im abt to fall asleep

one thing ive noticed is like, the more out of it i am the less i give a fuck, and thatsd probably cary over with me being tiny

for example: i am fifty shades of fucked up rn on sickness, sleep deprivation, and allergy meds. im abt to go fall asleep/into a coma for like 12 hours. and?? usually im super paranoid abt being seen ESP when getting food but i jus. strolled into the kitchen. got an armful of honeybuns. my grandpa was there i didnt care theyre my honeybuns ill eat the entire box if i wanna i shoulD have gotten the whole box ANYWAY

if i was 2 inches tall and livin in a humans walls?? itd be the same. picture me, two inch self just marching out, spaced out as fucj, finding a honeybun as big as me, “suh dude” and just taking it. the whole honeybun. i lov honeybuns. all sense of secrecy is out the window when im in a state like this and i want honeybuns

im the most paranoid and quiet borrower until i get as tired as i am rn, and when i get how i am rn all that exists is my 2 inch tall self’s passionate love for honeybuns

anonymous asked:

so are you saying that ace+het people still have the issue of dealing with denied housing and jobs because of their sexuality? because your status on how much you have sex shouldn't be an open topic, for one, and not only that they aren't truly being oppressed besides by people they open up about it. i understand they still get shit but they aren't getting oppressed or killed for not being hetronormative with their sex lives.

this is always the go-to, isnt it? god i hate this fucking argument so much because its this disingenuous copypaste that ive heard from every single fucking exclusionist alive. 

first off, to address this “how much you have sex” shit PLEASE GOD *STOP FUCKING SEXUALIZING ACES* ITS *NOT* ABOUT THE SEX THEY ARE OR ARENT HAVING, THATS NOT THE ISSUE! i cannot believe im still seeing this, the idea that by identifying yourself as ace youre somehow “bringing sex into it” rather than specifically embracing your identity and the feelings and issues it brings with it is awful, and reeks of the same shit people did to gay and lesbian folks back in the day by trying to make their identity inherently sexual. its not. its just an identity. please, please god stop.

secondly, you really wanna bring up the idea that…you arent oppressed…unless you bring it up? okay, well, alright, i guess all closeted lgbt+ people arent oppressed. ever. thats your standpoint, right? thats what youre talking about? okay glad we’re all on the same page here now because surely you must realize what a stupid fucking point that was.

now, before i address your main point, which has been regurgitated word-for-fucking-word eight hundred thousand times, im gonna really try and get this across for what is probably the fifth time tonight: *not all oppression is the same.* this idea that there’s this…benchmark of oppression, like “you have to have THIS and THIS and THAT done to you for your identity and it has to be EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU for you to be REALLY oppressed, otherwise youre just faking and you dont DESERVE to be a member of the community” is so fucking weird and im not sure how we got here? like i get that we’ve all hurt, and it’s easy to get angry that others who have hurt, but haven’t hurt as _much_(in our minds), are wanting to have access to a safe space as well, but yknow what? itd be super fucked up if black people had told lgbt+ people that because we hadn’t experienced slavery as a group, we weren’t _really_ oppressed, and we shouldnt say that we were or are. like. thatd be really fucked up? and its the same sort of thing, not exactly, but its close. its “you arent having this and this done to you, so you’re not _really_ oppressed, stop saying that you are.” 

finally, lets talk abt this shit, this…housing…jobs…whatever…im falling asleep just barely reciting it…anyway. yknow, i doubt it. i do doubt that theres a whole lot of aspec people out there who are getting denied that kind of thing, it IS easier to hide that youre aspec in those kinds of situations. it’s probably happened, i wouldn’t be surprised, but, no, i don’t think it’s a widespread problem. if i have followers who could provide statistics, thatd be fantastic, currently im fucking exhausted and do not have the strength of will to both argue with these people and go through pages and pages of google to find obscure stats like that. yknow what does happen though? abuse. corrective rape. general mistreatment from both “regular” straight folk and from those within the community - thankfully, most of that latter bit is confined to this hellsite, as exclusionists aren’t beloved by most offline - which i feel are pretty fucking disgusting, and familiar, reactions to someones identity. no, they dont experience every single disgusting thing that happens to me as a trans person, or somebody else as a gay person, but fuck - i dont experience everything that happens to someone else as a gay person. nor does he experience everything that happens to me. i dont experience all disgusting things that happen to aspec people either? just because its different or more contained doesnt mean that its less worthy or some shit? 

idk if that’ll change your mind but i hope youre at least a little less. whatever the fuck you were before sending this. 

told The Babe i was making pasta with a mushroom garlic sauce for dinner 2nite , while i was @ the store buying ingredients i was like oh.. i need a nice bread to tie this shit off , picked up a freshly baked ~ pugliese loaf and they offered to slice it for me - immediately the devil in me said “yes please.” now im home , and stuffed 2 the gills w/ sliced bread. she’s gonna be home in 30 mins and i havent even prepped anything lmao im abt to fall asleep i am so full of bread !!!!!!!

A list of the recorded times ur fav revolutionaries cried that I have come across while doing research for this paper about camille

- upon hearing of Gabrielle’s death (lost source for this)
- probably that time a bull almost killed him when he was like 3
- 1793, along the Seine with Camille (claretie 249)
- he MAY have teared up at Mirabeau’s death but don’t quote me

- Saint Just has no tears, only salt, fervor, and gorgeous hair

- I have no accounts, but there is little doubt in my mind that Maxime cried, especially in the later years of the revolution. but only in private.

- at his own wedding (methley 127) (claretie 139)
- during his speech at the Cafe du Foy in 1789 (methley 62)
- upon hearing the sentence passed on the girondists (claretie 248)
- those last days in prison, many times, while thinking about Lucile and Horace (source: everything ever)

I’m sure I could drag up some more on people that aren’t camille but im literally abt to fall asleep rn so this’ll have to do

i just realized if nathaniel was an in-game companion, at some point someone on the nexus would inevitably make a “better nathaniel” mod and make him into a pasty-ass generic pretty white guy and give him that godawful undercut they love to put on every male companion and i swear the thought alone has already taken five years off my life