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acotar + florence + the machine 2/?

“she was there,” rhys said. “when the cauldron was sealing. going…wherever we go.”
amren sputtered water, vomiting onto the rocky ground. mor thumped her back, coaxing her through it.
“so i reached out a hand,” rhys went on quietly. “to see if she might want to come back.”

u kno when u get part of a song stuck in your head

for like a week

and it keeps repeating

and you cant remember anything else about the song

and u cant find it on google

kill me :-)

Please give wanna one debut concept like open up or hands on me because we all know if daniel is the center then he’ll make the performance hot no matter what

fav sns songs

im probably forgetting some also these r up for interpretation. my taste in music is kinda shitty but i thought yall might wanna hear some okay tunes. mostly naruto @ sasuke

comes w favourite lyrics and links 2 the audio!! enjoy

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Head or Heart - an album playlist

After seeing one particular butterflybog AMV I realized the rest of the artist’s album was a fairly nice fit, though some of the songs are about Staying in a bad relationship, while Marianne fortunately left it right away. (Tfw you reach that point in any fandom, where your brain finds connections to the thing you like  everywhere, nevertheless, it’s nice to have songs connected to headcanons)

Basically a self-indulgent list, but below is gifs, lyrics and links for anyone curious (my favorites are “one night” and the last one, “words”):

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