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I hope bts knows that they have no obligation to create English music. if they do, it should be of their own free voilition, because they wanted to compose those songs. not because native English speakers were pressuring them into thinking they had to. they’re doing so wonderfully in their careers by doing what they’ve always done, and they shouldn’t have to change that.

Is anyone else freaking out and is super excited about the fact that very very soon Jonghyun might be blessing us with at least 5 new songs?!?!?! Never before heard??!?!? Like wow I’m shaking in my boots already

what if Lance had a playlist of songs he found catchy

and he’s listening to them with Keith one day and an All Time Low song pops up and Keith McLoses it, but tries to discreetly ask if Lance likes them

It takes every inch of self-restraint in his body to not say ‘i love you’ immediatly when Lance grins and says Yeah!

((But he says it anyway, bc Keith is head over heels for his boyfriend that apparently likes punk rock bands))

“It’s a nice night for a walk, would ya mind if I joined you?”

A beat board for my drawing for animation class! Ft. Johnny and the Conductor

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Song rec #1! (the ask didn’t go through :< )

My lovely and amazing friend Vincy (@bangtanseonyeontrash for those of you who don’t know) recommended not one, not two, but three songs! Imma do them separately, so here’s the first one:


  • wow what an intro tho
  • hey old man
  • wow, mean old man, stealing ppl’s groceries and food >:(
  • also wtf this slow jam feel is the shit eyyy
  • im just low key jammin and then-
  • wtf why’d it stop
  • come back smooth vocals
  • eyy there we go
  • damn her voice
  • like wow, im jealous
  • oml that harmony between the high and low (her range is awesome)
  • damn Gaeko sounding great as always
  • why is she following old guy, and how’d old guy clean up his face
  • i love this song
  • its so simple and groovy (i know i said groovy but like it is)
  • I love the electric guitar that carries the song
  • her voice and it are the main things carrying the song
  • everything else is just extra
  • and it (it being the beat and other instruments in the back) is so light and minimal its great
  • doesn’t distract from her voice or anything
  • they just add depth during the chorus
  • oml i have chills its so good and smooth and simple
  • simple but awesome songs are amazing
  • idk how we dont talk about them more
  • bc a lot of music today (BTS included too fam) has so much going on you lose some components of the song under other things, and so when you hear smth like this, simple and awesome, it’s so refreshing
  • and wtf she reads german? (it is german right?)
  • wow
  • i applaud her

So I’m in love with this song now. It’s going on the rainy day slow jams playlist effective immediately. Thanks to my boo Vincy for recommending this, it’s awesome! Also will be added to the list of contenders for song of the week!

Please send in suggestions/recs, I appreciate a full inbox :) Thanks and have a great day/evening!

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hold me tight or don’t by fall out boy, since it just came out yesterday

Fall Out Boy - HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T - that latin beat!!!!! can i just say, shoutout to drake’s hotline bling, for puttin latin beats back into the spotlight, what an icon

couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | it’s okay | kinda catchy | ok i really like this | downloading immediately | already in my library