im a miracle



he knows just what it does when he’s holding me tight and he calls me “moonlight” too


Caejose Week 2016
Day 7 - Growing Old

you guys remember that Howl’s Moving Castle au i did last september? well its back

so um changkyun spilled some good stuff today at melon radio. He said when he went outside to get some air at the post concert party mx and starship were having he saw wonho and kihyun hugging while crying.

when kihyun told wonho ‘good work’ both started tearing up and was hugging by THEMSELVES  and changkyun saw them IM CRYING 

WELL, I’ve been enlightened to the beautiful miracle that is Korrasami month??? Who could’ve guessed? Get ready for a lovely month of sketchy fluff for everyone’s favorite power couple…




Kuroko deserved this team, everyone deserved to learn to be happy and successful being themselves. They all deserved not only to be friends but to play in the same team again. They did.

and I’m so glad Extra Game exists <3 

(I wanted to post this here for so long)