im a little bit afraid to post this

anonymous asked:

honestly please continue to write lgbt+ people even if you dont fully understand their experiences, make mistakes and learn from them. interview community members for their perspectives. do the same research for anything else you don't know about and don't be afraid of having to say im sorry and be forthright and honest when you need to apologize. i trust that you are able to do all of this and i trust that you are able to evaluate your own assumptions <3

Thank you, anon! That’s my policy, to not be afraid to apologize when I misrepresent a group of people, but to keep writing! I appreciate your support! Honestly, thank you everyone who has sent messages like this or commented on that post. It means a lot to me!

I do want to explain a little bit more why I made that post though.

I don’t know exactly what that anon was having an issue with. I am open to learning and will be reading more LGBTQIA+ literature, of course, and understand that as a cis, white woman I have a lot of privilege. I understand that my personal experience isn’t a catch-all representation of the community.

I’m writing gay people from my experiences as a bi woman and also from contributing to safe spaces during my time at college. I’ve been the organizer of a fair few LGBTQIA+ events, including one where we talked about LGBTQIA+ representation in the media. I’ve marched in half a dozen protests and taken college level classes on the issues the community has faced, is facing, and will potentially face.

None of that means that I don’t make mistakes! What it means is that I care a lot about fixing those mistakes.

So it really bothers me when I don’t get that opportunity to address these issues because I do want to improve. 

Special thanks to @afanofmanystuffs, @elleleuthold, @la-rainette   and @starlightmagika who have all been very positive, encouraging and constructive! I love @lgbtqreads, I have so many more books on my reading list now!