im 2 tired 2 tag it

its 5 am, i havent slept in 3 days and im bringing back the classics


christmas themed phone wallpapers of overwatch’s offense heroes!

i was asked to make some christmas ones and i thought i might as well try and do all the heroes. i’ll be starting to do defense heroes shortly! feel free to use!

defense - tank - support

its like -93519 degrees outside 


Hey, here comes another video edit! The Supernatural Season 2 video edit is up and running and it’s called “Hold On.” The first link is a Youtube link and the second is Vimeo if Youtube doesn’t work for you. I really enjoyed this video, even more than my first (and I spent a lot more energy on it too). I hope you guys will enjoy it too. If you don’t enjoy it or have any feedback on it feel free to message me. Thanks so much for taking the time to watch it and again if you want to be untagged simply message me and I will take your name off the tag list for season 3. If you stuck with me this far, I am eternally grateful! Enjoy. Below is the link to the Season 1 video edit if you missed it!

Show the World The Thunder - Supernatural Season 1 - Youtube

Show the World The Thunder - Supernatural Season 1 - Vimeo

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long time no pedal..

there’s captions

me @ my brain: stop being so fucking manipulative all the time

my brain: lol u wild, wyd tho

               hey hey HEY it’s ashton back at it again with yet another muse lmao   !!   end me anyway on this occasion it’s a soft boi and he’s the type that cries at any type of movie   /   he’s the type that goes so many extra miles for people but never for himself lmao   /   he’s also the type that won’t hesitate™ to show you affection and give you validation honestly but really   ,   he just carries such an immense heart   ,   the embodiment of fluff   ,   loves sweets and cute things   (   hyeon voice like you bye   )   with a burning passion and makes too many bad jokes honestly   

               the blog mainly is still under construction but could you please like and   /   or reblog this post if you’re interested in interacting with him   ?   thanks   !!


“I just want to feel grateful for this good luck. I want to be thankful that there’s someone who’s interested in trash like me.”

a soft mix for the (un)luckiest of them all, nagito komaeda.