im a happy camper right now

mismatchedpurple  asked:

Thank you. I was almost giving up finding good solangelo fics when I stumbled upon yours. Thank you.

Oh, wow, well I’m very happy you liked them!! It means a lot, it really does!  ^^  Thank you so, so much!

Also, if you’re interested, you can always check out my fic recs page for some fics that I personally love!  (it’s still under construction so it may be a bit messy but it’s still there!)

shallowgrip  asked:

Ok im not sure to what extent Dipper can use his powers, but imagine 5 years after the Transcendence he remembers Tyrone aka Dipper 2 and either makes a new one or brings him back

It would probably be to help out with babysitting three fussy babies/toddlers

“Tyrone can you change Hank’s diaper he’s not a happy camper right now”

“I can’t believe that with all the questions I’m burning to ask, the one that takes top priority is what the Hell did you feed this kid oh my god it’s a war zone down there