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do u ever have huge gay heart feels 100% of the time

today i was telling my gf how much rapturous gay joy i was feeling about just, the world in general, and she told me to shut up and go write a vilanelle and i did that. i wrote a vilanelle about how much i like being a lesbian

Exo Reacting To You Being Worried About Them


You were both laying down in bed and you thought he was sleep so you slowly cuddled closer to him and whispered “ Please stay healthy Jagi.”

Once he heard those words, he then pulled you as close as you can be and whispered back “ I’ll be healthy because I have you.”

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You were both walking along the streets late at night when he accidentally tripped on the uneven pavement. 

“ Are you okay ?” you ask him, slightly panicked.

“Im okay babe, I only tripped on the sidewalk. Nothing big” he said, brushing it off.

“Yeah, nothing big until you fall and hurt yourself really bad. What if you fell and broke your arm? Or your ankle? Then what? What if you then couldn’t ma-” you said, ranting 

“ Jagi,” he said cutting you off, “ Im going to be fine. don’t worry your pretty little head over me.” 

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He was sitting with you on a bench over looking a pond when you asked the question

“ Yixing, if you were to get seriously hurt, would you end it all?”

“What do you mean by end it all?” he asked, gazing over at you, realizing that you had tears flowing down your face. 

“ If your waist…. if it gives out, would you stop performing or would you keep going?” you asked, turning to him. 

“ If my waist gave out and there was still a possibility to perform, I would. Not for me, but for my fans. Im sure they would understand why I would stop but I couldn’t give up like that.” 

“ I just… I just don’t want you to get hurt. I don’t want you to end….the love of your life like that. It’ll always be a bittersweet ending” you said, looking down at you hands.

“ Jagi, look at me..” he said, pulling your face up with his index finger. “ I understand how worried you are for me but you don’t need to be. I know that an injury could possibly take me out of performing, but you need to understand that the more we think of what horrible things can happen, we can’t enjoy the good things that have happened. Its okay to be worried but jagi, lets just enjoy it while it lasts, okay?” 

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You were sitting around on the couch when Chen decided to pop out of nowhere and scare you. 

“ KIM JONGDAE, that shit isn’t funny.” you screamed at him once you  calmed down. 

“Haha, It was so funny babe, you should have seen your face. It was like you saw a ghost.” he said, holding his stomach as he laughs

“ I swear you’re gonna do one of those jokes and get hurt one day. It inst funny. “ you said, grabbing your phone as you get up from your seat. You start to make your way towards the stairs when you feel his hands go around your waist. 

“ C’mon babe, you cant be that angry over this. Why are you so worried?” he asked into the side of your neck. 

“ Im not worried.” you said, as you turn your head away from him, trying to hide your face. 

“ I can tell that you’re worried but babe, its okay to play around. Don’t stress so much. Lets live a little. “

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You and Channie were both laying down in the park, staring at the stars when you finally tell Im things you were worrying about. 

“ Channie, i want you to know that I really care for you and I will always support you but, are you sure being an idol is where you should be?” you asked 

He turns his head towards you and gazes at the side of your face.

“Why do you ask that? Do you not like what I do?” he asked softly

“ Its not that , its just that… with your job comes side affects. I just don’t want you being an idol and you’re constantly hurting or sick.” 

“ Every job comes with ‘side affects’ babe and I understand that being an idol worries you but its what I love. I try to make sure i don’t do anything to crazy that could threaten my well being and health but… Its what I love and I just learned to take the good with the bad.” 

“ Maybe I should start doing that.” you said, lowly

“We can do it together,” 

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Kai was resting from his ankle injury 

“ Jagi, can you get me some water?” he asked you

“ Sure” you said, making your way into the kitchen. 

Once you’re in the kitchen, you grab a bottle of water and make your way to get  a cup. Along the way, you start to think of all the pain he has been going through for the past 5 years and you feel yourself tearing up. 

“Why can’t he just be safe?” you cry to yourself 

What you didn’t know was that Kai walked in behind you because he forgot to tell you something and he sees you breaking down. 

He slowly walks behind you and wraps his arms around your waist. 

“ I know you worry about me baby and from now on Im going to try everything I can to make sure I don’t get hurt again.” he whispered into your ear.

“ Im sorry” 

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“ Ugh, I Think I hurt my arms doing the choreo this time around” he says, rubbing his upper arms. 

“Are you okay Kyungie? DO you need anything? I can get you some heating pads! What about…” you said, rambling off helpful tips to him.

“ First off calm down hone, You don’t need to be so… attentive. Im okay, just a slight ache. Calm down.” he said, grabbing your hand. 

“ I know Im sorry, Im just worried that you will get hurt really bad one day.” you said, gazing towards the ground, 

“Well. If i do, I know exactly who to go to. My beautiful attentive girlfriend”

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Baekhyun and you were eating out at a restaurant when he brought up his curiosity towards your motherly instincts. 

“ Sooo, why do you get so worried when I get hurt?” He asked, taking a drink of his wine. 

“ I just feel like if you get hurt, we get hurt. I cant always catch you when you fall babe” you said, twirling pasta around on your fork. 

“ Well, thats good because then I can show you that i can catch myself. You don’t have to be worried.”

“ If thats what you think then okay.” you said, laughing. 

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“ You’re worried” he said, picking on you 

“ No Im not” you said, pushing him away from you in the bed.

“But I heard you say it. You’re worried” he continues as he tries to see your face

“ I thought you were asleep though.” you said, face palming 

“ Asleep or not, you still said it.” he jokes, now reaching to tickle your sides

“Sehunnn-a , stop it,” you laugh out loud “ Okay okay, I may have said that I’m worried about you.” you said, finally getting his hands off you. 

“ Thats all I wanted to hear you say.”

“ Fine, are you happy now?” you asked. 


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Little Parker - Kai Parker (Part Sixteen)

Warnings: Talk about kids being abducted, talk about death, blood? Witchcraftery? I don’t really remember tbh. 

 A/n: I’M BEYOND LATE AGAIN I KNOW IM SORRY Summary: After Anna goes missing you call the one witch you can trust to find her, Vincent Griffith.



 “Hey, Y/n, how are you?” Vincent answers the phone on the second ring and you sigh out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. 

 “I can’t find Anna, she went up to bed and then I went up to give her the teddy bear and she wasn’t there and we checked all over the house and we still can’t- and- oh god- and-” 

 “Woah, Y/n, calm down, it’s alright. Did you run a locator spell?” You sniffle, thinking the worst as you reach out for Kai’s hand. 

 “Yes, I had Kai do it, but it didn’t work and I just- I know something bad is happening and I’m so sorry for bothering you but you said I could call if something was wrong and-” 

 “Listen, listen, me and Marcel are on the trails of some missing kids right now, I’ll give you a call if we find something.” You wipe tears from your cheeks and take a deep breath. 

 “In the meantime just try to stay calm, the stress can’t be good for your babies, I’ll find her, I promise.” He hangs up and you put your phone down on the counter with shaking hands. 

 “He said that he’s with Marcel Girard, that they’re going to find her, I should call Hayley- and give her a warning for Hope, her and Anna are both powerful witches from powerful bloodlines and-” Kai steadies his hands on your shoulders but he’s worried, you can see it in his eyes. 

“I’ll call Hayley, go sit down, take a breath.” You nod, walking out of the kitchen. You felt like you were swaying on your feet. 

 “Hello- Yes, hi, Klaus-” You sit up as soon as you sit down when you hear Kai say Klaus’s name, “listen, just listen, yeah sure I’m really sorry for what I did to Freya but- Klaus just- LISTEN!” 

 You jump and then breathe out slowly, Kai was angry, you knew he was. You could practically feel it. 

 “Something bad’s happened to Anna, and it’s magical because I can’t find her with a locator spell, so just keep a sharp eye on Hope okay? Y/n thinks that Hope might be in danger because Anna and her are both powerful witches from a nearly extinct family.” 

 There’s a pause, a breeze blows through the window and stirs one of Anna’s drawings on the table. You pick it up, a drawing of three stick figures all holding hands with a circle around the middle one’s stomach and scribbles above their heads stating: ‘Daddy’, ‘Mommy’, and ‘Me’. You put a hand over your mouth as you sob, immediately thinking the worst. You couldn’t stop your brain from thinking of your little girl getting hurt all over again by a monster. 

 “Y/n? What’s wrong? Klaus I have to go- yeah, bye-” Kai emerges from the kitchen door, no phone in his hand, looking worried. He sits down beside you.

“She drew-” you let out a little gasp- “her family.” 

 “It’s going to be okay, Vincent will find them.” Since when was Kai optimistic?

“She’s our little girl-” Kai lifts another drawing from the table and you look to it. It’s blue, a circle sort of, like a snake eating itself. He picks up another one, a crow scribbled ominously over the pages in black crayon, you stare them down, trying to pull them apart in your mind. She never said anything about more nightmares, you thought that the burn would prevent that from happening anymore. You look at Kai and he stares back at you with the same expression. He was just as lost as you were. 

 “I didn’t know she was having more nightmares…” You mumble, leaning back on the couch and look down at the circle again. 

 “I’m going to find Vincent.” Kai stands up, putting the drawing down, “and I’ll bring Anna back.” He leaves before you can tell him to be safe, and you pick up Anna’s teddy bear again. Kai would find her, he’d have to, or you’d both lose the most important part of yourselves. 


Kai can’t stop running. He always good at running from his problems but this felt different, he was searching every old building, every basement, every single house on the edges of New Orleans at a speed that would surely kill him if he was still human. His feet dig into the ground when he stops right outside the only house he hadn’t searched yet, it was old and dimly lit by candles on the inside, or so he guessed. But he had seen hundreds of houses like that before, and the one thing that was different about this one was the sheer amount of power that was radiating out of it in waves that made Kai’s stomach twist into a knot he didn’t know it was capable of. Against his better judgement he walked straight towards the house, thinking about Anna, and if she was in that house. Kai knew that if she was in there he’d never forgive himself if he ran away because he was scared. A crash makes him start running, and his ears pick up a dripping noise that can only be one thing- blood. 

 “Anna!” Kai shouts, throwing open the door to find Marcel standing in front of a dead body and Vincent leaning over a little boy. 

 “She’s safe.” Marcel says. Vincent was muttering a spell that Kai didn’t care enough to remember as he kneeled beside Anna’s sleeping body. Anna was lying in front of all the other kids, like she was the main attraction and they were the background dancers. She wakes up with a little groan and a small gasp at the same time as the other kids. Her eyes open and Kai smiles at her, lifting her up to hug him. 

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Kai says before he can realize it, Anna hugs him back, albeit weakly, but Kai’s so happy she’s unharmed. 

 “Daddy, where are we?” Anna was sniffling, afraid and crying. She looks around as she finds her footing. Kai keeps her back to the dead body as all the other kids exit the building. 

 “Just outside of New Orleans, but we’re going home, right now.” Kai stands up, taking Anna’s hand. 

 “Daddy…” They had just gotten outside when Anna said his name. The tone of her voice made him look down, she was looking up at him and her nose was bleeding. 

 “Anna?” He crouches down, putting his hands on her upper arms to steady her from falling. 

 “It took my magic… it hurt me.” Kai wipes her nose with his sleeve. 

 “Okay, okay, take some of my magic.” Kai holds out one of his hands, but Anna doesn’t take it. 

 “I don’t want to hurt you…” Anna looks down at his hand, looking scared. 

 “You can’t, I’m strong, remember?” With a little nod Anna grips two of his fingers and siphons some of his magic. He barely feels anything, but Anna starts feeling better in a second. 

 “I’m sorry.” Anna apologizes, feeling guilty about siphoning from him. 

 “No, it’s alright, you needed it. Let’s go home, okay?” Anna lifts her arms and Kai picks her up, putting one hand on her back to keep her close to him. 

 “Kai!” Vincent’s voice makes Kai turn back around, Vincent was walking quickly towards him. 

“I wanted to tell you something- do a cleansing spell on Anna, the magic here tonight is insane so she’s gotta get rid of it. And maybe invest in a protection charm.” With a nod Kai walks away, putting a hand on Anna’s head to keep her from getting whiplash as he speeds back to the house. You’re standing on the porch, biting your nails, and you jump when you see Kai. Anna teeters on her feet for a moment before running right at you. 

 “Oh, you’re okay, you’re okay.” You lift her into a tight hug, keeping her pressed against you as you cried out your relief. She was okay, she was completely okay. Anna won’t sleep alone, and you won’t leave her alone. She never liked to be alone after a nightmare, she thought that you were unbeatable, that Kai could get rid of any bad guys ever. Anna took almost an hour to get to sleep, and once she did you exited her room to stand in the hallway with Kai. 

 “Thank you.” You wrapped your arms around him, trying to convey your relief in a single hug. 

 “I-” He hesitantly wraps his arms around you, hugging you just as tightly as you were hugging him. “I don’t know what I would do without you- without the four of you.” 

You put on a brave smile, pulling out of the hug to look up at him. “Crash and burn is what you’d do.” He smiles now, a small smile but still a smile nonetheless. 

 “Thank you, just- thank you so much.” You lift a hand to touch his cheek and he leans into your palm. 

 “You’re welcome.”

HERE’S A PLOTTING/STARTER CALL THING because i’m terrible at communicating here lately. soo if we have something going already and you want another thing? go ahead and like it. if we don’t have something and you want something? go ahead and like it! if i’m not sure what to write i’ll come plot something out with you or if you would rather plot something first just let me know. it’s open to everybody and i will get to them gradually, promise.


though I know it is a little late to announce this 😂 I haven’t been active 1 whole week because I’ve moved to Japan. (I’m Japanese but I’ve been living overseas for like 10 yrs ) Everything is nostalgic and new at the same time for me, i’m having new great experiences, but I hardly have any time to draw, nor internet. *sobs*

Will definitely draw something once I get some time and space, (& worry-free internet) because i’m dying to get my hands on some watercolors, but please expect this blog to be not that active at least until the end of this week. Have a great week guys!!


Hey Mod, this is super late (thanks to my damn procrastinating!!!!) and it WAS meant to be your birthday gift buuuut it’s a little late for that (IM SORRYYYYYY!!!) but here’s a special animation for you, I would have done something so much more spectacular but I’m sure you’ll like this right?? Yeah. Well, there’s the normal still drawing and then there’s the small animated/gif version ^U^ (Orochi is so talking about the maid outfit)



i haven’t had any time at all to draw new things lately but here are some doodles of my dnd character! he’s a half elf bard and pretty shit at it


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