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Love Notes

april 22 @snowbaz-feda

idea from some prompt about leaving love notes. idk why it went the way it did. im tired and miss my gf

word count: 295

Baz was bad at saying sweet things, but he was very good at leaving notes with them. Notes like “don’t forget to eat breakfast!” and “much love, si”, something he rarely ever called me.

Penny got annoyed with them. “For someone so brooding and vague, I did not expect him to be this lovey dovey.” She crumpled yet another note and threw it at me.

“Let me have these cute notes, okay?”

“It’s gross, Si. I’ve had enough flirting to last me three lifetimes just living with you.” She magicked the rest of them into my hands. “Please get them away from me.”

“You just need Micah to come into town. Right?”

Baz was already in a class so I couldn’t corner him about the notes. I went to my classes and by the time I got home, he was already there. Penny was gone.

“Hey, love.” I kissed his cheek when I walked by, not at all surprised to see him there.

“Si.” Baz was studying, or at least reading what appeared to be a textbook, so I dropped my bag in my room and plopped onto the couch next to him. He shifted so that I could easily lean into him, and when I did, he moved the textbook onto my lap facing him.

“I’m not your desk, babe.”

“Then what good are you?” He kissed my neck, probably on one of my moles.

“Penny’s annoyed at your notes.”

“Do you share Bunce’s annoyance?”

“No. But maybe limit them to places for me. Okay?”

I shouldn’t have been surprised when Penny woke the two of us up at 3 am because of an explosion of sticky-note I love yous in her desk. Baz feigned innocence, but we all knew who the culprit was.

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She1th (ofc): 6, 12, 14, 22, 26, 29 holy shit im so thirsty forgivv me (i'd send all tbh but???????) <3 <3



6. What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?

  • Keith’s favorite physical feature(s) of Shiro’s (now) are his scars. he knows how insecure Shiro gets about them, he knows how unsure Shiro feels about the way these scars make him look. Keith knows that Shiro feels like every scar makes him a little less human than he was before. but Keith loves them for how human they show that Shiro truly is. Keith hates, hates how Shiro has suffered… Keith hates that Shiro ever had to go through all the awful, horrible things he endured. but those horrible things are done now, and there’s no way that they go back and change them (and if Keith could, he would). the scars are there now whether they like it or not… but rather than hate them, Keith wants Shiro to see his scars for what they are: they’re reminders to Keith of just how strong, how resilient, how breathtakingly human Shiro really is. Keith knows these scars are Shiro’s least favorite things about himself… but Keith wants Shiro to see their beauty. to see that they are a sign that Shiro made it despite every horrible thing he went through. they’re the marks of Shiro’s survival.
  • Shiro’s favorite feature of Keith’s is his willpower and strength. Shiro often sees himself as weak…fragile…fatalistic, whereas to him, Keith is resilient and determined. in Shiro’s eyes, Keith is the one who never gives up. and Shiro truly admires every ounce of drive, determination, and fight that Keith has inside him. Keith inspires him - Keith is often the one who reminds him that Shiro is stronger than he thinks he is. it’s Keith’s drive and reassurance that ultimately reminds Shiro that they’re in this fight together, and that they’ll come out of it together. 

12. Who initiates kisses?

  • It used to be Shiro when they first got together - because Shiro has never really shied away from expressing how he feels. But after a while, once Keith grew more comfortable with himself and came to understand his desire for physical contact, once he realized that he didn’t have to be so touch-starved (especially when it comes to Shiro) he ached for every single touch he could get. eventually, Keith was the one to initiate their kisses, their touches, ultimately because he realized that he could

14. Who kisses the hardest?

  • Shiro, definitely. He’s a very physical man. Like I said before, he’s never shied away from expressing how he feels. When they kiss, that expression is breathtakingly physical. Shiro kisses hard and deep - tongue eager to touch and taste. His fingers are quick to cup and cradle and caress. When they kiss, his arms are always around Keith, always pulling him in close, urging their bodies more tightly together. He’s learned to kiss this way because he’s never sure how long he’s going to have it - their lives are always hanging by a thread, and Shiro never knows if this is the last kiss they’ll share, the last taste he’ll ever have, the last time he’ll ever feel the cambre of Keith’s body against his own. He kisses hard because he never wants to forget it. 

22. Who cooks more/who is better at cooking?

  • ooooh, okay, so Shiro definitely cooks the most. But Keith actually is the better cook. Keith is actually a really good cook (Shiro is good, don’t get me wrong, but Keith is good), but Keith literally hates to cook. so Shiro usually is the one who winds up cooking, with Keith just helping him out. but once in a blue moon he convinces Keith to cook them something, and oh boy, when he does, Shiro savors it. 

26. What would be their theme song?

29. one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart

  • when Shiro went on the Kerberos mission and subsequently didn’t come home, Keith’s life basically just got put on pause… his world just kind of…halted. he was booted from the Garrison, he went back to that decrepit old shack in the desert. and instead of living and moving on and letting Shiro go, Keith just kind of lets the world around him keep turning while he stays in place, convinced Shiro is alive, trying to find him, and waiting for him to come home. I’m actually writing a fic about this right now and I’m hoping to have it finished and posted tonight. 

send me some OTP questions

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Prompt list #3 with 15 and 22 please :)) ❤️ have a great day, love!

Umm… i found these panties in your room. Care to explain? W/ Dallas Winston
@ittybittydally im going to do them separate. I hope you like them!!!

It was a lazy day and you and Dally didnt have much to do. He said he wanted to ride to Bucks and offered to take you along. You told him no and that you wanted to clean up the house a bit.
You were cleaning the house and decided to go to Dallys room. You began organizing things when you saw them. A pair of pink laced panties. You hadnt owned a pair like them, so you knew they werent yours. Youve heard of Dallas’ bad rep with women and you get concerned. You take the panties and stuff the under some junk. You began to think of how to bring it up to dally.
You saw his headlights pull into the drive. You felt your heart begin pounding and your gut twisting. To be honest, you were incredibly nervous about this, you had no idea of what to say to him or what he’d say to you.

“Hey baby doll, hows it goin’?” Dallas greeted you as he walked into the room.

“Not real good actually…” youre sentence trailing off.

“Whats wrong baby?“

“Well… ummm…. i found these panties in your room. Care to explain?”

“Oh baby girl.. i was just, you know having some fun with a broad.”

“Gosh dammit Dallas!!!! Im your girlfriend! Youre not supposed to do that kind of shit when youre dating someone!!!”

“Look… baby youre not just some kind of broad. Youre my baby girl. C'mon babe. I love you more than i could love any other girl. I, the Dallas Winston, loves someone. And that’s you…” he kissed you deeply.
Some part of you forgived him, but the other part didnt. You had no idea what to do, so you kissed him back.

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hi :) i just read your whole city living story so now im super caught up and can i just say im so sad! i really loved noah but their story hit super close to home for me. im 22 and married to a guy ilysm but his job is so demanding i barely see him on the weekdays he leaves before i wake up and sometimes he doesnt even make it home. we make up for lost time on the weekends but its still hard. hes been away for a week for a work thing when he said he'd only be 2 days :/ i understand both of them!

*gasp* Thank you so much for taking the time to read it all! I actually loved Noah too!! To be honest I was originally going to have Eliana end up with him but it kinda took on it’s own destiny for a bit. I think I also low key made Eliana based off of myself and was projecting my previous frustration at my fiance that has been living super far away for the last couple years and it was kinda fun to just make Eliana run away from that slight neglect she felt from Noah. XD I wish you the best of luck with your guy my friend, I totally get it!! Making up for the lost time is what it’s all about!! <3

okay here’s a fun game: what should the next dog I get be?

-under 22″
-generally dog tolerant
-tolerates high heat (90F/32C is a “nice day” in our summers)
-not prone to oily coats that leave a lot of gunk on your hand when you pet them (like labs do x.x )

temperament ideals:
-dog tolerant (eg not a ton of dog aggression/reactivity; not required to be friendly, just tolerant)
-likes to train and learn
- S M A R T, for the love of dog, smarrrttttt dogs please
-motivated to work for food or toys
-more towards the velcro side of things than aloof
-ok to alarm bark but also will quiet down when asked
-not over-the-top prey drive

I’m okay with any type of coat (except oily stinky coats). 

hi friends i have decided im not doing any more descriptions for anons ok if u want a description pls send off anon or it wont be answered i know this seems harsh but i have literally 23 in my ask box and 22 of them are anon i love u all to death but if i answer one, i recieve 5 and i can’t keep up sorry my loves

that social anxiety catch 22 when you don’t have the energy to socialize a lot but you’re overwhelmed by how much you love your friends so you just want to say that you’re thinking about them and you admire them but you also … don’t want to pressure anyone into a convo bc really you’ve not got a whole lotta stamina right now, just a lot of love

femslash february day 22: yukayuyu!!

these two are the epitome of an old couple. they’ve been together for so long that the thought of them being in love after all this time is just the sweetest thing ever!! theres also some really good angst of these two out there that’s actually made me cry a little, so they’re not exactly 100% fluff, but still! grandma wives forever

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Really? I always assumed he was more around late 20's, early 30's. Due to how long he trained and those constant eye bags (I love that design element btw). I guess the lines could be stress (I've seen people my age with them and I'm pretty young)

well 22 might be a bit too young but i personally always thought he was 25.

and hey! i have constant eye bags and im only 19!!

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I wasnt a fan of harrys back in 2016 rlly bc i didn't know him besides that he was in 1D but looking back on it like i still cant believe he tweeted 22 lyrics on his bday. like right after the whole hendall stunt and tayvin was going on and everything. and then harry just like slides in lol. and sometimes im like maybe he just wanted to tweet it bc he likes it but i mean come on he knew what he was doing. what was your/the world's general reaction when it happened since i wasnt aware then?

Everyone flipped. The people who didn’t like haylor thought Harry was being extra or that “management tweeted it”. And people like me who LOVE them literally still to this day can’t shut up about it. I have video of myself when I saw it. I literally cried. It’s kind of embarrassing lol. But I love that he did it. He knew what would happen and he posted it anyway.

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5, 21, and 22

5. What is your opinion on haters?
- screenshot the hate, laugh about it with your friends, then block the user.
- if you’re witty enough, feel free to banter with them tho. i love reading sarcastic muns respond to haters

21. Favourite singer?
- i like a lot of popular singers! but one youtuber i would suggest checking out is annapantsu. her covers are all 10/10 she has voice like an angel. my favorite of hers is hellfire.

22. Do you like Mundays? 
- depends on my mood! sometimes i feel like i shouldn’t do them because 1) im not super active and 2) i feel like people arent super interested in getting to know me ^^;; but they’re fun when i do get asks! so thanks <3

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47 & 22?❤

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you i love you chris!!!!! 

47. What is your favorite series of books?

hmmmm,,, im not sure? i dont really… read all that much anymore. it makes me kind of sad :( but!! i did like the secret series, that starts w the book “the name of this book is secret” and i remember being fond of ‘uglies,’ ‘pretties,’ ‘specials,’ and ‘extras’. its been awhile since i read them but i remember them being good!!!!!!!!!

22. What was the last dream you remember having?

ooh, last night i dreamt that i was being held captive in a sinking yet floating boat (idk it was weird? it wasn’t sinking, but it was tilted and the entire lower deck was covered in water) and the person keeping us captive there (i had 2 friends, one was a lesbian pirate and the other was her nb partner, i think?) was really mean and kept yelling at us and apparently he had a dating history with the lesbian pirate and wanted to date her again but she wasn’t about that life.

idk it was very interesting! and scary because we were up high.

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While you're doing that, I thought I'd send you some love :) I got a lot of super cool pokemon just now. Including the ninetales and I've wanted a shiny ninetales for a long time, thank you so so much. And braviary who's one of my sisters favorite pokes, so im excited to give him to her. Much love for you Lex!!! :')

Aw, thank you! I’m just finishing remaking 4/22 so almost 25% there. Glad you were able to get them!

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1, 22, 25, 26

1: What is your name and does it mean anything?

im trying 2 stay lowkey on here but my chinese name means destiny & my english name means beloved / worthy of love !

22: Would you like to meet any of your Tumblr friends in person?

um like all of them yea

25: Do you wear glasses? If so, how long have you been wearing glasses?

yup since i was 8

26: What color is your hair?

dark brown !

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Ive been thinking of writing a few fics where the vld characters are aged up accordingly. For example Pidge is 19 and Lance is 22. In 1 fic Lance is 19 bc I wanted him to fall in love and I dont think you can fall in love @ 17. Another has aged up characters bc theyre in college. I didnt age them up for the purpose of writing p*rn (ew) or to ship shaladin/pidge x paladins, but for a more realistic timeline. Now Im debating whether or not I should do it. Can I have some input?

that seems totally fine! the only problem with aging up is when it’s specifically done to sexualize kids, or put them in a relationship that would be wrong without aging them up. ie if you have to age them up to draw porn of them or ship them with an older character, you shouldn’t be doing that in the first place.

your memory will carry on.

happy march 22nd, guys.

(would just like to briefly thank gerard, mikey, ray and frank for being in the awesomest band ever. honestly. the more words there are the more fuck ups there will be, so, the point is, i fucking love this band. i owe them my life. thank you so much to this band, this idea, whatever the fuck it is, for being so awesome and wonderful. happy march 22nd, my chemical romance.)

weird ass 50 writing prompt list
  • send a ship/character and a number/quote and ill write a drabble or fic of some sorts. ok to reblog.
  • 1) "i apologize"
  • 2) "i don't fucking regret it. i never will"
  • 3) "you want me"
  • 4) "lets do it now"
  • 5) "stop being nonsensical"
  • 6) "don't lie, please. i can't take it"
  • 7) "there's a lot of things i'd do for you"
  • 8) "we're a lot more similar than you think"
  • 9) "im here if you need me"
  • 10) "you don't have to let me win"
  • 11) "you can do so much better"
  • 12) "don't you think this is an idiotic idea?"
  • 13) "i can't fucking do this anymore"
  • 14) "i just don't want anyone to get hurt"
  • 15) "im more than that."
  • 16) "no one sees me because i don't want them to"
  • 17) "you are far too lovely"
  • 18) "i accept the consequences"
  • 19) "it's the anniversary today"
  • 20) "don't tell me that you forgot it"
  • 21) "don't tell me that you regret it"
  • 22) "tell the grim reaper that i can volunteer"
  • 23) "stop being so fucking pretentious"
  • 24) "i don't know"
  • 25) "please, i love them."
  • 26) "i can't help you anymore"
  • 27) "you shouldn't be with me right now"
  • 28) "stop it."
  • 29) "im begging you, please stop"
  • 30) "i don't think i can anymore"
  • 31) "what happened while i was away"
  • 32) "it's not all about you"
  • 33) "what happened to us? what happened to you?"
  • 34) "god, i adore you"
  • 35) "i'm not a fan of the idea"
  • 36) "that is a horrible idea"
  • 37) "you're the one for me"
  • 38) "i can't live without you."
  • 39) "there is a lot of ways to say goodbye"
  • 40) "im so exhausted"
  • 41) "i can not do this without you"
  • 42) "oh, god, why"
  • 43) "who did it?"
  • 44) "im not fine. no one is"
  • 45) "existentialism is my favorite discussion topic"
  • 46) "what a heart of gold you got there"
  • 47) "i don't believe it."
  • 48) "stars and flowers are overrated"
  • 49) "please shut the hell up."
  • 50) "yes."

i’ve got quite a few messages in my inbox abt jinyoung’s appearance in legend of the blue sea so im just gonna answer a lot of them here with my thoughts. no, that kissing scene is not cute. no, it’s not romantic. no it’s not anything to be fangirling about. that girl he’s kissing is 14 years old. jinyoung is 22. if they wanted the love story around that point then they should’ve casted an older actress or not have casted jinyoung and instead a guy much closer to her age. i don’t blame jinyoung for this, the decision was out of his hands, it was in the script, he’s just the actor and he had to just play his role. but i’m getting sick and tired of seeing this recurring gross theme in k-dramas of young girls getting casted to act with older guys.