im 6 years old all over again

Baseballs.[Baby!Hiro One-shot.]

When Hiro was 3, Tadashi and you took him to the baseball fields, just for fun and showed him how to bat and throw a ball, and even got Hiro his own set of plastic baseballs, and a plastic bat, which was easier for Hiro’s small hands. It was a brisk summer morning, before the city’s baseball team came in for afternoon practice. Tadashi was dressed lightly, for the sun was already beating down summer heat. Thin white t-shirt, usual brown pants. Hiro wore similiar, though he was accompanied by a blue jacket around his shoulders that you insisted he wear, just in case. And you were dressed in a loose fitting t-shirt, one that you were sure was Tadashi, but managed to sneak its way into your wardrobe, and jean capri.

You’d been on the field for at least twenty minutes now, you figured as you watched Tadashi explain how to hit and swing the ball. Hiro could hold the bat, his small fingers clasping rather tightly for he’d already swung and had it fly a few times. And despite swinging a few times, he couldn’t hit any ball that you tossed towards him. Tadashi laughed and rubbed the back of his head, taking in a small bit of sun light as he ruffled Hiro’s thick hair with his free hand, “It’s okay. You’ll hit one. Don’t worry.” He assured and stepped back, picking up the ball and throwing it back to you. giving your love a small smile, you held the ball and looked at Hiro, waiting for him to turn his attention back to you so you could throw again. “Hey, look at (Name).” Tadashi told Hiro, and the toddler did just that, turning back to face you. He stood pigeon toed, lifting up his bat.

Holding your phone camera in one hand, you threw Hiro a ball with the other in a soft, underhand style, and instead of hitting it, he hit Tadashi who was standing behind me. Right between the legs. Really hard, because Hiro believed if he swung his bat hard enough, he’d hit the ball.

Well, he did. Just, the wrong type of ball.

Tadashi took a deep breath in as Hiro looked at him with rather large eyes, tilting his head to the side innocently. Smiling rather forcefully at his younger brother, Tadashi shifted his dark, brown eyes to glance over at you. Hiro stood there and wondered what happened to Tadashi while he crouched over, holding his lower navel and moaning in pain. While giving you a wide grin and tapping his bat against the dirty ground, you wondered if Hiro knew what he’d just done as you recorded and laughed during the whole thing, watching as Tadashi gave Hiro a slight glare, the intensity in his gaze following as he caught eyes with you once again. “What’re you laughing at?!” Tadashi shrilled, his voice a few octaves higher than usual.

You threw your head back and cackled rather loudly, trying to control yourself enough as you mumbled a small, ‘sorry, babe’ before asking loud enough for him to clearly hear, “you okay, love?” struggling to keep your laughter down, you held your phone tightly. “Did he hit too hard?” Tadashi rolled his eyes rather sassily at you,  giving a thumbs up as he tried to straighten himself out.

“I’m okay.” Tadashi managed to squeak out, putting his hands on his hips in an effort to ease some of the pain.

“I hit somffin.” Hiro said proudly, “I hit ‘Dashi!”

“Yeah,” Tadashi mewled and looked at you with wide eyes, apparent pain flashing through them, “yeah he did.”

“I got it all on camera!” You said rather excitedly, walking towards Tadashi with a big smile, “Now, we can watch you get neutered by a three year old over and over again!”

“Oh, ha ha.”