!!!! she’s such a SOFTIE!!!!!!!!!! don;t let his tough exterior fool u he actually cries at disney movies and once almost got hit by a car trying to save a stray cat and really truly cares for the emotional well-being of everyone around him
  • “executive function is for chumps,” she says, having eaten solely cheeto puffs for the past 2 days. doesn’t remember the last time she showered. it’s fun 
  • owns at least 20 “down with cis” shirts 

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i know this is dirkjohn territory but would u mind talking about the dirkjake dynamic a bit in general... like how they work together & can improve & where their chemistry even stems from i guess bcos i have somewhat of a hard time seeing it

yeah no problem! wow holy shit this got long

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Listen, im not really one to send messages to ppl like out of nowhere lmao but i had to say that im so happy that i found someone that loves Bokuto as much as i do omg *cries* i just read your analysis on how the fandom often mischaracterizes Bo, and i feel u so much? is painful! i hate when they make him a stupid bruh, because he's not? hes a caring teammate and friend, he gives advice freely and i actually think hes really fucking smart? idk how to say this (language barrier here)– (1)

but he’s like really perceptive people-wise! he actually had tsukki figured out just by playing with him for not more than 5 hours! and about what you said, im pretty sure is actually canon that Bos biggest pride is being an ace, more than a captain. I read somewhere once a hc saying he probably cried and whined until they made him captain, but thats just ridiculous and stupid. Captaincy is not something to be taken lightly, no matter what they wouldn’t have made him TC if he did deserve it. (2)

He’s tremendously self-aware! he knows his body, his limits and how much to push to get a result while also caring for his body, how else do u think he practices for HOURS without getting hurt? *side glances at oikawa* He strategizes mid-air, he’s capable of making choices at a very fast speed. i don’t really want to make this longer (than it already is omg sorry) so yeah. If someone thinks hes dumb then theyre the dumb ones. (sorry i needed to rant 😭😭😭 also my english is prob bad) (3)

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I still can’t believe it’s real sometimes. It’s been months since we left school, since Simon fell in love with me, and sometimes it still feels like I’m going to wake up in my bed at Watford with Simon hating me again. Mostly, though, I just enjoy this while it lasts. Enjoy him tucked under my chin with his arms around me, him letting me thread my fingers through his hair. I think he fell asleep a few minutes ago. One of many things I’ve learned about him since that night in the forest is that playing with his hair always put him to sleep.

“What are you thinking about? I can hear the gears in your brain.”

Or not.

“Nothing. I’m asleep Snow.”

“Sure you are,” he said, shifting to look up at me with that smile that I guarantee will kill me one day.

“Go to sleep.“

He sighed and buried his face in my neck, actually listening to me for once. His breathing grew drawn out once again, and he let out a soft snore. I laughed softly and tightened my arms around him.

Luckily for me, this was very real, and I planned to keep it for as long as he’d have me.




It was the weekend of seths birthday and and the boys wanted to make it special,especially after finally returning from his injury and winning back his Dean and Roman decided to hire you for decorating,Seth was away for a corperate meeting and they all finally had a few days off due to vacation and a taping of a special series for WWE…..seth had a beautiful condo up on the side of a mountain in nevada,secluded and tip top celebrity style….Seth had given Roman a key to stay there whenever he needed to when he was in town,so they picked you up and brought you back to the condo…Dean went on about all the crazy decorating ideas he had and was showing you the huge box of goodies to decorate with,Roman turned on the radio and started gathering notes for this party,who was catering,who was coming to the party and even who was cleaning up afterwards,drinks will be flowing and bbq on the back patio,gorgeous women and men all over and deff pool fun….an hour later Dean worked up and appetite and decided to make a sandwich,well you teased him about how much of a pig he was because of the mess he makes where ever he goes….Roman finishing up his converation on the phone with the caterer,when Dean walked by and smack you hard on your ass..“come on mama,clean up my mess” as he dodged into the living room…..gasping"you dirty bastard,im not cleaning up after you" as you ran after him…Dean shot down the hall and down the stairs to the garage pushing the heavy metal door open to hide from you,you caught up quick grabbing the back of his shirt,dean stopped quick in his steps and he eyeballed an amazing beastly machine,it was a vintage black challenger,it was the most amazing car,fully loaded rims chromed out,deans face washed over in white..“WHAT THE FUCK….WHERE DID HE GET THIS,HE NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT THIS”…your heart fluttered at the shock that came over dean,how his eyes widened and how he fully surrendered emotions over this car,its not like dean to get so overwhelmed..“ROM….MAN YOU GOTTA GET DOWN HERE AND SEE THIS”…..roman made his way down the stairs,his eyes opened largely and his head cocked forward in surprise..“OMG….when dis he get this?….dean responded…"i dont know but that bitch should have invited us over to see it”….Roman slinked over bending down admiring the cars beauty..“oh you know what Seth said he got his birthday gift but didnt tell me what it was,i bet this is it”….“well wth” Dean said,you had made your way over to seths motorcycle,watching the boys reaction was funny but exciting…just then,creeking came across their ears and then “slam”…..the heavy garage door shut and didnt give any of you enough time to catch it,running to the door Roman grabbed the handle…..“SHIT”…..dea6n exhaled and his head and eyes roll back onto his shoulders..“please tell me that didnt lock”…“uhhhh yup”…..“oh come oooon”….“sorry bro house is a fully secured home,once it shuts it locks”….Dean responded “thats the dumbest shit ive ever heard of,he lives in the side of a fucking mountain in the dessert why.the hell would he need something like that?”…..“hhhhh Dean its fine we will figure it out” you said as you tried finding ways to get out..Roman had his cell in his back pocket,grabbing it he started making a call..“hey set6h its ro6m,i was uh just wondering when you coming home,just give me a holler as soon as you” and then a beep his phone died as he was leaving a messege….“well guys looks like were stuck here”…Dean leaned back on the garage door…“so this is interesting”..Roman chuckled and you still sitting on the bike snickered as well…Dean looked over at you raising his browns and curling the corners of his lips downward,“now thats hot”… you piped up looking up at him “what is?”…..“you on that nasty bike”….. he rolled himself up from the wall walking over to you,Roman scavaging through tools and junk still looking for a plan not paying too much attention..“dea6n really? Im sure shes got a man”…“actually i dont” Roman looked up to see Dean with his arms folded in fromt of him in a slight bend laughing with wide eyes “ah ha ha ha,and look at that,she told you”,Roman tightened his eyes in a glare and puckered his lips at Dean ,Roman knew what Dean was thinking,and Dean made his way over to you on the bike,brushing your hair from your shouder,flirtfully you smiled and got off the bike walking to that glorious car,your mind wandered being locked in this room with these two gorgeous men and sexual tension began to build between you and Dean as you looked over at him running your fingertips along the hood of the car,Dean watching your every move and his eyes switched from your fingers to your eyes a few times entralled with how you carressed the car,ro6man looked back up from what he was doing and saw something was happening and could stop watching the chemistry between the two of you,he didnt say anything but couldnt stop watching..Dean made his way over with a snide stroll,walking behind you making petty conversation “so do you like cars?”….“cars are good for two things..driving fast and getting comfy in the back seat”…your suductively sneared as Dean was so close behind you you could feel his body heat along the whole back side of you,“hmf” he responded…looking over at Roman with a deviant smile,Roman scurried looking away shaking his head hoping Dean didn’t see him staring at the whole situation….Dean proceeded with running the backside of his hands down your arms from your elbow to wrist slowly,your stomach churned with butterflies,ending his stride to your hands grabbing them and placing them on the hood of the car bending you forward kissing your neck..“you smell incredible”,you were lightheaded with desire,Dean leaned over the back side of you wrapping his hands around your waist,his throbbing erection pressed against you…..Roman slid himself into the corner of the room where the light was dim,he couldnt help but get excited and aroused,trying not to make much noise so he wouldnt destract you both,adjusting the rising pillar in his pants he fisted it trying to control himself as he watch pleasure pour across your face…Dean lifted the back of your shirt kissing at your hips and ribs running his hands all up your sides,grabbing your waist pushing his hips into you….still bent over the car looking over your shoulder “is this all you got big boy?…dean paused leaned forward grabbing you face towards him "is that a challenge?”….“if you can handle it” you said smiling…fully worked up,Roman jumped up walking over to you guys.. looking at Dean holding himself in his hand and talking low to dean “dude not now,not here”…Dean looked down noticing his erection cupped in his hand chuckling “hehe you ok man?Roman widened his eyes rising his brows,you heard their conversation sitting up your back clear against dean raising your arms around the back of dean’s neck,you dropped one hand down sliding your fingertips into the front of Roman s jeans pulling him closer "whats wrong Roman is this all a bit much for you” as you smiled devilishly,Romans lips parted looking down at you and back up to Dean ,Dean bobbed his eyebrows up and down a couple times smiling at Roman …Roman knew this wasnt something that happends ever, but he couldnt stop himself or the situation nor did he want to,you turned towards Roman looking at Dean pulling romans shirt up to coax him into taking it off,dean seemed fine with everything he always had that “you only live once mentality”….Roman took his shirt off still a bit sketchy with it all,you ran your hands up his chest as Dean kissed your neck grabbing at your breast from behind,you grabbed Roman by the back of the neck pulling him in for a kiss except he didnt kiss he just stood there in shock gazing into your eyes,you wanted his attention so you extended your tongue and curled it across his lips slowly wetting them,pulling away just a hair to see his reaction,he licked his lips tasting your lip gloss and feeling the slickness on his lips from your saliva,he couldnt help it he had to have more,he forcfully slid his hands into your hair pulling you in for the kill laying his tongue deep inside your mouth,Dean looked up to to see how bad rom6an wanted you,Dean had alil more control at this moment and decided its been a long time for Roman he will let him get some attention,Dean pulled away smiling as you and Roman s tongues danced and you stroked him through his jeans,undressing himself and watching,Dean was quite turned on and actually loved watching you two….dean stayed back for a few min as he slowly stroked himself,Roman on the other hand was unleashed and wasnt backing down,he grabbed you by your waist picking you up and dropping you onto the hood as it slightly dent in,Dean from just a few feet away"easy boy dont want to mess up that paint job",Roman turned his head towards Dean as strands of hair fell over his face,looking up like a lions disruption to his dinner,with that dark eyes glaring out of the corners of them he whirled up yhe corner of his mouth into a smile,Dean still stroking himself pressing his tongue to the inside bottom lip joying the view,Roman proceeded and clawed at your pants ripping at them down your legs as you removed your top and bra,you were so ready to be taken it hurt…,you laid back on the car deep into the palms of your hands as Roman slid you down towards him,nipping at your nipples like sweet berries,he slid his hand between your thighs and you opened your legs wider,sliding his large finger up and down on your clit,the wetness assured him that he knew what he was doing was right for you,Roman turned his hand just enough to slide his long slender finger inside you,you exhaled deep and your breathing in your chest made your breast go up and down as he worked his tongue around your nipple,going in and out of you he couldnt help but to want to hear you cum,he lowered himself to the concrete floor spreading your pink lips apart,with one long stride you shuttered and let out a moan…Dean was well worked up even slowing himself so he could get in on the action,Dean walked over to get a closer look,you were so in the moment all you could do is open your eyes moaning to Dean ,the early drip of cum surfaced from the tip of him as Roman worked his toungue around you,“you gonna share this meal with me killer?”….Roman looked up his beard glistened with your wetness as he wiped it away smiling at Dean , Roman sat back on his heels still smiling"man i cant hold out to much longer its been quite a while",you caught your breath and made your way to your feet pulling Roman up towards you,he stood and you helped him undo his pants..Dean keeping his hands busy over his shaft,you dropped to your knees taking each one of them in your hands stroking them,you couldnt help but to bite your lip and you watched these two boys at your mercy,by the the size and hardness of their cocks they were begging for release,you let go of Dean and double handed Roman wrapping your lips around him,he needed it bad,Dean picked you up from the waist from behind you standing you to your feet,still bent down sucking and sliding up and down on Romans hard wet cock,the wet noises made them want you more,Dean lined himself up to you and slowly made his way in,you paused your slight slurps catching air as Dean sunk deep inside you..“uh ”….continuing on Roman your hands and mouth were full of hot samoan meat,with every thrust Dean gave you your lips and grip tightened on Roman ,Dean began to pick up pace as his knees slightly bent to get just the right angle on you,your moans grew louder and the vibration of your hums made a fire in Romand stomach he was so close and Dean pounding harder on you puched you forward deep throating roman each time,Dean found his rythmn and couldnt hold out he fell over the back of your with a tight grip around your waist lowly speaking in to your ear..“im gonna cum baby,you want me to cum inside you?”….thinking for a split second about you birth control and how you should be fine….you pulled your lipd away just enough to respond…“yeaaah i want you to cum i inside my wet pussy”…hearing this made Dean pump harder and your moans made Roman shutter as you clench around him harder,Dean groaned loudly as he pounded into you “uhhhh fuuuuuuck”,Roman hearing Dean cum made him cum as well as you milked him into your throat swallowing hard,Romand eyes still clenched ad he relaxed his jaw,de5an panting over the back of you as you turned to lay across the hood of the car,it was just moment when you worked your way up to your hands and Dean peeled himself off your back pulling out of you,you didn’t finish and you werent letting these boys off the hook,you climbed up on the hood laying your back to the cold windshield,spreading your legs looking back and forth between the two warn men,they watched you as you began to circle your fingertip across your clit,Dean looked over at rom6an with a smirk and his tongue hanging to his lower lip,Roman smiled back shrugging for another round,they both looked back at you as you dipped your middle finger into your cum filled slit then licking,this pleased Dean and turned Roman on once again,you grabbed Deans tshirt that layed on the hood wiping yourself with it and tossing it back at Dean “heres a souvenir ?”… smiled and winked…Roman made his way to the side of the car,noticing the key hanging in the ignition,Roman popped up in a strong stance looking at Dean smiling with his mouth open,“he left the keys in it”…“no shit”….from the front of the car they heard you..“are you boys gonna squirt over the car or are you gonna come over here and get a real ride”..raising their brows ateach other….“that sounds like she needs to be shown how to ride” de5an said,Roman wasnt having you leave without being satisfied,they both walked back over Dean cupping himself,Roman already almost back to the erection he had,you stood between them as they looked at you like vultures,licking each palm you grabbed them in your hands again,it didnt take much to turn them on as you flicked your thumbs over the head of both of their dicks,Roman wasnt playing anymore as he jerked you up in mid air and held you as he slid you down on him,and Dean was going to let this pass and not get in on it,Dean licked his thumb pressing it against your back opening,the size of Roman made you cry out in sweet surrender,Dean made sure you were well lubed because he was getting it too,he pulled at Romans elbows downward to signal him,Roman lowered you in a slight squat and dean guided his shaft inside you as well….the pain was full of hot pleasure but you wanted it so bad,the feeling of both of them inside you was overwhelming but satisfying as the both glided in and out of you in diff rythms you quickly found yourself shaking and lightheaded,Dean didnt have much to hold onto for bracing himself so he laced his arms up through romans and wrapped his hands over our shoulders,quickly this made them realize their pace and how it was working and the perfected their thrust inside you just right,your yelps echoed through the garage and your pulsing pussy brought them both back to their climax,bodies moistening with sweaty dew and moans eating at every emotion your nails dug into Romans shoulders and Dean with his cheek pressed against you moaning loudly as he gasped shallowly with each thrust…Romans deep calls brought you to a weak grip…Dean couldnt hold it he had to release..“uhhh uhhhh uhhhh oh fuck me…feeling Dean pulsing cock rub against his through your walls Roman too had to finish but before he could even thrust harder Dean glided slower and longer which brought you to ecstasy "oh god oh god yeaaaahhhhh” as you finished Roman pounded out his climax as well clenching his jaw as his forhead met yours he looked you in the eye with deep focus and his eyes weakened to a grimace across his face..“GRRRMMMMMMMM”…the lion let out a closed mouth roar,Dean not able to hold himself in that stance anymore he fell back to the car in a sweat..“omg this cant be real”….Roman finishing out his last wave of strides inside you you fell limp over him like a used dish cloth,ro5man knew you had no energy to hold yourself up,he took a few steps over to the car setting you down in pain,his legs were on fire,suddenly they heard a car pull up,it was seth and the catering truck following behind,Dean could see through the crack of the garage door,“fuck its Seth ….and catering”….“shit omg here heres your pants get dressed"all three of you scurried trying not to make too much noise…Seth entered the house talking to the catering guy.."i guess just set the food over on This counter….Roman?…hellloooo Rom ?”……uh Seth yea down here",as Roman checked to make sure you were all dressed….“WHAT,WTF ARE YOU DOING IN THE GARAGE?” “Dean was being an ass,ran down here,found this(signaling the amazing automotive) he called me down to show me and bam the door slammed shut”..i resent that" dean responded…..“ooooh yea you like that Deany boy huh?” Propping the door open walking over to the car…..“wait wtf is this,WHYYY IS THERE HANDPRINTS ALL OVER……IS THAT AN ASS PRINT?….lookin over at you,"wait who are you?”….dean wrappin his arm around your neck,this is the decorator"….“decorator?for what?”……..Roman dropped his head shaking it not surprised by any of this,he began to explain the whole story…and from there Seth didnt get any happier until the party got bumpin!

my break means i have time for. the chess silent hill au but not . other people


‘What would they play?’ Life is Strange Ver.

Wowzers im actually capable of continuing a series. Here’s a lil extra:

edit: ^^^^dw thats not jefferson guys sorry if samuel looks like him :’D he’d play a much more fucked up game ofc…

More from this stupid idea: 

-Gintama ver

twins? no tripplets ? no uh oh god


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punkrockpan  asked:

🔥 unpopular greg opinion?

oh man thats actually a hard one because i think im in the same boat as most people?

but uhhhh… i dont wish he lived in the temple. i think steven should live with greg for sure but honestly greg seems so at home in his van i dont want to displace him… let steven live in the van and they can go on cool roadtrips together

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hey a genuine question. i dont call arcade my husband (or veronica my wife), but as a nb person, would that be ok or not ok? because. im not a girl OR a guy.

this is a VERY long answer so short answer: i dont know shit my anon. i dont know FUCK.

long answer: if you mean “not okay” as in homophobic, since well, thats what i was getting at with the ask about women calling arcade their husband, i wouldnt really know and im not sure if anyone actually knows. homophobia is rooted in the binary genders, theres not really a word for specifically phobia against Nonbinary people, if you think about it. i actually have issues with my own gender and use they/them or he/him when i can, and i know some gay men or lesbians are fine dating NB….BUT some NB use non-gendered pronouns like they/them or xe/xem, while others do use gendered pronouns like he/him or she/her. and i know some gays/lesbians dont date NB people at all because they see it as bisexuality/pansexuality!

ive thought about this before lol, trust me, but shipping NB characters or being NB attracted to more then one gender, its like a limbo of confusion. Being NB is pretty much the definition of ambiguity because of our language. (english) language is trying to catch up for centuries of binaries, sometimes there isnt definite answers for these gray areas. a LOT of bi people ive met (and myself) are actually pan, but you know, because of our language its kinda been stunted and the terms are being used interchangeably. same with bi/pan people who use the word “gay” for endearment towards someone whos the same gender (ie i am so gay for joshua), because there isnt really a specific term for that special feeling of coming to terms with your own attraction towards the same gender and accepting it, and loving that feeling, and being HAPPY about it, so people use it as an umbrella term.

man sorry for a totally fucking mini lesson on words here, but language is cool though. there may be a word for people who are attracted to men+NB and women+NB, people who are attracted to all, ect ect but its just not english! some languages might not even have a word for gay or lesbian or bi, they just have one word for attraction that isnt f/m! a real linguist would do better, and im only 23 so take what i with a grain of salt.

i think its, kind of a case-by-case thing. im just worried about people creating like… for example, a NB courier who uses she/her gendered pronounce and ships her with arcade because its cornering people into either discrediting NB who use gendered pronouns and claiming its homophobic or, well, not, and letting this sort of pseudo-homophobia pass. this is what happens with gray areas and “spectrums”, you get loopholes!!! i personally think that the “spectrum” is useful but can overcomplicate things. if youre using gendered pronouns as a NB, you need to understand that you will be associated as that gender because thats why non-gendered pronouns exist, to NOT be associated with gender. so like, you know? if you use pronouns that are gendered as female and call a gay male character your husband, maybe dont, if youre trying to be respectful to gay men anyway, and if you use non-gendered pronounce… well idk, i dont really feel like its “bad”, but i cant say its “okay” either. its just a “maybe?” dont feel bad or scared about not having an answer or being ambiguous though, there are other people who feel the same way.