im a monster

Jack, Nolan and Mason saying that Emily wont change pisses me off so much. Like have you even seen her this season? There is noone…NOONE that has changed more than she has. They keep saying that Emily wont move on from her revenge when three times with Victoria and Margaux she’s asked for a peace-treaty. What she’s doing now is not revenge, its protecting those she loves and herself. She is not hurting anyone and she’s not trying to get revenge. Depiste Nolan saying she’s addicted to revenge in 4x01, she’s not anymore, she wants to be happy and move on. Emily began this series as extremely closed off emotionally and truthfully. However this season Emily is so open emotionally and truthfully, not only to her friends but to the whole world in 4x18-19. In season 1, she never felt guilty or bad for the majority of her actions, yet now in season 4 she feels guilty about so much. Before this season, Emily NEVER felt compassion for her enemies (except charlotte, and daniel but in season 1) however this season she became sorta friends with Daniel, and has felt compassion for Victoria twice. 


The way monsterhigh handled their accusations of racism is legit despicable.
Did you expect it to be forgotten or something?
Black girls buy Clawdeen dolls. Black girls wear shirts with Clawdeen on them! But you pick a white actress to play her because it if they picked a black girl it wouldn’t fit their aesthetic?
At any rate.
I’m sure all of you know as well as I do the recent escalation of police brutality against black people.
I remember recently seeing a picture of a black man who had been murdered by police. May he rest in peace and may his family be well, may we have justice for these criminal acts.
His two young daughters were with him.
And one of them was wearing a shirt with Clawdeen on it.
All the niceness in the world is not going to steamroll over that fact.
Over the fact that Clawdeen is your series’ role model for black girls and that what you did, especially now, even today, is sheer foolishness.
And how you handled it is worse.
I am not going to forget about it. And I am going to make ABSOLUTELY sure nobody else does.


steven universe episode ideas that will emotionally destroy you

An episode where steven is born

an episode which explains how ruby and sapphire met

an episode showing the gem war

An episode where it shows the connection to rose that each gem had

an episode where Connie has to move away 

An episode where lion sacrifices himself to save steven only to find out that it was part of rose the whole time

An episode with Yellow diamond attacking the world

An episode where steven has a emotional breakdown due to stress

Do you guys ever wonder how much of Percy’s powers are controlled by emotion?

Like, obviously when he was first learning how to use them he had zero control and his emotions controlled them completely (eg. Nancy and Clarisse) but what about now?

What happens if they’re attacked and he can’t use his powers because he feels so empty that they just don’t work? I mean, he’s perfectly capable with a sword, one of the best at Camp, right? But water powers give him an edge that he needs with some of the monsters that he goes up against. Is there an emotional point he can reach where he won’t be able to use them?