im a loser get over it


mayo: -got more wins in both battle ranks-

ketchup: ITS NOT FAIR

seriously guys, dont be such babies. we lost, they won. if youre gonna act like this then you deserve to lose, theres always next splatfest. they won fair and square so get over it!! both teams fought hard but theres nothing that can be done abt it now!!

The Losers Club Getting Drunk- Parks and Rec
  • Beverly: This vodka Richie stole is basically rat poison. everybody is wasted.
  • Eddie: I didn't even say ONE Thing- even say ONE thiNG na d he ask me the WHOL E thig and I didnt even do it ONCe
  • Bill: Im like.. a elephant. i-i-if-if i walk in a room is like.. o-okay! he's there!
  • Ben: I am gonna tell u.. that bitch over there *points to beverly* Imma gonna tel.. i have to brag
  • Eddie, finally calm: *giggles*.. bababooey
  • Richie: AY TURN THIS MUSIC DOWN.. *belts guns and roses and thrashes wildly*
  • Stan: *ranting loudly in hebrew with unlit cigarette in hand*
  • Mike: *laughing wildly* *slowly morphs into coughing fit*
  • Mike one min later: *dancing terribly to girls just wanna have fun*
the losers club go to the snow ball

i literally wrote this because @elisebazinga made the cutest gif edit of richie and eddie at a dance and now im crying over the thought of the losers going to the snow ball

- mike, richie, stan, lucas and bill all get ready together in mike’s basement and they’re all trying to tie each other’s ties and do their hair in one tiny mirror

- richie is freaking out because he can’t find the right blazer to wear and when stan asks why he just yells “BECAUSE EDDIE LIKES COLOUR COORDINATION, STANLEY”

- bill straightens stan’s bowtie for him just before they leave and they both kind of stare at each other in awe

- “you l-luh-look great, stan”

- “come on lover boys, we’re gonna be late!” lucas most likely

- loser mike and ben get ready together at dustin’s house and they help dustin style his hair just like steve instructed

- “you look great dude, max is gonna love it”

- ben wears a cute little maroon suit and mike is so proud of his best bud because he’s gonna ask bev to dance with him

- steve picks the three of them up and just grins at their outfits because they all look so good and he’s so proud of his sons

- at will’s house, bev, max, eleven and eddie are all getting ready and eddie is sitting with eleven helping her with her hair and she’s so nervous

- “you look amazing, el, trust me, mike’s gonna be blown away”

- “so will richie when he sees you” eddie blushes like a mad man

- beverly does max and eleven’s make up and both girls are so grossed out by the lipstick and blush but they let her work her magic anyway

- will is nervous about going to school with loads of people he doesn’t like but eddie promises to stay by his side the entire night

- joyce takes about a thousand photos of all of them because they all look so cute

- and she drives them all and waves them off with tears in her eyes because she’s so proud of them all

- the three groups take goofy photos together with jonothan laughing at them

- the losers and stranger kids all gather in a big group and are just staring at each other because damn, they clean up good

- richie stares at eddie as he walks across the room and it all goes slow motion and stan has to hit him to make him stop

- “eddie…you look amazing”

- “yeah, you too trashmouth”

- the second ‘time after time’ plays over the speakers everyone goes red because shit, this is a slow song, what do we do??

- when dustin can’t find anyone to dance beverly dances with him for a short while and ben is more than happy to let her because dustin is his best friend and deserves all the love

- he and mike dance together and everyone loves it

- will awkwardly accepts dancing with a girl but he keeps glancing at the boys like ‘help me’ 

- eddie encourages lucas to ask max to dance and nearly squeals when they do because he ships them so hard

- mike obvs asks eleven to dance, leaving eddie, richie, stan and bill alone

- “oh for fucks sake bill just ask him to dance already”

- bill awkwardly pulls stan to the dance floor but they eventually end up hugging and swaying to the beat and it’s so damn cute

- “so…what do you wanna do now, eds?”

- “i wanna dance”

- “o-oh, okay?”

- eddie grins and drags richie by the hand to the middle of the dance floor and he shows two left feet tozier how to slow dance

- richie is concentrating so hard not to step on eddie’s toes and eddie is just slowly falling in love with every second

- when max and lucas kiss eddie and bev just tearfully smile at each other

- when mike and eleven kiss richie cheers and high fives mike when eleven isn’t looking

- and when eddie pulls richie down by the collar to finally kiss him, mostly because he’s rambling and needs him to shut up, lucas and dustin cheer and everyone in their group wolf whistle

- “finally” stan would mutter with a grin as he and bill dance together

- “maybe i should t-tuh-take richie’s advice after all” bill says and stan blushes before kissing bill because fuck it

- at the end of the night jonothan gets them all to take one big group photo together in their outfits and he prints like 100 copies so everyone and their parents can have one

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idk if you do this kind of stuff but you should totally do some hcs about stozier friendship! like richie is dating eddie and bill is dating stan but like i need some stozier friendship in my life

- when reddie and stenbrough go shopping together Stan and Richie are the ones arryingaround the bags of clothes, food etc and moaning the whole time.

- They go for coffee together before school on fridays, and then they either go to the movies or they go to like nandos or wendys or something to eat, fridays is strictly a Stozier day okay??,,

- Sometimes Stan complains about Bills habits and Richie will wiggle his eyebrows and say stuff jokingly like “hey, if Big Bills not doing it for ya anymore, you know where to find me” 

- Whenever Eddie sits next to Bill at the movies, lunch, in the car or whatever, Richie will sit next to Stan and make kissy noises with and kiss stans cheeks to try and make Eddie jealous, Eddie obvs just ignores him but Bill is an angsty boi so he gets a little red “bitch i hope tf you do” 

- Listen, Stans a frickin PRO at being romantic so whenever Richies in the doghouse, he’ll rush over to Stans and ask for ideas on how to woo him over. 

- Richie likes to purposefully point out Stans hickies in public

- They have their own language?? like it’s english but it just wont make any sense to anybody and they’ll be the only ones to find it funny. Richie will call Stan like “a soggy sandwich” and Stan will reply with “bonk bonk, ricardo” or some shit and they’ll be in stitches for atleast 45 minutes 

- okay this ones a lil nsfw but obvs Reddie “did it” way before Stenbrough, so i imagine Stan getting all nervous bc he’s going around to Bills to stay the night and they’re gonna be all alone so it’s very likely they’re gonna be geting FRiskY tonIGHt, and Stans freaking out so he goes over to Richies and he makes a few jokes about it @ first but then he’s a complete sweetheart and guides Stan through what feels good and what to do essentially and Stans like “yeah as if im gonna take advice off of this loser” and then when he comes to it he freaks out and the advice Richie gave him replays in his head, this leads to an AMAZING night okay? like AMAZING

look i just love my bois, as best friends, boyfriends anything i just love my bois

falling for you (reddie)

summary: the winter formal is coming around, and everyone is scrambling to find dates. eddie is hoping that maybe the signs richie’s been giving him means that richie will ask him, but is disappointed when he learns that richie has accepted another date.

pairing: reddie

word count: 2.9k

warnings: none

a/n: this is my first reddie writing and one shot (it’s fuckin’ long im sorry, i probs should’ve broke it up in parts), so i hope it’s not too horrible. i haven’t read the book yet, only seen the movie/tv series, so i don’t know all of the nuances yet! i’ll do my best <3 feedback and comments/likes are appreciated and welcomed! oh also. the losers are around 16/17, taking place in modern times. some things might be different but i hope you welcome it

OH. song of the one shot is fallingforyou by the 1975. i listened to it while writing so maybe i’ll get you in the right mood

“gaaaay!” the losers looked over towards the end of their cafeteria table, not one of them surprised to see the person behind the call was none other than richie tozier.

despite richie being the only one to not have the same lunch period as them, he still managed to get out of history to come and bother the gang.

“beep. beep. richie.” stan pronounced each word with a hard pause, a slight glare finding his features as he gripped his boyfriend, bill’s, hand tighter.

“i’m just joking around. don’t get your damn panties in a twist, staniel..” the trashmouth grinned, taking a seat in the spot that he normally sat in - right next to eddie. “besides, everyone knows i ship stenbrough so hard.” a lanky arm was tossed around eddie’s shoulders, one which he shrugged off just as quickly in protest of his behavior.

everyone was used to richie’s antics, and ignored them for the most part. though, that hardly ever stopped tozier from continuing them. “mike, have you found a date to the winter formal yet?” beverly questioned across the table, leaning into ben’s side as his eyes glossed over homework reading instead of focusing on the lunch in front of him.

ahh. winter formal. in a small town like derry, maine, a school dance was something highly anticipated. buzz generally began weeks before.

“i’m stuck between rosie and taylor. you guys think they’d be down for a threeway date?”

as it was now, bill and stan, and ben and bev were supppsed to be attending the dance as couples, respectively. the only three without dates was richie, eddie, and mike.

the dance was only a week out, and eddie found himself shifting uncomfortably at the talk of the dance. he wasn’t sure that he would attend, but a huge part of him was hoping that he would be forced to go if a certain someone asked him to be their date.

“sure they would! who wouldn’t want some mclovin from you, mike? be careful, though. having two love interests can get preeeetty messy. eds and his mom would know.”

a frown crossed eddie’s face as he shoved richie’s shoulder gently. “beep beep richie! and don’t call me that! y’know i hate it when you call me that.” the frown on eddie’s face didn’t quite match the now hammering of his heart after registering that richie had identified him as a love interest. maybe eddie was reading too much into his joking. maybe richie’s increased flirting and touches was just him trying to be more annoying than usual.

“are you and eddie p-planning on g-g-going to the dance?” bill questioned, shooting a knowing look in both richie and eddie’s direction, causing eddie’s cheeks to lightly flush a pink while averting his gaze down onto his untouched food.

richie turned his attention on eddie, a small smile finding his lips as he stared at the pretty, small, teenage boy. it had taken him a few days to decide whether he wanted to go big with his formal date invitation to eddie or not.

it would have been his first time asking eddie out.

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the losers club as things the group chat have said

eddie: hope the guy i made out with didn’t give me any diseases xxx

stan: me, sobbing: I HTE YOU SO MUCH

ie: my ass decided to hOTBOX during kunxyb(which is almost over) and i remember halfway through that ithe have tWo more classes

bev: god no drama boooooooooring

bill: Anyways sorry needed to get that out of my system here’s a meme to say thanks

ben: im a full-blown libra except I have none of the positive qualities sfjsdf

mike: morning losers 😤

onus georgie: I’m back from the dead

aunt may’s contact name for peter: do yo thang baby smurf

peter’s contact name for aunt may: that sore loser who i beat in monopoly fair and square and she took away my pokémon cards for a whole week and she said i would get over it but this contact name will prove to her that i —

ok now im thinking about punk!bev as well as punk!richie so heres those two being bffs:

  • the 90s is the Height of Punk for these two and theyre 18 and “adults” and while they still act like children they also make stupid mistakes that theyre legally allowed to do now. which means tattoos. bev and richie most definitely get matching tattoos, just something small, but richies is on his shoulder and bevs is on her wrist and theyre out in the open. the losers club (read: bill and eddie) yelled for a while but then got over with it and actually thought it was really sweet and nice
  • clothes sharing!!!! bev wears all of richies flannels bc theyre huge on her and she loves the bagginess and she also loves all the patches that she sewed on herself bc the one time richie attempted to do it he sewed through his finger and stained the shirt with blood. its still bloody to this day
  • richie cutting bevs hair for her or shaving the parts at the back that she cant get to herself and he also helps her dye it. they match dyes and richie w a pink streak and bev w her pink hair is adorable. bff goals
  • they have matching denim jackets too, richies w the sleeves ripped off of course, and they read “losers club” on the back in shoddy black paint and are covered with patches and pins that are relevant to their own personal fav bands and interests. both have spikes on the shoulders and the lgbt flag somewhere bc these two r obviously gay. (they make sure to get the other guys friendship bracelets or write “the losers club” on their bags so they can also match)
  • going to shows together is fun bc bev can handle herself in the pit and thats great bc richie can hardly look after himself so he didnt want to have to protect someone else. he’s broke his glasses too many times to risk bev getting injured or hurting herself. plot twist: shes always looking after a hurt richie (one time they stumbled back into town and richie was cradling a bleeding nose and eddie went Off The Handle. bev and rich just laughed)

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I'm feeling kinda down can I get some reddie hcs maybe popular richie, Grunge richie, Pastel Eddie?

aw im sorry my love, i hope you feel good soon x


- richie would get popular for a couple of reasons

- his humor, that kid could make ANYONE laugh (or groan because his jokes are corny or crude, there’s no inbetween)

- and because damn…puberty was kind to richie tozier

- he used to be small and geeky then he grew like 10 feet and now all the girls, and some boys, fawn over him

- “there’s plenty of me to go around ladies, please!”

- the losers think this is the worst thing ever because now richie’s massive ego is just getting bigger and bigger

- “he’s not even that attractive” said a lying eddie kaspbrak as he grew more jealous every second

- richie wouldn’t let it get to his head tho, he’d still be super humble and willing to help out the kids that got bullied

- henry would back off slightly because richie managed to grow taller than him and gain more muscle thanks to helping ben at the farm on weekends for extra cash

- everyone respected him for standing up for others and also for not leaving his original group behind, richie will always call himself a loser

grunge!richie and pastel!eddie:

- richie would always be wearing the same leather jacket and ripped jeans to school and eddie would say he hated it because he looked like he just rolled out of bed but honestly he loved it because richie looked so handsome in all black

- richie would usually be smoking every time you saw him, but eddie asked him to try and quit so he uses strawberry pencil sweets as an alternative

- eddie just tells him he’ll rot his teeth

- “because i’m so sugary sweet, eds?”

- “no because all you eat is fucking junk food”

- eddie would be his little, smiley boyfriend who always wore peach sweaters and light wash jeans and loved holding his tall, punk boyfriend’s hand

- they looked like polar opposites but they loved it

- eddie sometimes threaded flowers into richie’s hair when his ‘allergies’ weren’t playing up

- richie likes painting his nails black but now only paints his pink finger a light pink for eddie

- eddie paints his pink finger black for richie

- they always hold each other’s pinkies now and bev gushes at how adorable it is

- unbeknown-st to the people of derry, eddie is feistier than richie and would beat up henry bowers in a heartbeat if he wasn’t so cute looking

- “it’s fine eds, you can be the robin to my batman”

- everyone knew it was really the other way around

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Alrighty so y’know ma boi (Richie) probs eats tons of candy and like at this point it’s just natural for him and what not so he doesn’t really get many sugar highs, but then we have my son (Eddie) who’s mom never lets him have candy and one day the losers just buy tons of candy and he’s all scared about eating it first because dIABETES but then he eats some aND MY BOI GETS ON A SUGAR HIGH AND HE’S SO ENERGETIC ITS THE CUTEST THING EVER?!?!??? (@toomanyfandoms-oops)


BUT YESSS!!!! I’m laughing just thinking about it.









Richie rolls his eyes and looks at Bill, “Is this what I’m like all the time?”

“Surprisingly not-t as ba-ad.”

“LETS STAY UP ALL NIGHT!!! LETS GO…. FOR A JOG! Wait, I need another Snickers first!!!”

“Slow down, cowboy. No you don’t!” Richie says as he grabs the bag of candy and holds it in his lap. Eddie keeps pawing at him to get it back and the other Losers laugh.

…1 hour later….

Eddie’s sugar high is over and he is passed out against Richie’s shoulder while they all watch a movie. Richie has his arm around him and chuckles down at the sleeping boy. 

“I remember my first Reese Cup…”

stenbrough fall headcanons

- stan is literally counting down the days to fall because he loves the idea of bundling up with bill beside the fire and sipping cider

- whenever bill and stan go on walks, bill picks up his favorite leaves and stan presses them between the pages of books and keeps them

- bill loves the way that stan’s nose and cheekbones get all red from the cold on overcast days and the way that the orange sunset glows on his skin and curls when it’s bright out

- they go to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins and take pictures with those terrifying head-cut-out things. they pick out like seven pumpkins and put them in bill’s car then go back to enjoy the festivities. stan gets the hot apple cider every year and bill gets those sugar cookies in the shape of leaves. they get on the hay ride and have a good old time, feeding each other bites of cookie and sipping cider. 

- while bill and stan are picking out pumpkins, stan does a cartwheel and accidentally jams his foot in a pumpkin and loSES HIS SHIT and bill laughs so much he starts crying all the whilst stan is trying to kick the pumpkin off because the “pumpkin guts are getting in my socks!”

- stan has the absolute comfiest fall sweaters and bill desperately tries to squeeze into one 

- around Thanksgiving time, they spend a saturday watching the charlie brown films that have to do with fall. they make tomato soup and curl up on the couch, bill’s arms around stan.

- some days after school, they’ll just sit in stan’s car and watch the leaves fall from trees and listen to “I Melt with You” by Life In The Gladhouse and steal kisses and hold hands

- it’s football season and both mike and bill are on the team, so stan and the other losers go to games and stan wears bill’s letterman jacket because it gets cold at the games. plus bill loves looking in the stands and seeing him wearing it.

- the day after Thanksgiving, bill comes over to stan’s house because his family always has the best leftovers

- stan’s hands get cold super easily whenever they’re outside so bill will take both of his hands between his and squeeze them, or other times they’ll stand toe to toe and stan sticks his hands in bill’s jacket pockets (SOMEONE PLS DRAW THIS IM)

- they go to halloween parties dressed up as SNL skit characters like those freakin spartan cheerleaders and everyone loves it

- when tests and exams roll around for school, bill and stan always study together and they’ll sit across the room from each other and each time one of them gets a question right, the other will throw a candy corn in their mouth. 

um yes hi i love these boys

It’s kind of overdone but here’s a modern day losers club high school au????

- Richie and Eddie are def the gay power couple™ of the school

- Stan and Bill are together but don’t show it off as much???


- proud bf Eddie would be at every football game to watch his boy beat the fuck out of his drums and to cheer on the football team

-speaking of football

- Mike and Ben are def football players

- they both tried out together freshman year and have dominated the team together ever since

- oh my god bev would cheer so fuckin loud for her baby boy ben on the cheer team

- and of course bill would be right alongside trashmouth in the band playing the trumpet!!

-meanwhile in the stands Stan and Eddie are cheering on their bfs and their other friends

- mainly their bfs tho

- when they weren’t at the football games, the gang was at the baseball games rooting for Ed’s and Stan

- thankfully everyone would have at least one other loser in almos every class but when they don’t the lowkey frEAK THE FUCK OUT

- Richie and Stan have pre-cal together and stan wants to die literally everyday in that class lol

- *during a test in a whisper* “Stan please help me I don’t get it” “well maybe if you actually paid attention you would understand” “Stan I’m begging you” “no” “ok if you help me I swear I won’t make fun of you for a whole week” “……….what question do you need”

- my babies ben and bev have chemistry together and everyone obvi makes jokes about it

- mike, bill and eddie share an English class and honestly fall in love with the great gatsby and meet to read it together

- when they weren’t at school everyone was taking turns at each other’s houses to hang out

- no one remembers how it happened but bills house was officially named the trap house???

- they’re all walking home one day and Richie sprints by yelling “RACE YOU FUCKERS TO THE TRAP HOUSE”

- “what the hell does that even mean?” eddie whispered to himself

- the losers gc would be wild as hell

- Stan being stan would send nothing but memes

- mike always being the one to try and organize plans but ultimately giving up each time

- Beverly would have thousands of followers on all social media bc she’s a complete bad ass that ever girl aspires to be

- senior year would be here before they knew and soon they would all be rolling up to prom together looking fly as fuck

- everyone danced till their feet hurt and had the greatest time of their lives

- during a slow dance Richie and Eddie were pressed against each others chest and complete caught up in the moment Richie muttered “im gonna marry you one day” into eddies hair

-eddie fucking melted

- at graduation, stan was valedictorian and made a special speech for the losers club

-they all lost it and bev started the trickle of losers getting out of their seats running up to the front of the stage for a huge group hug

- stan and bill shared a rather passionate kiss in front of everyone and the whole stadium was lowkey shook

- the losers club all walked out hand in hand, posing for all the pictures taken by their parents

- when the night was over and they were all couped up in bens living room they all shared their plans for the future

- everyone’s plan had some mention of staying friends forever


WOW OK THAT WAS THE FIRST THING IVE EVER “WRITTEN” so sorry if it was shit lol

But if you for some reason thought it was good then send me requests for more hc’s or oneshots or anything???

  • Georgi: Now that Viktor's gone, I'm Russia's top skater!
  • Yurio, to Mila: Did he say something we were supposed to listen to?
  • Mila: I stopped listening as soon as he opened his mouth, honestly.
  • Yurio: Just nod, that's more attention than he ever gets anyway.
flirt ✧ junhui

Originally posted by jisoos-princess

fluff, 1543 words, badboy!junhui au who’s really just a cute soft baby featuring supportive friend hansol, request from anonymous: junhui + “wanna go out sometime?”

Junhui sighs heavily, the thought of you crossing his mind again as he watches you pull out a chair in the corner of the library and set your books out neatly in front of you. It’s what feels like the hundredth time he’s seen you today, and also the hundredth time that he hasn’t made a move even though that’s all he wants to do.

His close friend Hansol sits beside him, observing the way his gaze settles comfortably on you and the expression that paints its way across his face. He laughs, “Junhui, if you’re itching so badly to get some then why not just—”

“That’s not what I want,” Junhui scowls, rolling his eyes at the younger boy, who was sometimes a pain in the ass. “I just…”

“Yeah, I get it,” says Hansol, clasping his hands together dramatically before he proposes, “you want to go up and confess your undying love and be together for all eternity. I’m right, aren’t I?”

“God, you’re so annoying sometimes.”

“But it’s true, isn’t it?”

Junhui definitely can’t dodge that question. Frankly, anyone with a functioning pair of eyes would be able to tell that he was head over heels for you, and had no plans to hide any of the shameless flirting. It was confident of him, to always be trying to win you over like that, but beneath all the layers of what bordered arrogance and over-the-top cockiness was just a boy who was a stuttering, blushing mess around the person he liked.

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Anonymous said to ask-kimdaily: top five namjoon hairstyles?? (my personal fave is his cotton candy hair from war of hormone)

1. Pinkmon will always hold #1 on my heart forever and ever until I die see that L right there thats me for Loser because im the biggest loser for pinkmon :(

2. Eggmon was the cutest dorkiest cut it always turns my :( into :’(((( because I weep everytime it comes on my dash

3. I will also probs never get over grapemon tbh

4. I really loved his silver hair esp if it’s styled like this!!!

5. One of my fav all time looks!!!! SOFT AND FLUFFY IS HOW HIS HAIR SHOULD ALWAYS BE

the losers as things ive done

bill: got too excited by a goldfish i was taking home when i was walking down the street so i walked into a lamp post while looking at the bag

stan: told a crying girl before she got on a rollercoaster that “no ones ever died on here” to comfort her which only made her cry harder

ben: asked for a fanta in mcdonalds but the machine wasnt working so it was just soda water n i was too awkward to say anything so i sat there gagging and drinking it

mike: sat on the pavement for around 20 minutes calling a cat over and waiting to pet it (i succeeded)

eddie: got out of the bath n looked in the mirror n saw a mark on my boob, started freaking out n i thought i had some issue w/ my skin. turns out it was chocolate

richie: tells every doctor that i meet that im gay to watch them get all awkward after they talk about me having a boyfriend + contraception

beverly: chased after a car for 10 mins shouting and swearing at the driver bc they beeped at me for crossing the road when the lights were still on red

Friday, I’m In Love 1/5

Inspired by this marvellous prompt, courtesy of the delightful @losvers-clubb: “(IM BASING THIS OFF OF “Friday I’m in love” by the CURE) Okay so what if on Monday Eddie is feeling kinda upset over Richie because he talks about a really cute girl in his class, Tuesday and Wednesday Richie kinda flirts with her. Eddie pretends to be sick of Thursday and doesn’t even wanna get out of bed to hear this bullshit (but it was all a plan to make Eds jealous) so that night Rich crawls into his window and confesses his love at 12 am on Friday”

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: The Losers are all 17/18 in this, and in year 12 at high school. I haven’t read any Reddie fics or imagines that are in 1st person, but it’s my favourite style to write in, so this will be in Eddie’s POV.

Playlist: here


From the second I woke up this morning, I was dreading coming to school. My mind was consumed with thoughts of Richie, and only Richie. Of Richie when he walks me to my classes. Richie when he rests his head on my shoulder when we are watching movies. Richie and his curly hair. Richie and the way he smells. Richie, Richie, Richie.

It hadn’t been like this before the weekend. Before Friday night, everything was fine. Everything was normal. Every Friday night Richie would climb through my window. We would watch a bunch of movies until really late, then he would sneak out the way he came back in. Well, not last Friday.

“That was SO boring!” Richie exclaimed.

“C’mon, Dirty Dancing is an amazing movie!” I said feeling slightly offended that I’d shown Richie this cinematic masterpiece, and he was simply shutting it down.

“Amazing? You call that amazing, Eds?”

“Hey, don’t call me that!” Richie ignored my comment and continued on with his rant.

“You know what movie actually IS amazing? Jaws!”

Feeling so wrapped up in this argument, I didn’t notice how close mine and Richie’s faces were.

“Jaws? You want to go there, Tozier?!”

“Yeah, Kaspbrak. I do! Name a better movie than Jaws.”

“Fine. How abo-“

I was cut off. I didn’t know what by at first until I felt a lasting tingle and the taste of smoke on my lips. My eyes closed for a split second before I realised what was happening and I pulled my face away from Richie’s. I looked up at him and his face was redder than a tomato, eyes wide behind his large glasses. And before I knew it, Richie was out the window and running down the street.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I hadn’t slept for more than 2 hours for the past 3 nights, and I felt completely exhausted. I was dreading the moment that my mum would drop me off at the school gates and I would see Richie again. What would he be thinking? Was he thinking about me all weekend like I was thinking about him?

However, when I got out of the car this morning, Richie was nowhere to be seen. I walked to our groups usual morning spot and asked everyone if they knew where he was, but Richie hadn’t been seen by anyone all weekend.

I was at my locker getting ready for first period when a tap on my shoulder shocked me and interrupted my swarming thoughts, and suddenly the stack of books I was holding were out of my hands and instead heavy against my feet.

“Ow, ow, ow!” I said, kicking my books away with my now throbbing feet.

“You okay there, Eds?” I heard behind me. I didn’t even need to look to know that it was Richie. So I didn’t. Instead, I walked over and stacked up my books once again, hugging them tightly against my chest.

I turned around to shut my locker, but instead of the locker door, I was greeted with Richie’s chest in my face. Looking up, he was smirking at me. “Sorry about that!” he shrugged.

“Didn’t think you were such a scaredy pants, Eddie Spaghetti.”

“Call me that one more fucking time, Richie, and I’ll-“

“Yeah, yeah. Let’s just get to class, tough guy.”

I let out a huff and Richie pulled on my arm, silently asking me to release my books so that he could carry them like always. I grunted at him and held my books closers to my body, and Richie sighed.

“Well someone forgot to have their fucking bowl of Fruit Loops this morning,” he said.

A sudden wash of guilt came over me and I was about to apologise, but I then remembered what Richie did on Friday and decided to zip my lip. Richie Tozier kissed me. He put his own lips onto my own lips. My best friend.

We walked to class together in silence as opposed to our usual bantering, and I felt incredibly awkward. I don’t remember the last time that Richie didn’t crack a joke or say something to insult my mum when we’ve been in some kind of awkward silence.

Richie opened the door and let me walk into the class and sit in my usual seat, before he wandered in himself and took a seat beside me. Our teacher followed shortly and began preparing the class by writing notes on the board, when Sarah Chaffer, the hottest girl in year 12, took a seat next to Richie.

I tried to focus my attention on what the teacher was saying, but I struggled as I felt Richie’s eyes burning holes into the side of my head. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him shift his gaze from me and onto Sarah, a grin plastered on his freckled face.

“Morning, Sarah,” I heard Richie whisper.

“Hey, Rich,” Sarah whispered back. I could feel the anger slowly rising up inside me. I didn’t want Richie whispering to Sarah Chaffer. I didn’t want him whispering to anyone unless it was me.

“Okay, class. Get on with it. If you have any questions, ask a friend.” The teacher said, and the class filled with various conversations. There was only one conversation in particular that I was interested in, though.

“You change classes or something?” Richie said loudly.

“Uh, yeah. Teacher was being a bitch so they put me in this one.” I saw Richie nod his head slowly.

“Well, you made a fucking shitty choice coming into this class. This teacher’s the worst.”

“Yeah, seems like it,” Sarah laughed. Yeah, she actually laughed at something that Richie said. The jealousy was almost at boiling point. I had never felt such anger towards anything in my life, and it was just over some stupid conversation that Richie was having with a girl. What was wrong with me?

“I’m not going to complain, though,” Richie whispered, clearly thinking that no one besides Sarah could hear. I could practically hear the smirk in his voice. “I’ve been lonely all term with no one sitting in that seat, so it’s all yours.”

Sarah giggled, and that was when I’d had enough. The fact that Richie could make this girl laugh and giggle was too much. The world’s smallest conversation had tipped me over the edge, and everyone in the class looked back and stared at me as my chair scraped against the floor. I glanced at Richie before standing up and walking out of the classroom, leaving all of my belongings on the desk. But I didn’t care. I needed to get away.