im actually happy how these came out :)

prue13-blog replied to your post “wait like lost boys the 1987 movie lost boys? im,,,,,,,,,,, in lmao…”

This movie came out the year I was born ��

Happy 30!    And, if you haven’t, you should go watch it.  Not for the plot, but for this….

it’s funny, because with dramione a bunch of jerks who hate the ship are always, “You only like the pairing because of Tom Felton!” and Tom, who I am sure is a lovely man, does not actually do it for me in any way and I’m always, “No!  This is about the story and the dynamic and how dare you!”  But I freely admit this new one I’m writing is all because I think Dwayne is hot and I have bad, bad thoughts.  Bad.  

on today’s episode: yung discovers you can make halftones in photoshop

i’ve started fucking around with my style a bit, i wanna shake a bunch of habits i’ve developed
first and foremost i wanna shake my tendency to draw perfectly round heads because i’ve come to realise that i actually don’t like that all that much and i’m honestly pretty chuffed with how this came out as an attempt to deviate from that
this background was an accident but it was a happy one


my final piece for my graphics a level course back in may; a quick 3 page comic. the theme was ‘boxes’, so i decided to base it around the idea of gender being on a spectrum, rather than two separate boxes!

this was actually my first time making a comic, so it might not flow super smoothly, and the words may be a little cringe worthy, but i’m still happy with how it came out.

(read from left to right)

Inktober day 4 - Underwater - Angel the Siren

First time singing and luring someone to their death by yourself? No problem. The guilty conscience will ease up eventually… probably 


mistrel-fox created an awesome crossover with gf and fma, also did these amazing drawings. Oh man the ideas are so great.

With the twins losing both of their limbs, I imagined GrunkleStan being the suit of armor and well….. I got waaay too deep into this.


and it’s all your fault MISTREL


VIXX - How they react to handjobs

“How would VIXX react when you are giving them handjobs (would they be vocal/submissive/sweet/dirty-talkers and so on ^_^)”

(A/N: I’m writing this whilst listening through Kratos for the first time lmao rip me; also Good Night & Good Morning made me cry ??? like actual liquid came out my face ????? I HATE BEING WONSIK BIASED WHY DID HE SING AND WHY DID HE SPEAK ALL LOW WHY DID HE DO THAT TO ME SOMEONE SEND HELP BC YA GIRL IS GON E. Also my lil binglebong go so many more lines im sO haPPY FINALLY JELPI)


Hakyeon: At the beginning I think Hakyeon would be pretty vocal, but more like he’d probably be giving you some kinda slight directions like “fuck (Y/N) faster, yes, like that omg”. But once you’re doing it exactly how he liked, he’d be a handsy lil shit, so expect him to be, uh, returning the favour to you at the same time.

Taekwoon: Leo is always difficult bc like, whereas he’s shy and quiet af on camera, I think he could be fairly dominant in the bedroom. The boy’s like two minds in one body so I think he’d probably vary. Majority of the time I think he’d be kinda quiet, not really vocal, but more breathy, letting out long sighs of your name. But expect his face to be buried in the crook of your neck leaving mad hickies for the world to see. 

Jaehwan: I picture Jaehwan as being preeeetty submissive honestly, but not like completely. He’d be vocal, but not really dirty talking, more just praise, though he would get pretty sweary. Depending on how you were both positioned obv I think he’d pretty much just melt; head back, eyes closed, with a huge blissful smile spread across his face.

Wonsik: DefiniTELY a dirty talker like omg, like he’d be telling you just how well you’re doing and how much he likes it, all whilst being very vERY sweary. Expect some pretty intense tongue kissing and lip biting too tbh. He’d let out some loW AF moans too like jfc, or really just one really low, drawn out “fuuuuuuuuuck” as he tilts his head back. 

Hongbin: I feel like our shy little bean would be pretty quiet at first, but the closer he got to finishing, he’d turn into a total mess. An ‘eyes screwed shut, probably whimpering your name mess’. Afterwards he’d feel almost obliged to repay all your hard word all whilst praising you for how you make him feel. He’d probably never take his lips off yours the entire time.

Sanghyuk: Hyuk will always be a baby to me but he’s apparently pretty experienced with the ladies so I think he’d probably be one of the more vocal ones. He’d wanna get you off too, so he’d be taking care of your needs at the same time. The closer he got to finishing I think he’d get pretty loud and his moves w his fingers on you would get rougher.