im a machinist

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               ❛ ARE YOU ALRIGHT ? Stranger or not, the princess couldn’t help the way her brow furrowed, her delicate form nearing in attempts to inspect . She was worried, she couldn’t help herself; she often accidentally conjured up false negativity in someone’s well-being in hopes to help them. His face looked sad and Peach could only assume the worst, prepared to do whatever necessary to help.


I tried to do an original drawing in Alisters style. I used oil pastels which were an awful choice because they smeared everywhere, but I’m happy with the result. I think I’ll try and redraw it since I have an idea now. (I had no plan in my head  I just went along with whatever I drew)  


So, Im like 2 days late, but this is a master piece! God, I hope there’s more to come soon!!!