im a horrible artist sorry

Your name is Jude Harley.

Your mom died when you were very young, your pa is almost never home, and your babysitter is drunk most of the time.

Your house is a mess and there´s not much food to be found.

But that´s okay, you have older sister Joey, and even though she thinks you´re a weirdo you love each other.

There are also your pigeons and your pet, so its not that bad.

You love X-Files and theories, so you monitor everything including the strange alien portal thing in your attic you came across one day.

Joey tells you monsters and aliens are not real.

You know there is something fishy with your neighbors. You´re positive they are some kind of cult fanatics.

Joey thinks you´re paranoid, but you prefer cautious and prepared.

You were not prepared when the monsters attacked.

You were not cautious enough, because you sent one of your pigeons to his death.

Aliens are real, and your sister was abducted.

You guess you should be happy, because you were right all along.

Tears streaming down your face, you´d rather be wrong.

artists have two constantly switching mindsets:

  • im a horrible artist oh god im so sorry mom and dad for wasting all of your money on art school