im actually considering it too

So anyways…None of the Voltron Paladins are neurotypical. 

None of them. 

Pidge and Keith are autistic

Lance has ADHD and possibly depression

Hunk has anxiety

Shiro has PTSD

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10 songs I’m currently into:

Florence & the Machine – Galaxy of the Lost (cover from Lightspeed Champion)

Lana Del Rey – Lucky Ones

Amy Winehouse – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow ? (cover from The Shirelles)

Pink Martini – Aspettami

Billie Holiday – Comes Love

Eartha Kitt – Lola Lola

The Platters – Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Murray Gold – Song of Captivity and Freedom (from the Doctor Who OST, fight me)

Fakear – When The Night Comes

The Blackstones – Trouble Town

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ok rant. I haven’t done anything but reblog pjo/hoo posts, but never really posted anything about them, but let me just express my emotions towards this drama this fandom has been doing.. REYNA IS STRAIGHT IN RIORDAN’S POV, IT ISN’T IN YOURS DONT SHIT YOUR PANTS SMH.
People, those are literally his books, he can twist the characters as he likes, he didn’t want Reyna to go that route because when she was rejected by a guy, he didn’t want the people to think that he’s some stereotypical asshole for setting her with a woman, for fucks sake calm down everyone. He has done nothing wrong. Why are you guys so offended? It’s a headcanon. A HEADCANON. THERE'S NO CANON THING ABOUT HER SEXUALITY CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

“This way you won’t miss your wings anymore.”

“I don’t need wings when I already have you, Dean.”

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We know that there has been some tension, certain events that everyone regrets – although some regret them more than others

(Companion piece to the Tamika linked above and also kind of related to this.)


i wanna edit for myself first before i continue your requests i hope u guys dont mind (im also closed for now jesus christ i got too many haha)

anyway, i tried to change his hair color and its style and oh my god, he looks so …different? lol no not really no…i think.. and good lord this hair, uugh this hair is so cool, like it gives him the sexy wet look or something like that haha, wat. and his eyes turned to violet/indigo-ish because of all the layers i used haha .-. yes i blame those….. im actually considering this hair color too, who knows, we’ll see


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