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👋Hi. Nialler/Neutral Directioner here. Im incline to agree with the Larries on this. This is bullshit. I dont give a rats ass about "BABY GIRLFRIEND FATHER BOYFRIEND" fuck this dumbshit. Im so sick and tired of everytime Louis does anything its that in the press. How about ppl ask him real questions? Newflash im not gonna sit through 10 promo interviews where hes asked how Freddie& Eleanielle inspired his album. Sysco&RCA FIX THIS SHIT. Alot of us neutrals sided with Larries this shit is wack


AU Links bc im exhausted and theyre my weakness and honestly they just came outta nowhere–

The roaring 20’s Link by @lightsintheskye
Hero’s Requiem Link by @ferisae
Voice of Legacy Link by me (i just fricked up the order didnt I)

IM SCREAMING this dumbshit commented on MY wlw post with “females are disgusting” and I’M the one who gets blocked for daring to look at his bio before saying something (a courtesy which i was obviously not given) skdjflksfjdslf men can all fucking die