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started watching orphan black yesterday and have one question

how the fuck is it that hollywood isnt throwing themselves at tatiana maslanys feet and scattering flowers at the floor she walks by because holy shit

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Who are some of your favorite custom content creators? I'm deleting and re-installing cc because it's so un-organized and it's stressing me out lol

hi! this isn’t all, but heres a list of some of my favorite creators i can think of at the moment

@pyxiidis, @weepingsimmer, @valhallansim, @blogsimplesimmer, @pxelboy, @bonehlda, @wildlyminiaturesandwich, @celebi88, @chocolatemuffintop, @tranquilitysims, @lina-cherie, @peacemaker-ic, @divadoom, @mysteriousdane, @kismet-sims, @nolan-sims n listen theres more but that’s all i got at the moment

The Race To Her V Card, A Petty Race Pt 2

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Title: The Race To Her V Card, A Petty Race.

Genre: slight angst, jealousy and future smut.

Member: I.M.

Word Count: 3487.

Description: Lee Jooheon is making his entrance and Changkyun is jealous? What is your fidgety friend up to? And why the hell do you have to sit next to Park Jimin of all people? 

“You know Y/N, I think I’ve figured it out” Your best friend looked at you, pointing her bread stick your way with a deep look of contemplation on her features. You swallowed the food in your mouth and took a sip of your drink before answering her.

“What have you figured out?” You asked her and her eyes suddenly widened as they snapped away from the group of boys behind you to look at you.

“I know why those boys are suddenly all up in your grill” She waved her hand in front of your face to emphasise the upping for the grill and you hummed.

“Oh? And what is your hypothesis doctor?” You asked and she immediately straightened up, falling into her role just like you had wanted her to.

“It’s rather simple Y/N. Those boys, let’s call them players because I don’t like to swear so we can’t use any other term really. They want something from you, and it seems to be a game to them, my conclusion is that you’re a female so there is a high chance that they want something more than your attention, they probably chose you because they know you are friends with Changkyun. In conclusion, you are the focus of the game, what their prize is I do not know as of yet” She pushed her invisible glasses back up her nose and your eyes widened at her summary.

“You really think that’s what all this attention is about?” You asked, there was a frown on your lips and your best friend grinned as she nodded.

“There is a two percent chance I am wrong, and we’re about to see if that two percent is real or not” She smirked, looking passed you and your brows furrowed in confusion as you looked over your shoulder.

“Kim Joonmyeon” You muttered, said man was walking towards you, sitting down as he winked as his greeting.

“Is this seat taken?” He asked and you rose an eyebrow at him before turning back to your food and looking at your best friend.

“It seems it is now” You responded and she smiled knowingly as Joonmyeon chuckled.

“Well now that I’m here, I’ve been reminded of my previous curiosities” Resting his chin on his hand Joonmyeon faced you and you sighed, stabbing your fork into your food before meeting his eyes with a lack of interest.

“And what curiosities did you have Joonmyeon?” You grumbled and he immediately smiled, tapping your hand with his own as you stared at him blankly, imitating the way one elbow was bent to hold his chin up with the hand on that same arm.

“Please, call me Suho”

“What were your curiosities, Suho?” You asked again and his smile widened.

“Damn, I didn’t think Suho would jump into the game so quickly, didn’t he just finish with Sara?” Joon shook his head and gave Hoseok a slap on the back.

“We all know only Sara was taking that fling seriously Joon, of course, Suho would be jumping boat by now” Changkyun looked up from his phone, eyes trailing to where the rest of his group were staring, biting lips, angrily growling or sighing in defeat. His eyes widened when he saw Suho sitting with his body turned to you, the look on your face emitting that look where you could sense the world was plotting against you. Looking back down at his phone, he immediately got out of the app he was previously in and sent you a message.

Your phone went off and Suho gave you an understanding smile as you half-heartedly apologised and checked the message.

Get out of there before he tries something. With a quick glance over your shoulder, one that Suho took no notice of, you saw Changkyun watching you expectantly, waiting to see what you would do.

“I’ve had some interest in you for a while now Y/N and there’s a party this weekend. I was wondering if you would like to go together?” Suho asked and you frowned, immediately clutching your stomach and putting a hand over your mouth.

“Oh god” You muttered and Suho’s eyes widened as you stood up.

“What’s wrong Y/N?” Suho asked and you immediately gagged, quickly pretending to swallow it back.

“This food doesn’t seem to be agreeing with me. I’ve got to go” You groaned and rushed off. Suho watched on in shock as your best friend stood up and saluted him.

“As Y/N’s best friend it is my duty to be by her side and hold her hair back as she desperately grips onto the toilet bowl, goodbye” With the description, Suho grimaced and you friend rushed to grab her things and chase you out of the cafeteria. Having watched you run away, Changkyun shot up to his feet and began stuffing his phone into his pocket and grabbing his bag.

“Where are you going, twerp?” Wonshik glared and Changkyun waved him off.

“As Y/N’s best friend it’s my duty to see what is wrong, hold her hair back and all that stuff” He explained rather quickly before following the footsteps of you and your friend.

“What is that kid trying to do?” Taeyong snarled.

“He’s best friends with the chick, maybe he thinks playing the nice card will get him in” Kyungil cackled and Taeyong shook his head.

“Since when did the nice guy ever win?”


“Well, who knows what he would have tried pulling if you didn’t get away quicker” Changkyun chuckled, hands gripping the straps of his bag as he walked along side you.

“I mean who the hell thinks taking a girl to some club party is the perfect date?” You scoffed, the thought making your stomach fall flat just having known someone thought that was an ‘enjoyable’ date.

“Well, it is Suho” Changkyun shrugged and you huffed, blowing the stray hairs out of your face.

“Why am I suddenly getting so much attention from all of your friends Changkyun?” Surprisingly, Changkyun stayed quiet instead of covering for them with the same line he used to cover Suho.

“Changkyun” You demanded, stopping in your steps, three steps later and Changkyun was turning to you with a sigh.

“They’ve made up a new game Y/N” He finally began explaining and you took those three steps to be face to face with him.

“Why am I involved in their game Changkyun?” You asked and he shrugged.

“I don’t know they just chose you because they know we’re friends, I don’t know why else they would choose you” He confessed and you sighed.

“Great” You crossed your arms and began walking. Changkyun looked up in shock at your retreating figure and stumbled after you.

“So you’re saying that now I have to fend off a group of man whore’s?” You asked, turning your head to look Changkyun who rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Well I wouldn’t call them man whore’s” He muttered and you gave a scoff of agreement.

“Of course you wouldn’t, they’re your friends and I’m not you so that’s what I’m calling them” You responded simply and Changkyun sighed.

“I’m sorry Y/N” He muttered and you looked at him with clear confusion on your face.

“Why on earth would you need to apologise?” You asked and his hands moved to his pockets as Changkyun’s eyes remained on the ground beneath his feet.

“Because I was looking for you the day that they created their new game, if they didn’t see me looking for you then the thought of involving you would never have crossed anyone’s mind” He admitted and you nudged him, watching the way he flinched in shock and took a step away.

“That’s nothing to apologise for, flinching away every time I come near you, that’s something I would work up a speech for” You grinned, hiding the small ache his avoidance caused you. Changkyun flushed looking down as you bid him farewell and you parted ways with him.

“God damn it” Changkyun hissed, looking back at your retreating figure.

“How could I not notice how obvious I was being?” He questioned himself, shaking his head before turning around and walking away just like you had done.


You looked up to the sound of the chair on your right screeching against the floor and your eyes darkened as you saw who was trying to sit next to you.

“Oh no you don’t” You snapped, pushing the chair back before he sat down, causing him to stumble in order not to fall and make a fool of himself in front of everyone.

“This is a free country Y/N if I want to sit next to you I have every right to do so” Wonshik snarled and you grit your teeth at him in response.

“It’s time for you to get a better excuse and this seat is taken so bugger off!” You growled and Wonshik pulled the seat away from your hands.

“I want to sit next to you so I’m going to” He snapped before putting the chair down and taking a seat behind the desk next to you. You put your head in your hands, groaning in pure irritation as Wonshik grinned to himself, thinking he had won.

“What the hell are you doing in my seat?” You looked up at the same time as Wonshik gave a careless scan of your best friend’s figure, she was standing with her books having been slammed on the desk and she was leaning over Wonshik’s relaxed figure, she could be scary sometimes and you weren’t sure if you could run away in time if she pulled anything today.

“Who said this was your seat?” Wonshik snarled at her and your eyes widened as you gulped. Wonshik screamed as your friend grabbed him by the ankle, easily ripping him out of the seat and putting him on his back. She pushed the chair in so it was covering his face and Wonshik was able to see the name printed in a rich black ink that came from your friend’s permanent marker, that was indeed used to spell out her name.

“What were you saying?” She asked with a tilt of her head and Wonshik growled as he shoved the chair out of his way and stood back on his feet, shooting your friend a glare before storming away. Taeyong snickered, having watched the whole event unfold from where he sat and Wonshik fell into the seat next to him with an angry curse falling from his lips.

“For such a player, I expected better from you Wonshik” He snickered as Wonshik glared at him.

“Go fuck yourself” He spat and Taeyong chuckled.

“I’m trying to get Y/N to do that for me”


“Yo Jooheon, what’s up my man?!” Hoseok exclaimed as he grinned with the phone to his ear, the rest of the group was crowded around him, arguing and punching him until he put the phone on loudspeaker.

“What are you doing calling us? Don’t you have some American girls to be hooking up with?” Joon scoffed as the others laughed and even Jooheon chuckled down the phone. Jooheon was shaking his head as he sat in the dorm room he was currently living in, he looked at the screen of his laptop and chuckled as he accepted the payment deposit.

“I’m not like you Joon” Jooheon shot back and they all laughed at him.

“What’s happening Jooheon?” Taeyong asked, snatching the phone from Hoseok and taking it off loudspeaker so he and Jooheon could speak while the rest sighed.

“Arrogant asshole” Kyungil sighed as Jimin shook his head and watched Taeyong eagerly talking down the phone to Jooheon. Changkyun looked away as Taeyong spoke loudly down the phone, of course, he couldn’t leave Jooheon out of the game, Changkyun tried his best not to listen as Taeyong filled Jooheon in on everything he had been missing.

“Changkyun” Jimin clicked his fingers in front of his face, snapping Changkyun out of the daze he had fallen into and Changkyun stared at Jimin as he shoved the phone at him. Hoseok gave him a shove so he was on his feet and Changkyun wordlessly walked out of hearing range from the group.

“Jooheon” He greeted and he heard Jooheon release a deep breath through the phone.

“Are they really trying to bring Y/N into their games?” He asked and Changkyun hummed in response, he could feel Jooheon shaking his head over the phone.

“Does Y/N know what they’re trying to do?” He asked and Changkyun nodded.

“She knows they want something to do with her, but I don’t know if she knows exactly what they want with her”

“Damn it” Jooheon hissed, there was a sudden ache in his head and Jooheon used his free hand to rub his temple painstakingly as Changkyun bit his lip nervously.

“How do we get them to put their attention on someone else?” Jooheon sighed and Changkyun frowned as he looked back at his loud, perverted friends.

“I don’t think we can” Changkyun admitted, sorrow coming through his words of truth as Jooheon sighed again.

“Are you involved in this game Changkyun?” Jooheon asked him seriously and the question caused his brows to meet on his forehead.

“I never said I was in the game” He responded and Jooheon gave a bitter chuckle in return.

“But you know exactly what that means to them Changkyun” Changkyun frowned, he knew where this was going.

“I never said I was going to join the game either, neither of us has said anything. And you know that means. We’re included now” Those were the words Changkyun never wanted to hear.

“But hey, maybe it’s a good thing we’re playing too” Jooheon shrugged as he fell back into the comfort of his two-seater couch.

“How could this be a positive thing in any sort of way Jooheon? If we’re playing that means they expect us to actually do something in an attempt to have sex with Y/N” Changkyun snapped at him and Jooheon chuckled.

“Exactly Changkyun, but the virginity taking would be behind closed doors, wouldn’t it? So who said we actually had to have sex with Y/N to make them think the game was over?” Changkyun bit down on his lip again, he stared at his foot scuffing against the tiled floor in contemplation.

“Then who would do it? Who’s going to pretend to take her virginity, you or me Jooheon? Are you really brave enough to do that for Y/N?”

“Wow Changkyun, I thought you would have jumped straight into the main role here, instead you’re asking me all these questions. Does that mean you’re too scared to do this for Y/N Changkyun?” Jooheon asked in return and Changkyun immediately scowled.

“I would do anything to protect Y/N don’t you underestimate me Lee Jooheon” Changkyun snarled and Jooheon laughed down the phone at him.

“Aw, look at the big tough boy trying to step up for the girl he loves, when will you ever confess your feelings Changkyun? Maybe if you had already done it she would be by your side and the target wouldn’t have been on Y/N in the first place”

“What are you doing trying to blame this on me Jooheon? Maybe if you had done the same Y/N could have been with you and like you said, the others wouldn’t have put the target on her back” Changkyun’s voice lowered and he scowled in the direction of his friend’s table.

“Remember this game is a race Im Changkyun, the best man wins and I’m not going to go easy on you” Jooheon hung up after spitting his threat and Changkyun walked back to the table with his hands clenched in fists as he kept a dark look on his face.

“Damn it did he seriously hang up? I didn’t even get to talk to him, he’s still an arrogant fool” Wonshik growled as he watched Changkyun return the phone to its original owner and Changkyun glowered at him.

“Look who’s talking”


You couldn’t believe your luck, was your teacher really that blind to the pure hatred you never failed to express towards this boy? The one so arrogant you believed his dick made all his thoughts not the brain uselessly stored in his skull. He was too proud for his own sake and you wanted to vomit all over the sex appeal he was constantly trying to drown you in.

And your teacher should have known that. I mean if the death stares you gave him and the sarcastic comments you gave just at the sound of his voice didn’t indicate so, then could they rely on the countless arguments that had to broken up by the very person pairing you with him?

You looked at your teacher with a flat expression as he came to sit next to you, nonverbally telling them that you were so, so not impressed by their pairing choice.

“Wow, I feel as if I’ve struck gold, wait let me change that, because gold could never compare to you” You turned to scowl at Jimin and he just gave you one of his bright cheesy grins that forced his eyes shut as he shared his feeling of delight with the people around him.

“Go find some gold Jimin, I don’t want you here” You muttered, laying your head on your folded arms so you didn’t have to look at his smile that was not going to falter no matter what you said to him.

“You make me out to be a lot worse than I really am Y/N, why can’t you take a second away from all that scowling to appreciate how nice I truly am?” You briefly lifted your head again to look him up down and before letting your head fall back onto your folded arms.

“Nice could never be associated with you Park Jimin, not under any circumstances” You spat back as Jimin sighed and gave a shake of his head.

“It’s because of that Song Kyungil isn’t it?”

“I don’t like anyone who breathes the same air as him, let alone someone who acts like a shorter, dumber and more perverted version of him” You grumbled and you listened as Jimin slapped a hand over his heart and hissed in mock pain.

“Ow, that really hearts my pure heart Y/N, right in the heart, you stabbed me with your cold eyes and cruel words” He wheezed and you didn’t even look up this time as you shrugged.

“You’ll get over that pain of yours” Changkyun watched with dark eyes from across the classroom as Jimin tried to force your attention on him. He was still scowling from his previous phone call with the person who he thought was meant to be his like-minded friend, and now he had to witness this.

“Changkyun?” You looked up, meeting the eyes of your male best friend with confusion, he was holding your hand with a warm grip. Im Changkyun was initiating contact with you, and he wasn’t flinching away.

“Don’t forget I’m walking you home Y/N” Your eyes widened as he leant in, his breath briefly fanning your face as he used his fingers to brush your hair away from your face. Jimin watched on, intrigued by what his fidgety friend was doing and Jimin’s eyes became double their size, just like yours did once again when you felt Changkyun’s lips on your cheek.

“I’ll walk you to your locker too” Changkyun muttered by your ear, making sure it was still loud enough for Jimin to hear. The two of you sat in shock as Changkyun stood straight again, taking his hand that was previously resting on yours and storing it in the pocket of his pants as he gave you a dazzling smile and turned away from you.

Changkyun’s smile instantly fell from his lips and instead he walked back to his randomly selected partner with wide, shocked eyes as he replayed his sudden actions in his head again.

“Why’d you do that?” Your female best friend asked him as he sat down next to her. What were the chances? Changkyun had previously chuckled to himself through his bitterness when both their names were read out together. But now he couldn’t do that, instead, he cursed himself for his impulsive actions.

“I have absolutely no idea if I must be honest” Changkyun quietly answered her and she smiled knowingly as she turned her stare to you, who was sitting, frozen in the place Changkyun had left you. With your mouth ajar and your face turning a bright red, Jimin stared at you, then at Changkyun and back to you in the same sort of shock as you.

“Wow, something strange happens every day in this place” She shook her head and went back to the work before her.

I’m finally back with part two! What did you guys think of it? Be sure to let me know, oh, and the next part of The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader will be posted soon!


It’s been 3000 years since i didnt draw anything undertale related so ya here’s shitty ddl

me @ today honestly.

AND ANOTHER THING aa4 brought up but was never discussed again was how easy it is to bend the truth (ie “I never said this was my locket. I said this was a locket with my daughter’s picture in it").

Can you imagine if a witness or even the Big Bad in aa7 very nearly gets away with everything because they’re not technically lying?

There’s no contradictions in their testimony, no psych-locks are showing up bc they’re not keeping the secret close to their heart at all–they’re practically saying it over and over on in court on the witness stand, but it amounts to nothing bc it’s calmly, coolly explained away. Apollo can’t find any nervous tics bc they’re not nervous at all. They’re not lying. Athena can’t detect any noise, their emotions are just … lining up with the testimony. The idea of pathological liars is proposed, but then … where are the psych-locks?

Who could possibly think of every possible outcome and plan for a response so meticulously? Who could possibly be motivated to keep an outrageous amount of control over seemingly trivial details? Who would go to such lengths, because it all reeks of a grudge?

Kristoph Gavin.

@haikyuudoods pretty setter inoue takayuki seems like the sort of guy whose smile can say a lot of things. “are you sure you shouldnt be resting right now?” “is it wise to push yourself when youre already exhausted?” 



Okay. Latest chapter, Chapter 11(mag)/8(vol), just came out and I AM SO CONFUSED. 

At first, I thought Yuiji sent the text and Kyousuke just picked up his phone and looked at it, but I was reminded that Yamato is listed as “Yamato” on Yuiji’s phone. So. That’s Kyousuke’s phone. and. Kyousuke. Sent the text. Why would he do that??

It would be just way too weird plot wise, if Kyousuke just turned out to be secretly in the closet and also reallyyy weird if Kyousuke is just doing something really mean by messing with Yamato’s feelings.

The best thing a friend and I came up with was that Kyousuke was just using casual speech?? Like, I know in English, some people say things like, “yo, my friend, let’s go on a date” or aka “yo, friend, let’s meet up.” And that would fit Kyousuke’s personality, but would that be it? But that seems like a really lame way to generate confusion on Yamato’s side, and I wouldn’t really expect that from sensei?

Another reason: the translator just mistranslated “let’s hang out” into “date”, but that also seems like a weirdly important thing to mistranslate. 

I know the Koimonogatari fandom on this site is like the size of a grain of sand, but if you guys have any ideas of why Kyousuke sent that text, please tell me?? because i dont think i can handle waiting one month for the next chapter to figure out what THAT LAST PAGE MEANS