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BENDER: TV would stink if everyone on it was a positive role model!

Futurama, Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV (2003) dir. Brian Sheesley

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I hope Matt (stays) is still like a super huge dork, even tho that single screenshot we've seen, he's all badass and ready to fight and looks like he's learned to fight and defend himself. I hope we get him back, keep him, and he's a complete nerd loser.

hell yeah my dude its canon that he loves space and i mean he went to a Space School and hes related to pidge so hes GOTTA be a huge nerd

I kind of went into a huge messy headcanon post by accident when answering this because i got excited so…….if u want….here r my matt/shatt hcs:

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rosemary fic recs

i dont know how to format this so we’re just gonna jump stright into it im only gonna include the ones i really love so its a bit short plus im gonna leave out any nsfw fics

An Earth-Shattering Confession

everyone must have read this one by now but if you haven’t it’s a rose fic about her coming out as a trans girl and also her and kanaya getting together! its really good and handled well


its a witch au!! i love this fic so much please just read it


look girls putting makeup on each other is my absolute fave trope.. (i died during that carol scene) and this one does not disappoint! its a post game fic and i love it so much.. domestic rosemary with a garden is also my fave trope as ull soon find out

Epochs Unblemished

its a fic that deals with kanaya aging slower than rose, read it if you love dying 

The White House

lets be real everyones read this one, but just read it again okay its so good

Four Times You Made Kanaya Maryam Laugh In Bed

this is just pure wholesome fluff

And, trying to unfold for you was brittle

its been a while since ive read this but im pretty sure its still amazing. its an au where rose is a ‘vampire slayer’ and kanaya is a vampire. its good, read it

Show the Lights

its a fic about rose realising shes gay. gonna be honest its been a while since ive read this one too but im like 99% sure it was good and gay

Please Be Nice On This Feast Of Lights

this is a relatively new one that i really liked! its a college au pesterlog fic where they have to put on a production about the holidays

Dog Days

honestly this is probably in the running for one of my fave fics ever and its like just over 2000 words. its really cute fluff about rose and kanaya shopping. 

in inches, in miles, in laughter and strife

also in the running for one of my fave rosemary fics… its a domestic au. i am a simple lesbean,


a cute short fic where rose and kanaya meet in a library

other stories

a collection of rosemary aus! for example theres a mermaid au and a pokemon au in here


i honestly dont know how to describe this fic? its a meteor fic that deals with kanayas relationship with her aspect and also with rose

the light of home, every little thing she does is magic, mermaid au

these are some of my rosemary fics…. (eyes emoji at myself) the first two are a college au and a magic au im sorry about the formatting btw

Amidst General Happiness, A Recollection of Pain

post game domestic au with rose dealing with horrorterror remnants

between two points

this is  kanaya as a fashion student and rose as a model, and them being gay

im sure ive missed some amazing fics so feel free to add any!

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lets change this up. what if the butlers had instagram & theo and zain. what would they post and how many followers would they have?? thanks <3 -anon

Claude: He would probably post about fucking stamps. His posts consist of pictures of tea packets he used for that day, Philip castle, and social gatherings at the castle. He wouldn’t have a lot of followers, and the few followers he had only came in case he ever posted pictures of Wilfred. I’d say at least 8k.

Luke: He desperately wants to be cool, and he probably got Instagram because Keith suggested it. His posts include horribly taken selfies, Keith, (he asked Luke to take pictures of him posing so he’d get more followers) and food porn about chocolate. Though his selfies come out shook, he’s still cute af, so that along with Keith earns him a good 20k.

Alberto: If Roberto just looked at Alberto’s Instagram, he would know when to escape, because a lot of his pictures include him tracking down his GPS on his phone with a caption that says something like, “I’m coming for you bitch.” Roberto usually hacks his account and posts selfies, and even though Alberto usually deletes them, he earns himself a good 1.5k followers because of it.

Jan: He takes a lot of goofy selfies before heading off to work, and he’s one of those people who takes pics of their breakfast but eventually stops after a comment that says, “Stop taking pictures of your goddamn food nobody gives a shit about your mushroom omelet ffs.” (He finds out later that it’s Joshua) He has 60k bc he takes some bomb ass selfies with some bomb ass filters, and because he also posts memes all the time.

Yu: Likes to take pictures of the Oriens environment, and also puts some deep ass quotes on his Instagram about unrequited love and shit bc he’s lowkey a Tumblr gal and a machine of angst. He doesn’t really take selfies but takes pictures with Alan or of Alan, and just for shits and giggles might sneak some pictures of Glenn too. He has 30k followers.

Louis: His Instagram should be a tumblr bc he puts the most aesthetic shit on there and it’s so pretty. He makes sure to put a consistent pastel color scheme and takes pictures of the garden, the china in the castle, and often videotapes himself playing the violin. He has 40k followers, because despite never taking selfies, his Instagram is organized and beautiful af.

Zain: He doesn’t take many selfies, but booiii when he does, he looks sexy af without even meaning to be. Usually, when he takes selfies, his black hair is brushed neatly, and his suit doesn’t even have the slightest wrinkle in it, he looks like the definition of a butler, and his smile is ever so seductive. He also takes pictures of what he’s wearing for the day, and despite not knowing a single bit about photography, his pictures come out perfect. He has 30.5k followers because girls eat up his sexy face like oreos.

Theo: He’s a teenager, you know he’s going to have selfies all over his Instagram. But the thing is, he doesn’t know he’s cute, he just wants his followers to know what he looks like, and he considers taking them down before receiving comments that he’s cute af, and then his face turns as red as his hair. Despite being embarrassed, his selfie game goes up 100%. He goes overboard, and ends up getting 70k followers and a modeling deal from four different companies LMAO.

WARNING: unpopular opinion

as much as i hate kendall jenner being THE model in his recent shoot… it’s still so fucking awesome to see cole’s other passion (besides acting) leading him somewhere very successful too, and to be able to shoot with someone as big as her name in the modeling industry is a huge deal for him as a photographer… ANYWAAAAYYY IM SO FUCKING PROUD OF YOU COLE MITCHELL SPROUSE BUT NEXT TIME CAN YOU LIKE SHOOT WITH MALE CELEBRITIES INSTEAD LIKE IDK DYLAN SPROUSE MAYBE YEAH THANKS

between the sasuke and naruto models of dealing with Ur Shit im definitely naruto like trying to think abt it as little as fucking possible like hey? have a bad thought? shake ur head like a dog as hard as you can boom its gone

the starters getting redone is a big deal for me. ive only been playing star stable actively since about April or May of last year, but I made my account back in the early days when star stable had barely been translated to English. To be entirely honest, I very much dislike the old model horses. I dislike the look, the animations, everything. When you compare them to the new and updated breeds its hard to like them. now im sure for those of you who have been playing for much longer than i have a bond with those older horses that I do not. but thats not something to be ashamed of? if you like the old horses thats 100% okay. im spoiled and came to play sso when there were so many nicely animated and freshly made breeds to choose from. I worked my way through the plot of star stable on my wild jorvik pony. and he feels more like my sidekick than my starter ever could. and the older models look very out of place when you play the game. The graphics have improved, the quality of the horses improved, and they are from an era of the game that is kind of outdated. but just because they are being outdated doesnt mean that they werent or arent appreciated. even if I don’t like them, I can respect that they do hold meaning to plenty of players. I’m very much excited for these new starters. I think its a new chapter for sso and the new players to come.

Cassandra Cain Adoption Headcanon

So as has been pointed out a couple times in canon by people, Cass is (at least a little) noticeably mixed. (her friend had been unsure of whether or not she 100% was). David Cain was just an average (albeit piece of shit) white male and her mom was Shiva. Cass didn’t really inherit much looks-wise from her dad, in fact she’s been stated multiple times to look like her mom, when you know what to look for. Anyways that bit of information aside, I’m moving on and getting to the headcanon stuff (but keep it in mind it’ll come into play later).

According to canon timelines when Cass is adopted by Bruce officially she’d be aproximately 21.Which, while it’s legal to adopt consenting adults, would probably be weird considering our darling Brucie Wayne “didn’t know her”.

Brucie Wayne adopting some random, technically-adult girl he’s never met before? Now that’d be weird (considering all of the boys were minors when adopted).

But you see, he’s also Batman. Bruce could have quite easily forged DNA results, claimed she was his biological daughter. After all, he’d have to forge documents to get any sort of adoption going either way.

Now before you protest… Cassandra doesn’t look like Cain at all. The traits she inherited from him, look wise, are presumably the same things that she could have (potentially) inherited from Bruce. And with the scandal around it, people would be all to eager to see any coincidental similarities as proof she’s his daughter. Since, of course, it makes a better story that way. “oh she has Martha’s cheeks” “Oh she’s got that wayne family smile” “she has his nose”, ect.

Which leads me to my final point… The public’s acceptance of it. Bruce Wayne is a well known womanizer, okay. He’s slept with countless girls over the years, do you really think people would have any trouble believing he’d gotten somebody knocked up one time and didn’t realize??? Plus, look at all the other scandals he’s been in like this man had a MURDER CHARGE blow over (after he was proven innocent & Cain confessed) for fuck sakes. There’d be a bunch of speculation over who the mom is (some nameless, invented model from his time abroad who never really existed but is now “dead”) but eventually they’d just give it a rest. I mean, is it really a surprise? No, no it’s not. The only surprise to the public is that he doesn’t have like 30 more kids that are biologically his.

So that, ladies and gentlemen, is my headcanon as to how Bruce adopted a 21 year old girl without it being a ridiculously huge deal because he claimed to be Cassandra’s Biological father. You’re welcome.

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x-romantic biseuxal anon again, i ask because i identify as homoromantic bisexual mostly because i dont feel like im bisexual or lesbian enough to use either term. i understand the split attraction model is bad but im to afraid to label myself as anything else.

You can be bisexual and have preferences or different emotions. The only thing you need to be “bisexual enough” is to be attracted to more than one gender. Even if that attraction manifests differently for different genders and ppl you’re still 100% bisexual. The only thing you need to be to be “lesbian enough” is be attracted exclusively to women/woman aligned ppl. Splitting yourself into a bunch of labels isn’t helping you. Either you’re dealing with some serious internalized biphobia and not valuing yourself as “bisexual enough” or you’re running from the fact you’re a lesbian by splitting yourself into microlabels. Neither of those things are good for you and it’s important for you to really face whatever emotions you’re having.

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I read your post and're so brave and so good and I'm very proud of you. Thank you for sharing your story with us. You're a true inspiration ❤

i don’t think i’m very inspirational but thank you so much your message really touched me. i wanted to share my life with everyone because i get messages quite a lot from people who don’t think they can do things or feel shit or whatever and i wanted to be that example that you can do it. life deals you a shitty hand so what you gotta do is push forward, yknow? im not trying to be a role model or anything like that, i just want to help people see that there is always gonna be better things if they continue to fight. :) x


tbh its not finished but i had to post it :)))))

okie to start we will begin with bradley will simpson

i thought id ease you in with a lovely smile bc holy moly u fine

i think someones been doin the marrajuanna





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can someone help me through this.. i actually feel like im homoromantic pansexual and this is a situation where the split attraction model makes sense to me but i dont know if its just internalized homophobia or what. 

im sexually active with people including men (often only men) for validation and money and fun, but i dont want to be romantically involved with a man. ever again. the crushes i get on women are more fully fledged and romantic than the comfortable, physical feelings i get with men. i only want to date woman aligned people and i cant imagine a future with a man. but im also polyam and dont like closed commitments, and i am hypersexual and i deal with intrusive thoughts about having sex with random people including men. and can i id as a lesbian while doing sex work for men? and if i physically enjoy it? im so confused.

I found it was a big deal that Adrien asked for Marinette’s autograph. We found out during the Valentine’s Day episode that he doesn’t like signing stuff…. but he excitedly wants Marinette’s autograph for designing his favourite artist’s new album cover. That pretty much implies, in some way, he see’s her as a celebrity figure. 

I headcanon that Adrien fanboys over Marinette’s work as an artist just as much as she fangirls over his work as a model!