im a blog

ego-surveillance-squad —> EgoSurveillance

so I changed my url. The reasons being that I want to differ myself from the other “squad” blogs just a tad. and im not even a squad, im just one person. also, people were confusing me for @ego-protection-squad a whole lot haha

I hope this isn’t too inconvenient for any of you. I’ll reblog this maybe a few more times in the next week to remind everyone. :)

I love drawing these two with red faces

I have received the weirdest ask overnight

honestly i’m so proud of my growth this year, i’ve learned so much about myself, i’ve matured and stood up for myself, became more independent and free, figured out my gender and am confident in who i am, i’ve learned how to accept myself and how to somewhat control my anger issues, i’ve met so many people and became friends with some of the most amazing human beings, i’ve learned to become me, and i’m beyond proud of myself for that