im actually kinda curious as to how it started

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How did 5sos fuck up? ive stopped stanning them ages ago and kpop has overtook my life im curious to know why you unstanned x

well it all kinda started with the rolling stones article where they fucked up so bad, there was a big drama and a lot of people left the fandom after that. then the girlfriends drama started, all with arzaylea being problematic and stuff, like later she actually stopped being like that and kept quiet but it all was kinda tense. they started talking shit in interviews, like they really weren’t thinking about what they are talking. like i remember a lot of people being pissed at ashton for saying some problematic things (i really don’t remember the exact things he said but there was some drama about it as well). also then they just left us hanging and waiting for them to do anything. like i understand them having a break and resting but it’s been taking too long. and at some point i just had enough of hearing only about them talking about their relationships instead of music and stuff, like i didn’t care about their love, private life but that was the only thing you saw. then (not long ago) there was this big big drama when arz and luke broke up and she exposed him so bad that people really stopped stanning them. she exposed them as people and it all looked bad and ofc they didn’t do anything about it as well. you know, all their crappy behavior, it all came out. and people got tired of it i guess. like the only one who was normal, drama free guy was calum, he literally just took care of his dog, tweeting from time to time and that’s all. i think they changed a lot, they took their fame for granted and it had way too big influence on them. and you know, it’s been two years and we still know nothing about their new album. we only know about how they party and stuff about their relationships, like really that’s not what i was there for. so basically yeah, that’s what they did in my point of view. they never met the consequences of their actions after they did something wrong, they never learnt, never educated themselves not to make the same mistakes again, and that’s how people unstanned them, basically.

Dante Basco is a creative consultant for “Homestuck 2.0″!

(Relevant part of the video is from 6:51 - 7:21, transcription below):


DANTE: “I recently signed on as a creative consultant for a fandom that I’m very much a part of called Homestuck. Becoming part of the team in helping to conjure up what Homestuck 2.0 is gonna be and bringing it to television or digital content, and a new game’s coming out that we’re–

INTERVIEWER: “You said it started as a webcomic?

DANTE: “Started as a webcomic seven years ago, and Rufio is actually in the webcomic!


DANTE: “That’s how I got involved. I’m helping them– I’m bringing kinda Homestuck to Hollywood.