im a happy camper right now

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I feel like aside from his admitted through song communication issues a big relationship killer would be the whole crazy touring lifestyle. Granted it's still early days and in true Harry fashion there's no confirmation whether they're dating or hanging out or whether they just discovered they're long lost cousins twice removed, but I suppose seeing as he's on tour now for the next year it'll be interesting to see if they stay in each other's company. Interesting isn't the right word, idk...

i just don’t care to be totally honest. I like camille, she seems very cool and like a total dork, so im down with that. i don’t really try to concern myself with his personal life. i let him live and hope he’s a happy camper because if anyone on earth deserves happiness, it’s harry styles

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yeah im getting a sad vibe from taylor and shes coming on here to like posts saying they will always support and love her to make her feel better. I wonder what happened.

idk where anyones getting that tbqh. at all. 

cant she love having fans love her 4ever & ever and not be sad?  you can like that stuff AND be a happy camper. by all accounts (with or without her playlist) i think she’s happier than ever right now and totally in love with joe. 

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Ok im not sure to what extent Dipper can use his powers, but imagine 5 years after the Transcendence he remembers Tyrone aka Dipper 2 and either makes a new one or brings him back

It would probably be to help out with babysitting three fussy babies/toddlers

“Tyrone can you change Hank’s diaper he’s not a happy camper right now”

“I can’t believe that with all the questions I’m burning to ask, the one that takes top priority is what the Hell did you feed this kid oh my god it’s a war zone down there