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So basically the lovely and amazing @sweesters​ met AJ in the elevators of the airport a few (?) hours ago and he recognised her because she has met him before, and the conversation went from fan-art to FANFICTION and then MY FIC CAME UP. AJ himself brought up my fic???? And he has read it! 

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just saw someone trying to put down trans lars headcanons by saying it’s a kid show and stuff like that shouldn’t/isn’t in kids shows

like? Trans kids exist. Think of how huge it would be to have a character like that. I WISH my shows as a kid had trans boys. Maybe I wouldn’t be as deep in dysphoria as I am rn if I knew trans boys were a thing back then.

The existence of trans characters are no more profane or unsuitable for kids than the queer couples already in the show (which aren’t profane or unsuitable either).

Also, aren’t all the gems nb?

gradence fic rec list!

this fandom is filled with such talented people, i hope people take time to read their work! this list will be updated whenever i read another certain amount of fic to add to it! all fics are complete unless stated otherwise.

  • * callay has other amazing ficlets on their tumblr!

that song where they dance together in part 1 of the s4 finale got me thinking… so many great possibilities

(2nd one is transparent! if u wanna use it for a sidebar or smth pls credit me!)

hi its almost 3am and my internet is still broken but ive been playing in a save that i dont post and having sooo much fun with it and simultaneously having a mental breakdown bc i feel too old to be spending all of my time on the internet but im too shy to actually speak to anyone irl so thats how my absence has been going!!! i hope ur all doing v well and staying happy and hydrated ❤️❤️❤️ be kind to each other my friends


Yeah, I’m no angel, I’m just me
But I will love you endlessly

Endlessly - The Cab

2009!Phan x 2015!Phan because an anon gave me the idea and for the pheels <3