im a massive tool

quick memory abt troll beauty standards because i remember eridan explaining it all to me once 

the epitome of beauty for trolls was hic of course so thats pretty much where they based their beauty standards- curvy, fem aligned trolls with long hair and lots of jewellery and shit were usually seen as more attractive for both red and black quadrants because it was a show of power and therefore they were either an ideal mate or rival (the other quadrants were more to do with how trolls interacted on a personal level and their chemistry so looks didnt come into it as much) 

which is why also it was really unusual for aradia to have long hair because shes a lowblood troll and usually their hair was pretty short usually because theyre supposed to be lower status but she was just generally cool and didnt really give a shit (which is why equius had such a thing for her i think) 

and if you werent a seadweller you had to be pretty careful to get the balance right because if it looked like you were trying to be too above your blood colour you could be killed