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Happy 25th Birthday to Everyone’s Favourite Meme Lord, Daniel Howell!


“My brother is two years older than me and he was brilliant at everything, it seemed. He was captain of the cricket and rugby teams. We had this rather archaic system of head boys and prefects at my school. I was in my fourth year - in Scotland we finish school in our sixth year - and my brother had become head boy and brilliant at everything: academia, sports. In fact, all the things I wasn’t good at. Then he left and I couldn’t get my head round anything, so I became depressed and got in trouble a lot. I remember my mother driving me one night through heavy rain, with the windscreen wipers going. It was the first half term of my fifth year and she said that she’d spoken to my dad and that I could leave school if I wanted to. I’d only assumed that I’d have to stick it out until I was 18, but here I was being offered the chance to leave at 16. My whole world opened up. I couldn’t believe it. And I was out, as soon as she said those words.” - Ewan Gordon McGregor

the signs when playing mario kart

Aries: throwin all kindsa shells (especially the blue shells) and pushing everyone off the edge
Taurus: IM WINNING OH MY GOD THIS IS GRE-oh i lost.. meh i didn’t really wanna play anyway
Gemini: talks the whole time and telling jokes, or trash talking when theyre losing
Virgo: *uses strategy and picks only the best players and carts*
Libra: lmao im winning cuz i chose the best cart and cutest player, im so awesome
Scorpio: ..if you touch me or throw any shells at me i swear i will hurt your family.. *glares*
Sagittarius: laughing at anything and everything thats going on
Aquarius: picks a zany cart and character and ends up winning after being in last the whole time
Pisces: UGH I HATE THIS GAME I SWEAR TO GO-oh, look, im winning!! i love this game lol

all i want for christmas

advent calender day eleven - for marymorevnasbellamy/raven + mistletoe

Here’s the thing: Bellamy doesn’t get jealous. He gets mad, a lot, and annoyed and hurt and upset, sure. But he doesn’t get jealous.

Which is why it definitely doesn’t bother him that Raven is spending most of her free time with Wick. Definitely not.

After all, it’s totally logical. They work together, they’re old friends, they know each other. They like each other. It doesn’t bother him. In fact, he’s happy for her. It’s been a long year and they’ve only just scored their first major win in the war against the Mountain Men, by rescuing their friends. They have a lot more to do but it’s almost Christmas. Raven deserves to spend her first holidays on Earth with her friends.

Bellamy frowns at the doorway to the engineering tent. This is ridiculous.

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Happy Birthday Miyuki Kazuya (11/17)


Elevator (Pt. 1/2)

Summary: Reader is having a bad day, but a small gesture from her hella cute neighbour makes it a little better.

This is an AU set in the city, I envisioned the reader to be in university. This drabble is a prelude to a request from @satanicedition

Here’s Part Two

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 670

Warnings: mild swearing

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There was little she knew she could do for herself to make her feel better. Not with the scattered pieces of post-it notes from school bursting out from her notebook that she had to sort through. Not with presentations and projects that were due in the coming week and were not close to completion. Not with the lack of clean underwear in her drawer because she just remembered she had forgotten to do her laundry the night before.

Not to mention, rent was due the following week.

She unwittingly externalised her internal sulking as she furrowed her eyebrows and grunted. She hoped no one else on the bus heard her. But then again, everyone probably felt the same way. Ah, the plight of modern existence, a universally depressing shared experience.

A stocky figure rose up from his seat when the bus reached its stop, followed by the man beside him. 

Oh, him.

She wasn’t in the mood for small talk or fake smiles with her neighbour even though she had the hots for him for a while now.

Today the resting bitch face stays. She deserved to be able to sulk as much as she wanted after all that the day had put her through. 

Although, she didn’t want him to have to see her like that, so she breezed past him with the quickest brisk walk her aching feet and tensed-up calves could manage. She hopped off the bus and headed straight for the lift of their apartment. Her goal? To get in the lift before him.

And she thought she nailed it, shuffling in with the old lady from the third floor, and her dog, and the young couple living on the fifth. But a gloved hand cut through the closing doors and he squeezed his way through, with his friend following behind him. Darn it.

She avoided eye contact, keeping herself busy checking emails on her phone. She knew he knew that she knew him. And vice versa. Being the antisocial chick she accidentally became, she never greeted, never batted an eye when she passed him in the hallway or outside the apartment building. (That’s not to say she never stole glances at him as he walked away.) She could have sworn he hesitated and almost said hi the first time after they were introduced to each other by the landlady when she moved in. It’s too bad she burned that bridge when she walked straight into her apartment after that, ignoring him completely.

The elevator dinged as it reached the eighth floor – their floor.

She was about to get the lift door, as she always did. As much she was grumpier than that internet meme, she liked holding the door for people. Something about making their day a little easier, something about being the last to leave. This time, he got it first.

His friend made his way out first. Another stocky, really hunky, blonde man. And she followed after.

“Thank you,” she smiled at him, genuinely this time. Her heart pounded as she spoke those words. She hadn’t spoken to him first before.

“My pleasure, you’re welcome,” he replied quickly after. She was too shy to look him in the eye to hear his response.

As she made her way to her door, she heard his friend tease, “Quite the gentleman, are we?”

“Ah, um, well I had to,” he stammered.

The smile wouldn’t leave her face as she entered her apartment.

She was wrong. Somehow the day got better.

Her cute neighbour wasn’t just cute, he was a frickin’ gentleman too. Chivalry isn’t dead hallelujah!

She promised herself she would talk to him the next time round. How could she have been ignoring such a gem all this while?

“Y/N, it’s been two months. Are you still thinking about the elevator thing? I hold the door for you all the time you ungrateful bitch!” Natasha joked.

Yes, she was still thinking about it. And every time she thought about it, it made her heart warm. It reminded her there was good in this world, that lived right next door to her.

One problem, even though he was supposedly next door, she hadn’t seen him around the apartment block for a while now. Where has this beautiful, blue-eyed, dark-haired knight in shining armour gone to?

im sorry inception is taking so long, but here’s something in the mean time! this is based off a real thing but im such a loser who cant talk to boys properly ugh. wish me luck when school starts and i see him again lmaooo

so i forgot to tell y'all but i actually met 14 y/o james potter at this training program last week i swear it was him and i spent half the week sitting next to him asking him in whispers for the answers to shit bc he was so profoundly talented and intelligent, so much more than the adults in the room and he even challenged the teacher and won bc he was such a cocky little shit but he was ALSO HILARIOUS like so fucking hilarious i was in stitches the entire time and he had this bff who sat across the room (BC THEY HAD TO BE SEPARATED like james and sirius) and they’d periodically say something out loud and make the entire room crack up and they’d have these inside jokes with each other that i didnt even get but i’d be laughing anyways bc their laughs were so contagious and they were so stupid but amazing to be around and he had BLACK UNRULY HAIR and wore GLASSES and his style was IMPECCABLE like his fathers for fucks sake and he was very very well-off like his father owned three companies and he was such a mummys boy like he would lean against his mother and put his arms around her neck while smirking during activities and everything he did was jAMES POTTER and im a loser bc i loved him automatically ugh