im a morning person lol

friend: *talks to me almost everyday*

me: i would;; die for them?

friend: *shows sign of the same level of friendship with someone else/finds someone new to talk to and talks to me less and less*

me: oh. ouch um a al r ig ghty ill just— yeah this is my hole i live here and I’ll just– b yE 👋👋👋

My mom’s drawing Gong Yoo guys loool

Extra story: she’s bad with names and kept calling him anything but Gong Yoo like Dong Woo then Bong Soo and this is like her 5th attempt drawing his face she has so many scrapped drafts lol and they all have names. I’m sitting here laughing at her saying “you’ve drawn Dong Woo, Bong Soo and all them other guys but you still haven’t drawn Gong Yoo!” (She laughs and yells at me to shut tf up)


👀👀 sekai i see you

Mini update:

Sorrynotsorry for the spam. Got bored. Lol

Its Monday. Breakfast was ¼ a Grapefruit and 2 egg and cheese wraps. Im bloated so time to chill out on the salty food. Hate feeling like this. Just blah. It’s like gravity just increased. Umm wait.. that’s just weight force and physics.. i can feel gravity… Woooowwww… sips Coffee… mind fucked… Lol back to clean eating for a few days. No biggie. Its easy at this point. Ummm…

Round 3 of Coffee in hand. Time for work. New job search continues, per the norm. Very lovely and cool outside with a small breeze. Very spoopy. I love this kind of weather.

My daughter made Dark Chocolate Truffles and zucchini bread on Saturday and gave me only 2 truffles and 1 slice of bread yesterday at the shelter for a surprise visit lol. Diet life. Ugh. But she’s getting very good at baking. So proud of her.

Anyways… Not gonna bore y'all..

be saucy and peachy today! 💖✌️

Hey y'all sorry but I’m not gonna have much to say about the European Championships. I don’t have time to watch it cause I flew back to college yesterday and my classes start tomorrow and within these two days i’ve had to do all the paperwork to change my major (I’m now officially an International Economics major with a minor in Russian), I’ve had to get books, get my stuff ready for classes, do other college stuff and I definitely haven’t had enough time to watch Euros. I should be good for 4CC but I probably won’t be doing much for Euros since I gotta do so much stuff in the next few days. Just wanted to let y'all know.

160110 Infinite Effect in LA Fanaccount

i got to the venue around 4:30ish.. there were several ppl going around and giving out banners and i got like 3… there actually weren’t a lot of people there when i arrived yet, and i had to go pee so bad lmAo so my friends and i went i to starbucks to pee… then we were just waiting around and i met up w some friends, including angie @noohyun and tracey @gyuuri !! (( ive met angie a few times before so i knew what she was like but tracey on the other hand i met for the very first time LOL SHE HUGGED ME RIGHT WHEN SHE SAW ME AND THEN WE TALKED FOR A LITTLE? IT WASNT AWKWARD BUT IT WAS WEIRD IDK BUT SHES SO CUTE AND BUBBLY )) omg ppl had rly nice outfits;; i was especially envious of ppl who had the back jacket :(((

ok so at around 6 everyone started lining up and i was confused bc i thought there was no point bc it was assigned seating??? but turns out u have to get in line to go thru the metal detector and for them to check your bags lol… while i was in line there was a cameraman and anchor that came up to my area omg it was a news channel (ytn news) and they asked us to say “saranghaeyo infinite!” to the camera. i was in the shot but when they counted to 3, i couldnt say it and slowly backed away LOLOLOLOL IM SO SHY IDK;;; also ppl were randomly screaming while they were in line and at one point i thought infinite peeked out or smth but yea right like hell that would happen lmaoooo??????? at 7 the doors opened like they said it would and i went in!!! the seats i had weren’t good but they weren’t bad either, it was really far to the right but i had a decent view

in the venue they played ifnt mv’s and everybody screamed whenever a new mv came up lolol that was fun, and it was nice hearing ppl sing along!!!

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