im a fool in love


Proud dads


we dem fools!! i still havent gotten around to posting most of the photos from metrocon but i have these from a photoshoot with my rhys, @spacechampion , last Friday !! 💗💘💖💞💞💖💖💘💘💖💞💝💘💘💕💕❤️❤️


i needed to practice clean(ish) lineart so i doodled stuff from two fics!! the first is I Guess We’re The Same by @heeyitsmk​ and the second is We All Get Burned by @terwho




just quickly slapped some color on a sketch lolol >_< 

don’t repost / reuse / re-edit.


now w the rest of the boys (minus their drummer)

inspired by x

Vivi has been through a lot

Chanyeol: We have reunited you here to tell you the truth. We want you to know that, that we’re sorry to have hidden this from you -looks over at Sehun with regret- Should I…?

Sehun: -sighs with a pained expression- It’s for the best.

Chanyeol: -exhales- The truth is… You are adopted.

-Vivi and Toben wag their tails while staring at their fathers-

Sehun: -a hand over his mouth, glances at Chanyeol- Pfft hahahaha

Chanyeol: -burts into laughter- Hahahaha We so got you! April fools!

Sehun: -grabbing onto tummy from laughing so much- Such a pair of cute fools, hahaha.

*Meanwhile, between Vivi and Toben*

Vivi: Shit, man, I thought I was really adopted, now I must deal with his crap everyday.

Toben: Omg, oMG,, I would have diED, just imagine it -whimpers lightly-

Vivi: Believe me man, I picture it every second of my life.