im a little bit nervous

the outsiders characters staring in ‘Weird Shit I did as A Kid’

Ponyboy: Kindergarten teacher asked me to paint a snowman and I instead looked her in the eyes and used every colour to make a huge grey blob on my paper
Steve: ‘Marrying’ my best friend on the school ground, and having a rumour spread that I was gay after we had kissed to seal our marriage

Two-bit: As a ‘prank’ pouring mustard onto my friend’s eyelids while they slept and then running away as they chased me

Darry: Got in trouble from a teacher for marking other students work in red pen while in 4th grade

Soda: Kept worms that I found during recess in my desk as pets and naming them ‘puppy’ so they wouldn’t feel bad about being small, little worms

Dally: Tried raising money for cancer awareness but ended up spending it on coffee ((Yikes, I know, but I was 9 okay??))

Johnny: Went door-to-door in my neighbourhood trying to become a dog walker and not understand why nobody wanted to hire a 6-year-old?? 


K, so I’ve had time to think about all the PR nonsense that’s been going on with the boys. From Harry’s new PR relationship and excessive het image to Liam apparently only being able to either shit on Zayn or talk about Cheryl. 

It’s confusing for sure. Because we’d all dreamed of this utopia that once the boys were with new teams, things would change. We’d said it again and again that we began to believe it as truth. 

And things didn’t change. Arguably, in some ways it got worse. 

What does it mean? Is it all 1DHQ? Are the new teams to blame? Are the boys actually fine with their PR narratives? Have they always been? Is there some contract stipulation that the music can be theirs but promo must align with the old images? 

I don’t know. TBH, none of us can truly know unless we sit down and read their contracts word for word. 

But this is what I do know. As long as: 

  • Freddie Tomlinson is still a thing
  • Bear Payne is still a thing
  • We’re expected to believe that Zayn would pay ridiculous amounts of money to leave the band when he could have waited 9 more months
  • We’re expected to believe that Zayn could actually break the contract
  • Niall is still out there being the only unproblematic one

As along as all these things still exist, I cannot believe anything said to promote their music. Nothing. Not the good or the bad. I cannot believe that Mitch is suddenly Harry’s new bff. I cannot believe Liam bought his chain on a whim. I cannot believe a single word even if I find it funny or cute. Because if I’m side eyeing the negative stuff, I’m sure as hell going to side eye every single story. 

I fell in love with these boys based on how they interacted with each other before they reached ridiculous levels of fame. I stayed because I genuinely loved their music. Because there were still moments when their true selves were visible, despite the media training. I will continue to stay because I truly believe there is more to the story than what’s being sold. I haven’t spent years analysing inconsistencies in stories and questioning everything to suddenly let go of my critical thinking skills. 

I’m not happy with the stories they’re selling or how they’re being sold. I don’t think the boys are free from blame. I do think, one day, the truth will come out. 

rachelaudreydelarosamontoya  asked:

Hi mama!! This is the first time im asking and my english is not the best, so I'm a little bit nervous hehe Here's my doubt: who woud win a fight, Levi or Batman??? Aaaaand what would be the 104th and vets reaction If they we're in the DC Universe? Thanks!! See u later

Levi would win

Mikasa: Would be annoyed by the whole superhero action going on
Reiner: Would be Batman
Bertholdt: Moves somewhere with a low criminality rate, because holy shit
Annie: Okay
Eren: Stans on Superman
Jean: Low.key jealous of the heroes, crush on wonder woman
Marco: Likes the whole superhero stuff
Sasha: Wants to be a superhero herself
Connie: Save him
Historia: Team Watchmen!
Armin: Is the super clever sidekick behind a super hero
Ymir: Is a cuper ciminal
Levi: Is Rorschach
Hanji: Owns a bank that is constantly robbed
Erwin: Is Ozymandias
Nanaba: Is a super cool reporter
Mike: Is as chill as ever
Moblit: Is constantly caught up in some superhero shit, oh my god

anonymous asked:

I binge read all your guys stories even if they aren’t my bias. Im probably obsessed hahah. Ive been writing a bit myself. Im a little nervous about posting my writing. Do you have any advice?

I’m not really great at giving tips for writing but I would suggest to spell check your writing, check for grammar issues, and have someone proof read it! Have a hook/intro of sorts to your story and end it well! sorry i cant help much!

-Admin Sf

sodifferentinmyhead  asked:

HELLO I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH!!! And i have a question if you dont mind cause im a little bit nervous about the news. But there wasnt a twitter message of Isobel saying to someone who said robron would be back in November that it would be ealier??? Like in october maybe?😍😲

Hello lovely, thank you so much.

Somebody tweeted about Roblivion to be reunited, like all three of them, and Isobel tweeted it would be earlier, but she deleted it again. I think she was just talking about herself being back, not about Robron being back together.

5secondsofjam  asked:

I know you said you wanted to start dieting and I was wondering if you'd heard of Rasberry Ketones? they're supposed to be really great weight loss pills, im buying some on Saturday , little bit nervous though!

I have heard of them. Personally I dislike the idea of using diet pills to lose weight though