im actually kinda curious as to how it started

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have you ever done a tutorial on how you do your edits? they always look so amazing and im just curious to know how you plan for them or how you decide on the backgrounds and colors? how do you choose what to crop and which silhouette to add and stuff.?

I have done some tutorials you can find them HERE. If you want a tutorial on a specific edit, I can do that too (I’m actually thinking of maybe making tutorial videos, but I’m not sure yet how exactly I want to do that sooo…)

As for some general tips:

It always depends on what kinda edit you want to make.

For example with something like this you would start with a theme and then go looking for pics that fit with that theme (I like to look on pinterest or weheartit, you could also use google) Sometimes the theme will also give you an idea for a color - with this one I knew i wanted it to be night soooo dark blue. And for this one I just tried a couple psd’s until I found one I liked :)

If you want to make a screencap picspam like this you first need some screencaps - are all good places to look for caps. With those I mostly use color palettes - i find them at - but I only use two different colors from a palette, or sometimes even just one color  and then work with highlights and shadows like here. Or use the whole color palette like I did here.

And with an edit like this you just need a bunch of textures and png’s - you can look through my favourites on deviantart for a general idea : textures png  - and then just…experiment…that doesn’t sound like a very good tip but honestly it’s a trial and error thing cause every edit is different and there’s a thousand ways to make something pretty and over time you just find out what works.

I don’t know how helpful any of this was so if there are any more questions my askbox is open and I always love to help. <3

Dante Basco is a creative consultant for “Homestuck 2.0″!

(Relevant part of the video is from 6:51 - 7:21, transcription below):


DANTE: “I recently signed on as a creative consultant for a fandom that I’m very much a part of called Homestuck. Becoming part of the team in helping to conjure up what Homestuck 2.0 is gonna be and bringing it to television or digital content, and a new game’s coming out that we’re–

INTERVIEWER: “You said it started as a webcomic?

DANTE: “Started as a webcomic seven years ago, and Rufio is actually in the webcomic!


DANTE: “That’s how I got involved. I’m helping them– I’m bringing kinda Homestuck to Hollywood.