im abt to fall asleep

told The Babe i was making pasta with a mushroom garlic sauce for dinner 2nite , while i was @ the store buying ingredients i was like oh.. i need a nice bread to tie this shit off , picked up a freshly baked ~ pugliese loaf and they offered to slice it for me - immediately the devil in me said “yes please.” now im home , and stuffed 2 the gills w/ sliced bread. she’s gonna be home in 30 mins and i havent even prepped anything lmao im abt to fall asleep i am so full of bread !!!!!!!

i just realized if nathaniel was an in-game companion, at some point someone on the nexus would inevitably make a “better nathaniel” mod and make him into a pasty-ass generic pretty white guy and give him that godawful undercut they love to put on every male companion and i swear the thought alone has already taken five years off my life