im actually just upset at how well this works

hey guys ive seen some things going around and people getting upset over people stealing art and gifs and I’ve had this problem happen to me about once a week(and this is just from stuff i see being reblogged on my dash who’s to know about the amount my work is actually being misattributed)

anyways i’m p much an expert in this so i know how to handle this fairly well so i’m going to explain what I do(also im killing two birds with one stone bc i just found another repost of one of my gifs)

1. first i’ll message the person that stole the post very nicely saying that it’s my own original work and I would like for them to take it down and then i’ll link them to my original post so if they really want it on their blogs, they can reblog it

2. if either i get no response or they refuse to take my work down, tumblr has this cool new thing where you can report the post itself and tumblr staff will work to get it taken down (and it actually works???)

So on the post click this botton

and then select “flag this post” and from there follow along answering the questions they have as so

note: if it isnt your work that’s being taken make sure to message the person who’s work is being taken so they can handle it!

provide a link to the original post and then submit it

also make sure that the email you signed up with tumblr is the same email so you can respond to their email if they have any further questions!

most of the time tumblr will email be back a couple of days later asking where I got the post or how I made it and then once you say that its yours they’ll email back in a couple of days with the post taken down from the persons blog! it may not be ideal but they do work with you and its better than arguing with a person over your art!