im about to get so high

played comp with The Boys for at least 4 hours (it’s 4am rn) and now i’m back up to my season high ✌️✌️✌️

ummm give me a summer vacation plot where muse a just graduated high school and is bummed to be sticking around in her dumb quiet little hometown, so she gets a job at the local WATERPARK/CARNIVAL or what have you. and on her first day she runs into BUM BUM muse b aka the boy/girl/etc she had a crush on all throughout high school  !!!  (  they graduated a year or two before and are back in town for the summer  )  only muse a never told muse b about their feelings back then because maybe they were always in a relationship  (  MAYBE THEIR OLD S/O HATED MUSE A’S GUTS  )  think of all the awkward blushing because damn her crush on them is back in full swing and them working and hanging out more and maybe muse b starts reciprocating ??? maybe not ?? but the worst part is muse a only has until the end of the summer to figure it out

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hello i just followed you and i just wanted to say your art is beautiful.. and id like to ask you if you have any tips or advice to someone who quite literally just started drawing and is complete shit at it ( me )... i hope you reply

well… for starters hiya your wish has been granted im answering lmao

But in seriousness… because I started out so early in my life I never really thought about what steps to take to get to where I am now. For a long time I just drew what I wanted, didn’t have much ambition to do it as a job or really as a passion. I just wanted to do things that I knew nobody else would that were in my interest, and it wasn’t until I was finished high school that I really started to think on it.

I don’t think anybody is “shit at” art. I know a lot of artists say that there’s a starting point, and there is, but they also try really hard to assure everyone that they can get to that level. I’ve had a lot of people come to me telling me that they can’t even draw a stick figure or a circle, both of which I don’t believe and feel like throwing a chair over, but I digress.

If you feel passionate to learn, then learn. I was self taught, I only really ever took aspects from artists I loved and the slow burn to understand anatomy came from a lot of conversations with art friends about ‘does this look good’ and them sketching over what I can fix. That’s how I went from really skinny figures in 2010 to now. Something I think helps is doing 1 sketch per day of anything you want. Start with that for a month, make it your monthly goal to have 30 sketches. Then the next month try two or three sketches a day, maybe play around with color whether it’s digital or traditional. Experiment with how you shape your faces, try new body types and poses, and even if they don’t look good to you now you’ll no doubt look back on it years from now and think “what the heck I do so much better now”. 

Work on it. Steal printing paper from school or your parent’s office, blow twenty dollars on a pencil crayon set you know you’ll never use after the first few weeks and then find years later in the back of your closet and admire the way the black still gives you a sense of deep emotional gothic charm. 

Do what you want, strive to one day be able to draw something that someone else might want to make fanart of.

Don’t give up, because if you give up then what was the point of trying to begin with?

man, i don’t mean to vent. but on top of rose’s medical issues (which will be resolved soon, we’re halfway to goal!!!) my old dog lucy is not doing too hot either.

luckily, my uncle is a vet for cats and dogs so he treats her for free, but she tweaked her back again and is in so much pain… she can walk but i had to carry her outside to pee and carry her around.  we got meds for her and shes sleeping fine and not panting and shaking anymore.  she’s the “family” dog so when i was gone moved away she lived here, and my parents mean well but they have no idea about proper diets for senior dogs or anything.

im looking to get her some hip and joint supplements and changing her diet to a high quality senior formula.  do any of you doggo owners have any reccommendations? id love to hear them.

so not bird related, but the old lady needs some help too. thanks friends. xo

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like i made it before your honor/the slaughterhouse aired, so i must have known that episode 21 was called THE BANK JOB and that jake and rosa were gonna be in trouble but for some reason my brain didn’t put it together that they would be framed for ROBBING A BANK (i also didn’t think they would actually end up going to jail at that point ah ha ha……)

viktor “dropped his entire career and moved to a different country because a cute boy talked to him once” nikiforov

yuuri “im a pork cutlet bowl fatale that enthralls men” katsuki

yuri “my entire plan for finding victor nikiforov is to show up in japan, unannounced, and periodically yell his name in public” plisetsky

christophe “literally ejaculates during performances as a high-level competitive athlete” giacometti

phichit “so into a movie he dedicated an entire season of his athletic career to it” chulanont 

otabek “i really want this guy to be my friend, better tell him ive been thinking about his eyes since we were kids” altin 

georgi “dressed up as ben stiller from zoolander in an attempt to get his ex-girlfriend back” popovich

jean-jacques “i have a lower-back tattoo of my own fucking initials” leroy

i could go on but what im trying to ask is….why are all yuri on ice characters like this

  • casting director: so do you have a monologue prepared?
  • me: yeah.. hey, can i borrow your chair?
  • casting director: i guess..?
  • me: thanks. *sits down, placing hands in lap* oh, can i borrow someone's notepad too?
  • director: sure..
  • me: thanks again. *sits back down, taking position with notepad in right hand and inhales*
  • have you prayed tonight, desdemona

So, I own a second-hand copy of the Vampire Companion by Katherine Ramsland, and there are maps in the back showing all the in-universe stuff takes place! I thought I’d throw them out there in case anyone wants a point of reference when figuring out stuff.

Shameless Preferences 8- Dating Carl would inculde

Dating your favourite military boy would include:

  • Making sure he stays out of trouble 
  • Being the one he calls at 2 in the morning when Monica passes away
  • Supporting him in everything he does, even Military school
  • wearing his hoodies all the time
  • “I love you princess”
  • Him treating you like you are the only girl in the world
  • Getting into more than one fight with his slut ex
  • Amazing “I miss you” Sex when he comes home
  • Getting high and watching Family guy or futurama 
  • Talking about the future that Carl makes sure you understand your in
  • “Fi, im not just going for myself, im going for her. She deserves everything and I want to be the man to give it all to her, I love her and i want to be better for her
  • Wearing his extra army hat 
  • Facetime calls and and skype calls whenever you can
  • Being so proud of him for getting out, for being smart 
  • Realizing just how much you love this boy
  • Living at the Gallagher house more than your own.
  • Taking care of Liam and helping lip
  • Cuddles,lots of cuddles,
  • Forehead kisses
  • His fucking smile when he sees you
  • Standing on your tip toes to kiss him
  • Listening to Carl mumble things about you in your sleep 
  • Being the biggest Gallavich shipper in the world
  • Being best friends with Mandy
  • Carl loving you for who you are, wanting you for everything you are 
  • “I don’t care that you have scars, I dont care what you have done in the past because that doesn’t mean shit to me. What means something to me is you, us and going forward with you. Im in love with you when you have a messy bun and my sweats on, Ill be in love with you when you have tears rolling down your face that I have to kiss away, Ill be in love with you through it all babygirl”

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honestly jason todd’s death was awful for so many reasons but one of those reasons was the blatant classism of it. jason was a street kid; he was snarky and defensive, sympathized with victims and pointed out flaws in the justice system. it made his robin very complex. but people were used to batman and robin being from high society, and were uncomfortable with this, so they had this 15 year old kid brutally murdered and replaced him with a genius upperclass boy. don’t get me wrong tim is my son and great as robin, i’m just angry about this

donghyuck to mark after high school rapper:

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what is this madness he is not ready

Day 1: My room turned into a ocean. I swear I found fishes and sharks swarming into my lungs. Or maybe that was the remains of you trying not to escape but desperately needing to
Day 2: You weren’t at school today and I should’ve been happy, I was more sad
Day 3: I thought I was ready to move on, then I saw you with her.
Day 4: We haven’t spoken in days now. My mind thinks its being shoved off a cliff.
Day 5: I wish it would just hit the bottom
Day 6: This will be the first weekend we dont hang out. I know you’ll be seeing her and I know youll be smiling without me. I’m trying hard to learn how to too
Day 7: I asked you for help on a history assignment and you replied with “Ask Amber im busy”. I texted back: “Tell Emma I said hi”
Day 8: You posted a video with her on the only social media site you have. When I saw it I erupted. I spewed lava every where, oh god its every where
Day 9: My mom made me sleep next to her on the couch. She was afraid I would try and do something like I did two years ago when another guy tore up my heart. I actually had thought about it
Day 10: I slept in your sweatshirt one last time so i can feel myself engulfed in you. I know you wanted them back so I had to feel you and smell you one last time.
Day 11: I gave you all of your stuff back and you thought I looked like a warrior but really I went home and tried getting you out of my bloodstream
Day 12: when will my eyes stop flowing?
Day 13: I snuck out with a boy and smoked weed on his couch. He talked about love and how much it hurt. I only pictured you.
Day 14: I woke up next to that same boy and I woke up screaming. The boy was worried and confused but I knew why I screamed. I imagined you laying with another girl on your couch. I ran out of his house so fast you’d think Id be better at running from you.
Day 15: Its spring break and im with my best friend and your with her and i swear i can feel you tracing her spine the way you used to trace mine
Day 16: I ignored your birthday and it felt worse than the puking i did that night
Day 17: Im treading icy water while you’re swimming away from me, I guess I just hope you’ll loop around and find your way back to the shattered, but still there, us
Day 18: I don’t remember the sound of your voice I don’t remember the color of your eyes I don’t remember your the taste of your lips
Day19: No amount of screaming gets your name out of my head
Day 20: I got on a plane today and when we took off I swear i almost walked to the door and started flying
Day 21: They say it takes 21 days fo break a habit but I think I just manage to fall more in love with a greedy monster
Day 22: I saw you today and wished you a happy late birthday and promised we’d watch the third Hobbit together. I’m beginning to hate myself more
Day 23: Its the end of the month maybe next month won’t be filled with thoughts of you and killing myself. i think im beginning to be over you
Day 24: april fools
Day 25: i think i understand now. when you first told me you loved me your mouth curled up on the edges, two days before you left when i gave my bare self to you your mouth was a straight line when saying i love you
Day 26: if you’re trying to kill me its working
Day 27: i woke up this morning to my blankets and pillows piled in a corner in my room. its something s ghost would do to make his presence known. im haunting myself. or maybe its the ghost of us tsking over my body
Day 28: its almost been a month since you told me it was never me. i almost texted you happy easter but i saw those text messages and just got angry
Day 29: I hate that you act like you didnt break my heart. i hate that you think im fine that im not writing a shit poem sbout your shit personality
Day 30: thirty days since you’ve wanted me. thirty days since i told you i love you. thirty days since you’ve slipped from my fingers. i tried catching you. you’ve been gone far too long. thirty days is too long
Day 31: i had a nightmare last night about you. you told me you loved me and kissed my forehead. i woke up breathing heavily and shaking. i want you out of my life
Day 32: running on no sleep isn’t fun
Day 33: ive been awake for over 50 hours in fear that ill see you in my dreams again. i cant risk that. it hurts so much. get out of my head
Day 34: my mother told me that love will do this. that its cruel and torturous and breaks you into such little pieces not even yourself can pick up all the pieces. you know where they all are, please come back and pick them up
Day 35: i talked to another guy last night we stayed up late and he asked me questions about you. we were sober so it wasn’t easy spitting up vowels and similies and euphemisms explaining the empty feeling in my chest after you left
Day 36: fuck if i stopped seeing you everyday i swear id be over you.
Day 37: my knee didnt touch your leg like it used it i promise i didnt do that fuck
Day 38: you told me that the wrinkles on my leg bothered you when i sat down. thats not what you said when we were trying not to get caught in the back of your car
Day 39: you told me you’d take me to prom and in two days itll just be another day you promised to spend with me. its funny how our plans turned to dust in a matter of seconds after cleaning
Day 40: the thunderstorm of us was inside of you and maybe that why it felt so close. i keep counting the seconds between the boom and light hoping you arent moving away buy i fear that you are already letting others feel your storm. the plants you grew are dying. maybe you should come back to water them
Day 41: ten days since its been a month since you left. i cried at prom because all i could look for in the crowd was you.
Day 42: i got so drunk all i could see was your face. the guy i fucked kept telling me his name wasn’t yours. i just screamed and cried because you’re all i still think about despite your efforts to continue to push me away
Day 43: i should be getting high today but if i do ill just write more and think more about a guy who will never care
Day 44: i think im trying to gain feelings for someone else because it’ll make moving on from you easier. im afraid to write that it hasnt
Day 45: you traces my leg like you used to. it was like dandelion tea. it made my insides fill with happiness. you’re my yellow paint.
Day 46: Van Gogh used to eat yellow paint because he thought it would put happiness inside him. He would consume it everyday in the hopes that it would bring his sadness to rest despite the fact that it could kill him first. i gues you were my yellow paint emphasis on the were. see im not going to write about you anymore, because when i write you down im under the impression that you’ll stay with the words but you don’t. this is the last sentence I’ll ever write about you

My fitness story

A lot of people can probably related but throughout high school I gradually became more lean and felt confident and good about my body. I played soccer, workout most days, and was overall always active throughout the day. Once I got to college the first 2 months of freshman year I was about my lowest weight. But then I stopped caring about what I ate, never worked out, and partied a lot. And you think its the “freshman 15″ but for me sadly it was more like the “freshman 40″ I also had a few other factors that made me gain weight (birth control) BUT NOW IM A SOPHOMORE, and honestly have never felt worse about my body. So now I’m getting back into the swing of things like when I was in high school. I’ve realized I’m a lot more happy and relaxed when I eat healthy and workout everyday. So hopefully Ill start showing significant results soon :)

bts masterlist ❀ seoulscapes

  updated: 5/5/17

↳ min yoongi | reader

→ one-shots:

2AM. (feat. park jimin) | high school au, angst, smut

all your favorite things happened at 2 AM. unfortunately, time flew until before you knew it he was gone like the hour. 

so this is love. | college au, angst

there are three things they don’t tell you about getting cheated on.

→ drabbles:

confession | college au, fluff

maybe | old soul au, angst

i know | gang au, action

not you | best friends au, angst

for her. | getting a divorce au, angst

haunted. | ghost au, angst

↳ jung hoseok | reader

→ one-shots:

story of us (feat. im jaebum) | werewolf au, angst

before the bite, he was your sunshine; now, you’re trying to live without him but maybe the universe can’t bear to separate you both completely.

one dance | best friends au, fluff, angst

best friends and dance partners, one dance manages to change all of that.

sad machines | bad boy au, fluff, angst

it’s the late night conversations that capture you. the enigmatic jung hoseok, rumored troublemaker and across the street neighbor, doesn’t depend on anyone else to lay waste his heartaches to but you.

kim namjoon | reader

→ one-shots:

wrapped around your finger. | graduate school au, fluff, smut

in which a night of grading papers about robots becomes a night where you get your payback against rival grad student, kim namjoon.

 park jimin | reader

→ one-shots:

2AM (feat. min yoongi) | high school au, angst, smut

all your favorite things happened at 2 AM. unfortunately, time flew until before you knew it he was gone like the hour.

the pull of the tides. | surfer au, fluff, smut

The expanse of the deep blue sea has always drawn you in. Each ebb and flow of the tides never ceasing to take your breath away. And now, a boy with hair as light as the morning sun and a smile just as bright does too. 

↳ kim taehyung | reader

→ one-shots:

summoning | fantasy au, fluff

 he’s a witch who accidentally conjures up a demon, you.

rule breakers. | best friend’s sibling au, fluff, angst, light smut

there’s some unresolved history involving your best friend’s brother… but hey, maybe some rules are meant to be broken.

→ drabbles:

morning | light smut

starlight | teacher au, fluff

puppy love. | neighbors au, fluff

→ headcanons:

prince!taehyung + prince!jungkook | fluff

badboy!taehyung | fluff, angst

↳ jeon jungkook | reader

→ drabbles:

bunny boy | best friends au, fluff

here | spirited away au, fluff, action

→ series:

(more than) a one-night stand | friends with benefits au, fluff, smut

a drabble series of nighttime instances with jeon jeongguk - some of which are innocent, not-so-innocent, and even in between.

→ headcanons:

prince!taehyung + prince!jungkook | fluff

basketball player!jungkook | fluff

every time i remember andrew is a student i cant stop laughing
this tiny asshole has to do homework, he has to do exams and turn up to classes
what if he misses the class??? he has to ask other students for notes??? my heart goes out to the poor soul who has to partner up with this dick, GROUP PROJECTS WITH ANDREW MINYARD, everyone Hates him, his professors are afraid to tell him hes missed three deadlines, would he miss deadlines??? this kid has an eidetic memory he doesnt forget deadlines,,, is he a diligent student??? does he get all of his work done asap or does neil find him at 3 am doing 4 different essays and running on red bull and ice cream??? oh my god andrew giving a presentation, the most half assed yet thorough presentation uve ever seen,, DOES HE GET LOST IN HALLWAYS SURROUNDED BY TALL PEOPLE??? (im also 5 feet and this happens to me All the Time) does he have to wait until corridors are clear before he can leave class to avoid getting absolutely trampled???

I wanted to get high to forget you.

But I’m so f*cked up right now and all I can think about is how it’s still you. It’s always you.

—  Nicole Torres // excerpt

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OMG YES i'm so excited for the hindu mythology one!! As an indian, i feel like we rarely get included in basically all forms of popular media. I'm so glad its an indian author writing this story! I've heard good things about that author before so my hopes are pretty high lol. Also the other stories also sound amazing!!

Yes, same!! I am also Indian and I have never once seen an Indian person in popular media except for Parvati and Padma Patil (Indian twins liek me) and they appeared for like 0.1 seconds. [edit] also noah fence but in England you don’t wear saris to balls/prom?? What? Why would they wear saris to the Yule Ball??

And the author, Roshani Chokshi does write well! I’ve read an extract of her book and it’s brilliant! She’s writing “Aru Shah and the End of Time”.

All the other books seem great as well: “Dragon Pearl” is by Yoon Ha Lee (about a Korean spirit) and “Storm Runner” is by Jessica Cervantes (about a disabled boy).

If you have no idea what I’m talking about then click here to go to Rick Riordan’s blog…

So yeah sorry this got so long! But I’m just really excited about this~

Extra Credit: Part 1

You are in your third year of High school and you can’t wait to get out. People have told you that junior year is the best year because you would have history. Im Jaebum is hot and you have heard so many upperclassmen talking about him labeling him as, the really hot history teacher, and you have him as a teacher this year. But at first, you didn’t think he was hot. Few weeks later… You had a huge crush on him.

You’re late to school on the first day. Wow what a surprise. Not really. Typical of you to be late to everything you go to. Going through the day is boring but then it’s time for history. You knew what Mr. Im looked like because you’ve seen him in the hallways but u wanted to see for yourself up close. People always talked about him and made such a fuss! You havent seen him in the classroom setting but today you would. You were looking forward to class. You walk in and you just listen to him talk… Blah blah blah. “Good afternoon class” he said, “welcome to history class, I plan on giving a lot of assignments so do not complain.” You stare at him and think “he is not hot at all? He is attractive but not the definition of jaw dropping.” After class, you talk to your friends about the first day at the locker areas and your one friend brings up Mr. Im. “He is so hot I just can’t stop staring at him how am I going to survive this class?” she said. You snickered and laughed and replied “he is not that good looking as I was hoping.” Your friends mouths drop open. “i mean yes Mr. Im is attrctive but is he really someone to fangirl about. It just feels weird to fantasize about your teacher or find him hot and talk about him like this” you said with a laugh. As soon as those words left your mouth… Mr.Im turned the corner of the hallway and walked by your group with a straight face, then he walked into the copier room. Your friends begin to freak out, wondering if he heard what you said. Frankly, you didnt really care at the moment. You went home that night thinking everyone was being immature for fantasizing a teacher. It just freaked you out.

The next week he assigns a quiz… Name all 50 states of the United States. Easy 100. And you did get an 100 on that quiz. But then he assigns an online activity. Its only the second week of school! Like what the heck why are you guys already having homework and quizzes. Its not even a big deal you were just too lazy to do it. You complete it though cuz you cared about your grades. People in your school labeled you a nerd. Even your friends. But you didn’t care. The next day, you see he emailed you and told you that he will add extra credit to your average because you did such an amazing job on the assignment and he signed the email with a smiley face. Thats nice. But then you thought to yourself… How’d he get your email? Was your work on the online assignment really that amazing? Or is he trying to be flirty? Like why would you randomly get extra credit. You thought back to the story a senior once told you. She said, “Y/N there was this girl last year in the junior that kissed Mr. Im on the cheek and all he did was say “you’re gonna get me fired” and he just walked away… Can you believe that happened? I mean even though I think he’s hot doesn’t mean I don’t get jealous about it. I heard she did it for extra credit.“ Your friend who told you that story graduated and you missed her because you felt like situations like these, she always had an answer to. She always had the latest gossip too. You felt like you were overanalyzing the situation and he wasn’t being flirty at all. You felt so stupid for the thoughts that crossed your mind. It was innocent extra credit. That girl who kissed him was the one who was flirty and wanted the extra credit. You basically did nothing. You weren’t like her at all. You come to school the next day. Suddenly, you feel butterflies in your stomach while walking by Mr. im’s room. When it’s finally time for his class, you have butterflies again. You walk in and he asks to see you in the hallway. First of all, WHAT THE HELL. You literally just walked in his class and he wants to see you in the hallway? You walk outside the classroom and Mr. Im stands in front of you. You look at him. He’s wearing a nice blue coat with a white dress shirt underneath with a golden tie. You realize you’ve been staring at him and then it finally clicked in your mind… You thought he was really really hot. Wow.. All it took was for him to email you that you got exta credit for you to open your eyes and find him hot. "Y/N, your really doing well in my class and its only the second week. No one has ever put so much effort in my work before. They all got around a B+ for the quiz and the online activity. Thank you for your effort”
“It’s really not a problem Mr. im, thank you.”
You were making your way back to the classroom but then Mr. Im says,
“Wait, Y/N, aren’t you the president for the junior class.”
“Oh yes I am haha” you laughed nervously. YOU WERE TRYING TO GO BACK INTO THE CLASSROOM AS FAST AS POSSIBLE BUT HE WAS MAKING IT HARD. Such an awkward situation it all was.
“Perfect! You and your other student body members have to set up the hallway for the first school dance this Friday so plan to stay after school on Friday to set up the decorations”
“No problem we will be there!”
Great… You thought to yourself.. What a perfect Friday. Sarcasm. Another awkward situation. And now you think he was hot. You felt so immature for acting like a giggly high schooler. His face will make everything more distracting.

After school you went back to Mr. Im’s room with your friends Amber and Nicole. He is sitting at his desk and when you guys walk in he stands up. His shirt has two buttons unbuttoned and you could see a bit of his chest and says “oh I am happy your finally here, I’m going to change to more comfortable clothes. It’s so hot in here. While I’m gone, you girls can cut out these posters so we can hang them up.” After he left the room your friends screamed. He looked too good today. You were internally screaming. Why were you acting like such a high school girl for seeing a bit of his chest. Oh right… You were high school girl. More and more class council members walked in his room and began working for the school dance and Mr. Im walks back in with a muscle tee. OKAY TALK ABOUT ARMS. Work is continuing but then he suddenly calls your name.
“y/n can you please go get my phone charger from the teachers lounge I think I left it there and I only trust you with the keys. Seems like you’re the only one with brains” he said with a chuckle.
“Hahaha Mr. Im that was really mean. Other people have brains here. But don’t worry I’ll grab if for you.” You scurried away and walked toward the teachers lounge. As you unlocked the door of the lounge you fell. Someone left a water bottle lying around and you tripped over it. Teachers always are a mess aren’t they? You start lookin for the light switch but you can’t find it because its so dark. You reach your pocket to find your phone and realize that you left it in Mr. Im’s room. Wow today is your lucky day. You look for the light switch again and then you just give up. You’re searching around for the charger even though its dark and probably 10 minutes have passed. Suddenly you hear the door open and you are pinned against the wall. The stranger comes close to your ear and says “what’s taking you so long.” His voice is soft and you can smell a minty fresh breath. The voice tickled your ear and made you squirm. And suddenly the lights are on and you see Mr. Im’s face staring at you. His body is really close to yours and you feel the awkward tension. He is still close to your face and laughs.
“I thought you got lost or something or died. You were taking forever Y/N!”
You are stunned and super surprised and he just keeps laughing.
“I guess I really scared you didn’t I?”
You got really nervous all the sudden and stared at the ground and was thinking of a response. You felt strong arms engulf you and wiggle you around.
“Awh come on! I didn’t make you scared did I?”
He lifts your chin and with his index finger and stares at you. You can’t take it anymore. You grab his jaw and start kissing him. His eyes are wide open and you feel his mouth open and he is probably very stunned. You swirl your tongue around his lips and you feel his response and he finally kisses you back. You taste him for the first time and you realize you’ll never have enough. How can you kiss your history teacher though? Why were you doing this? Were you out of your mind? You felt like a slut but you couldn’t stop. You grip his back and your hands are moving up his back and all around. He kisses you harder and deeper. You can feel his soft lips against yours and you didn’t want it to stop. But then he pushes you off of him and stares at you angrily.

Voltron sexuality headcanons!!

Lance: bi (obviously)
Keith: gay (for Lance)
Hunk: Demiromantic ace (as supported imo by the fact that over the period of time he spent on the Balmera he seemed to get closer with Shay until Lance jokes he crushes on her to which he replied “she’s not my girlfriend! She’s just a rock that I met admire very much”)
Pidge: ace/aro, high key in a platonic marriage with space
Shiro: pan! (Like me ;D) doesn’t care about gender roles or being the “masculine or feminine” one; he is who he is and he loves who he loves (which just so happens to currently be Allura/matt (Im multiship trash and I didn’t wanna include one and not the other oops))
Allura & Coran: there is no such thing as sexualities on Altea, since “homosexual” Altean couples can still have children together due to a difference in anatomy bc of evolution or smth therefore I suppose it’s apt to relate that to pan since for Alteans gender is little more than how an Altean person wants to appear and be referred to


Shay: similar to the Alteans, Balmerans don’t experience sexual orientation, however this is bc they are born of the Balmera and therefore have no need to reproduce. Nevertheless they do experience romantic orientation, and Balmerans mate for life and create smaller social circles within their large family called Clusters, consisting of their lifelong partner and they even adopt the newly birthed Balmeran children, hence how Shay and Rax are still siblings
Matt: gay af and will remind anyone who may or may not have forgotten (no one ever forgets, Matt just likes to remind evERYONe ALL THE TIME)