MONSTA X’s reaction to their S/O having a nightmare.

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When you sit up quickly next to him, his eyes would dart over to you and he would be in a fright because you were just asleep. He would sit up so his shoulder was pressed against yours and then he’ll look over at your face, which is covered in sweat. I feel like you wouldn’t really have to explain it to Shownu because he would already understand the situation. So instead of asking you what was wrong, he would just wrap his arms around you and pull your head closer to your chest, to comfort you. He would only then fall back asleep when you were finally sleeping.

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We all know how big Wonho’s heart is so he’ll care for you so much. Even if you have a cold he’ll feel like it’s his priority to never leave your side and make you feel better. So when you wake up next to him in tears, he’ll be startled and multiple things would flood out of his lips. “What’s wrong?” “It’s okay.” “It was just a dream.” He would hold you really close to his chest to calm you down and even when you are asleep, he’ll probably stay awake just in case you wake up again.

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When you wake up next to him, sitting up and starting to cry softly, I feel like he will giggle but at the same time, he will be worried. He would sit up so then he was next to you and then he’ll throw his arms around you. “Awh, Jagiya you don’t need to cry.” He would say as he smiled brightly at you. Don’t expect him to let you go. Even when you promised that you were alright, he would still be glued to you. Then when you’re explaining the nightmare the next day, he’ll bully you but deep down he will care.

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I feel like he’ll be clueless when you start to cry next to him in the king size bed. I think this because it would just come out of nowhere and he wouldn’t really know why. So he would turn around so then he was facing your face and would squint at you because he was still half asleep. “Are you okay?” He would ask you. You wouldn’t reply so he would just place his arm around your waist and pull your body closer to his. “It’s okay, whatever it is, it wasn’t real.” You two would then fall asleep after that.

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He wouldn’t be facing you when you sit up so he just thinks you’re getting out of bed to get a drink, so he doesn’t really bother with it and just continues with sleeping. That is until he hears quiet sniffles so his eyes will widen and he’ll sit up. “What?” He would ask as he looked over at you. You wouldn’t answer him because you were still in shock from the nightmare but he wouldn’t need an answer to understand. “Ah, Jagiya.” He would say as wrapped his arms around you and lied you both down.

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When you sit up quickly next to him, instead of sitting up himself, he will just wrap his arms around your waist and pull you back down so then your head was on his chest. “Why did you wake up?” He would ask you, still half asleep.
I had a bad dream.”
Oh, yeah, what happened?” Unlike the others, who find out what happened in your dream the next day, he will stay up all night with you speaking about your dream and comforting you.

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I feel like he will be a mix of Minhyuk and Jooheon. Minhyuk because he would laugh at you to try and distract your mind, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care. Jooheon because he’ll stay awake as you tell him what happened in the dream and expect him to make fun of it. I don’t even think he would drop the topic the next morning either.

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Introducing "The Unit" Idols Already Shining In The Spotlight As Centers

Introducing “The Unit” Idols Already Shining In The Spotlight As Centers

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With KBS’s new idol rebooting show “The Unit” premiering soon, K-pop fans have spotted many familiar faces in the coveted “center” spots of the competition’s first music video!

“The Unit” is a survival show that aims to give idols a second chance at success, and nine female and nine male contestants will be chosen for finalist project groups.

Before the show begins later this month, “The Unit” ha…

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