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Hey! Could I request a Scenario for Shiro where his S/O helps bandage up some minor wounds and maybe it gets an little Smexy ( If ya catch my drift ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

OK, I’m so so sorry this took so long! I was like halfway through with it when my computer decided to freeze up and crash on me before I saved. I was/still am pissed.

But here we are. Just a little NSFW.

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you guys know that post i made abt rad and raymond having a “bonding” episode? well, im no physic but…

in 2013, the day before pokemon announced pokemon amie in x and y, i delighted in sitting down on my swingset and daydreaming about how awesome it would be to be able to pet and bond with your pokemon in-game

in 2016, the summer before pokemon sun and moon came out, i made a joke online about how cute it would be to see red and green again, and how they could come together for some sort of “tournament” and honeymoon combo. if you’ve paid attention to sun and moon, you’ll probably know how that came out

in september this year, i sat down in my bed and thought “if there was an episode title everyone freaked out over that hinted at radmond, what would it be called?” I thought of multiple things, but couldn’t come up with something. little did i know my question would be answered just a week afterwards when “rad likes robots” was presented on the october episode list.

im no physic. I dont believe in that stuff, but i guess ive got some sort of knack for expecting things. dont take it from me, but maybe rad likes robots… will be that bonding episode

i made the mistake of reading a post about a paranormal stuff and before my curiosity beat the best out of me i scrolled down and didnt look to the pictures because i wouldnt have sleep in weeks


Welcome to observations with Marlene in which Marlene is stuck in a car without wifi for four hours and decides to waste her time by looking at posters of which she knows absolutely nothing
Lets go
- BTS is precious as fuck oke just know that
- Im starting now

- First of all JK looks stunning in his solo poster i think this is the best picture ive seen of him ever
- Hes wearing normalish clothes on his torso but pyama pants on his legs which suggests that hes in the wheelchair because his legs dont work and not bc hes too weak to walk or whatever
- Probs bc he got hit by a car in the I need You mv
- Hes looking up and thats probably for the fact that his face looks perfect from that angle and aesthetics but it could also be him looking up at his guardian aka yoongi

- Yoongi does not look like Yoongi in his solo poster hes like a mixture between jimin and jhope and its giving me the creeps
-also hes in a pipe which once again could be for aesthetics but it could also mean that he feels isolated bc he cant talk to anyone abt how hes feeling about JK’s situation, he doesnt want to trouble jk bc the boy has already got enough on his plate
- the picture creeps me out ok im uncomfortable

- Jimins neck is freaking long he honestly looks like a giraffe with an umbrella
- His side profile is perfect dont even try to fight me on this
- Trees in the background?? idfk

- Namjoons is literally the KING of aesthetics i mean look at his poster
- Im getting a spring day vibe from this
- Also hes probably in the train to visit Tae but more about that later if i still feel like doing this by then
- I love Namjoons set like that train is flawless af
- This picture has a really noticeable filter and its the only poster that has that

- Ok the first thing i thought when I saw Taes picture is that he probs had to sit absolutely still for about ten minutes to wait for the water to stop wrinkling so they could shoot the fucking picture
- V looking at his own reflection bc he’s lonely?? Idk it goes really well with his paired poster that i will get to later
- Tae is honestly so beautiful i dont understand
- I feel like his outfit was picked solemnly on the fact that hes kneeling like imagine how ugly that outfit would look while standing up
- And his hair👌🏼👌🏼

- Jhope absorbing some sun

- But we all know he IS the sun
- He looks so peaceful
- He’s in front of a prison?
- Ill get to that with his paired poster
- Hobis face does not look like hobis face what is this this happened with yoongi too am i the only one who sees this??

- Dont even get me started on Jins poster my heart
- He’s probably at the funeral of a loved one because hes wearing a suit and he has flowers that he’s looking at all sad
-That’s why he doesn’t have a paired picture, bc his other half is gone
- And there is no eight member, i might be far fetching things but im not stupid
- His concept is probably dealing with loss and how to love yourself even after you cant stop a death from happening
-Im emotional dont touch me
- To end this on a slightly lighter note, Jin is actually the visual of visuals and I hope he gets more lines in this comeback (BigHit im looking at you)

-Oke now for the paired posters.. im excited

-Yoongi and JK’s poster is pretty self-explanatory
- JK’s in the hospital and Yoongis worried in the waiting room
- the thing about the paired posters is that theres a really big contrast between light and dark in each poster
- once again, could be aesthetics (damn you koreans) but i think it has deeper meanings (also im bored and i imagine things when im bored fight me)
- in this one’s, yoongi’s is dark which is weird because JK is the one with the actual problem
- Even though he does look really sad and like hes wallowing, junkooks picture is the brighter one
- That might mean that Yoongi is mentally doing worse bc he cant to anything for his hospitalised friend
- Like he just worries too much
- Also can we talk about how bony yoongis knee looks im worried

- Ok Jhope and Jimins poster
- Theyre both in big empty rooms which means dAnCiNg💃🏻
- Jhope’s rooms really bright and clean (also its the brighter picture) while Jimins is dark and dirty
- In hobis solo poster hes in front of a prison which might explain jimins room and why hes so sad

- Jimins room literally has bars in front of the window like how fucking obvious can it get
- that would also explain the pairing of the two
- not to mention jimins solo poster, maybe he was imagining being outside again
- Hobi is literally the only one smiling in all of these posters how typical
- Since hobis room is really white and clean, maybe hes in a mental facility? Idk maybe thats why hes smiling all the time

- Because he’s just messed up and laughing is better than crying dONT TOUCH ME

- could relate to his drug overdose

- ok now for Vmons poster
- Theyre lying on completely different grounds which could mean that theyre far away from each other
- it explains namjoons solo poster in which hes in the train, he could be visiting (or just leaving)
- And v’s solo in which he just stares at his own reflection while being all lonely
- this poster is the only one that has a quote on it
- it says save me
- but they cant because they are so far away from each other
-maybe they just need to go and love themselves (eeehhhh)
- also v and his damn plaids get me everytime
- overall i think this mv is gonna have some damn good acting
- i wasted 40% of my battery on this dear god

If you have thoughts on this or things you want to add, feel free to do so. I know I missed a lot bc I was in a hurry with a 2% phone. So yeah please add new things i’d love to see your ideas :)

Marlene out

so i was at the beach today with my mother and my nephew and i went looking for sea shells with the kid. the tide was getting low and there were some puddles around the nearby rock formations and i was thinking “hey there are probably some shells stuck there and #bonus maybe some crabs or algae and i can turn this into a learning experience for my nephew”. and we go there carefully bc if im clumsy, my nephew is an actual menace to himself and everyone around him, bless him. anyway. as we’re making our way around the rocks, a middle aged woman and two little girls under her charge start following us. and i do mean following us bc it was a narrow space between rocks, there were plenty of other ways they could have gone but nope this lady and her entourage were right behind us. so i think “well it’s just a coincidence wtv” i stop my nephew from going further, let them pass and we speak out of politeness. i tell the lady “oh go ahead it’s too dangerous for us, i won’t even let him go any further”. she smiles, thanks me and takes about two steps towards the rocky deathtrap before she suddenly changes her mind and goes another way. im like “ok well im a little creeped out that someone would follow me and my nephew but wtv”. the kid and i do our thing, we have some laughs and we turn to get back to our spot with our spoils. as soon as we go, the woman grabs her kids and turns to follow us. step. by. step. every. way. we. take. and then it hits me - this grown woman, possibly with two kids of her own, has been trusting my judgement on what is and isn’t safe for not only myself and my nephew, but also her and her kids with no prior knowledge of who i am, what I’ve done, if i know this particular beach, if im collecting children to sacrifice to the ocean or smt equally unproductive. somehow, in this particular circumstance she thinks im an adultier adult. she just decided to trust me and honestly, lady? bad choice. im a mess. this isnt even my kid, im just forced to constantly take care of him and put my own life aside as if he were. i dont know what im doing pls dont follow my lead im struggling on an emotional and mental level and some days i barely have enough energy/motivation to carry a regular conversation. you have been fooled! anyway my nephew and i waved goodbye and we got out of there before she started asking me for parenting advice or smt but now im worried ppl actually think i know what im doing in general

Moments that fucked me up (Supernatural finale 12x22, 12x23)

  1. Sam and Dean talking about the “how will it end for us moment” in the bunker ( i cried but it was beautiful)
  2. DEAN FINALLY GETTING TO USE HIS GRENADE LAUNCHER (admit it you waited for it too)
  3. The hug and “bitch and jerk” moment ( spn writer know how to kick us in the feels)
  4. Sam taking in the role to lead the rest of the hunters to the brits and motivating tf out of them ( i’m a proud mother)
  5. Dean Winchester giving another chance to her mom and getting her back
  7. Dean Winchester telling Mary how he had to be a brother, mother and a father to Sam and not doing a good job (SOMEONE GIVE MY BBY A HUG PLS)
  8. Dean Winchester telling his mom how what she did ruined their family and their childhood. (idk about ya’ll, but she needed to hear it)
  9. Dean Winchester still forgiving and loving his mom back (JUST DEAN FUCKING WINCHESTER EVERYBODY)
  10. BAMF!SAMMY™ saved 2017 (also i loved Jody she killed me)
  12. Dean punching Crowely lmao
  13. Castiel being all cute & clueless about the process of childbirth (honestly he bought atleast 150 boxes of diaper lol)
  14. Kelly making that video for her son (i really want Jack to see it in the future)
  15. also alternate reality concept im shook.
  17. Dean geeking out in the knowledge of angel blade bullets and CAs looking at the camera like in the office lmaoo.
  18. No one can play Lucifer better than Mark Pellegrino its a true fact.
  19. We got to witness team free will im blessed.
  20. Dean being all worried and hesitant to leave when Cas just went right up to Lucifer.( he loves him so much im)
  21. Cas dying part which no one believes in obviously so lets just ignore that for now.
  22. Mary and lucifer in the alternate reality. (im curious to know what happens next to theM)
  24. Sammy finding Jack ok that creeped me out.

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ok sorry if im a creep butttttt, 1) i love your art! Its amazing i mean, wow just wow keep up the good work! and 2) i love your playlists in spotifyy!! I didn't know i needed them until i listened it!!! -🐧

Thank you soooo much i’M super glad you like my playlists and art!!!!

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Youve been unusuallly inactive this last couple of days. Im risking looking like a creep or something but Im just wondering if you ok there

hmmm… yesterday i was stuck in  a place without any internet, and the day before i was really unwell!