im a monster

Story Time

So I go into my living room to check on my nephews who are visiting. They’re playing a video game, they both have headphones in. One is listening to Baepsae and trying his best to sing along and the other is singing Monster. What have I done? I have created two twin ten-year-old kpop monsters. 

In Monster Reunion, when Steven asks Centipeedle to write and he thought that what she wrote was just gibberish.  When in reality it was actual gem language.

that reminds me of that one post where everyone thought that Vladmir Putin was just doodling during a meeting

but someone pointed out that he actually could’ve just been writing in cursive

I wonder if there ever was a meeting on Homeworld where all the diamonds were present and it was super important and when one of the diamonds went up to speak one gem was taking notes. And another gem saw and thought that she was doodling while a very important figure was speaking and called her out.  Now being sentenced to a shattering, upon closer inspection everyone else realized that she had been just taking notes and a commander was all “False alarm, not a lack of focus and an act of offense towards our most prominent rulers. Just bad handwriting”

I dare you to draw your chara sexy

The rules: You draw your chara in a sexy pose,clothes etc

Then you tag the blogs you want to do this dare too.Since i started this stupid ,,dare,, game (i dont regret anything) i’ll start with my chara first:

( its hard to draw mucles ;A; but i tried)

And now i dare : @shybie @askthechara , @sai-shou or @askmercyseries to draw their chara now (pls dont kill me), have fun oAo /

steven universe episode ideas that will emotionally destroy you

An episode where steven is born

an episode which explains how ruby and sapphire met

an episode showing the gem war

An episode where it shows the connection to rose that each gem had

an episode where Connie has to move away 

An episode where lion sacrifices himself to save steven only to find out that it was part of rose the whole time

An episode with Yellow diamond attacking the world

An episode where steven has a emotional breakdown due to stress