Intermission (Wonho Fanfiction)

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Genre: Single Parent AU, fluff, romance.

Summary: Wonho; full time dad, part time male lead in nationwide famous musical. His life was busy to say the least, and it was about to get even busier with an added element: you.


The Clan (Minhyuk Fanfiction)/First Serve (Kihyun Fanfiction)

Chapter Two

     It was as if the world was working against you. The previously long and dragging weeks suddenly picked up their pace and zoomed by and before you knew it, it was closing night. You’d been feeling glum all day; you tried to convince yourself it was because you’d miss doing the makeup looks for the musical, but you knew it was because you would miss Wonho and Hayoon.

     With a reluctant sigh, you walked into the theatre that afternoon and began laying out the necessary makeup on the black vanity next to you. The actors and actresses had yet to arrive with only the backstage staff present. You leaned on the vanity as you waited; you makeup artists had quite some free time before you actually had to start work.

     Finally, the door opened and your heartbeat raced but it was quickly replaced with disappointment for it was only the stage manager, the big boss of the whole production. You sighed but then it struck you. You had been pondering over an idea that you thought of for a few days now and you needed his help. You jogged over to him on the other side of large room and bit your lip, smiling hesitantly. “Hey, can I ask you for a favour?”

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First Times
Changkyun scenario requested by Anon
Genre: Fluffy smut thing?
Word count: 1151

Author’s note: Hi again~ I’m back with another smut, although you can hardly call it that. I passed my entrance exams! I hope you can find this enjoyable. I’m not too familiar with smut so I tried by best. Please enjoy!

His fingers were trembling.

Honestly, you weren’t even sure if he had noticed it, although it was a bit hard to miss. You laid your hand over Changkyun’s instinctively, curling your fingers around his in a comforting gesture. Chocolate brown eyes shifted to meet yours, his lips twitching with blatant curiosity.
“What’s on your mind?” You murmured, resting your chin on his shoulder delicately. The two of you were sat side by side on his bed, having turned on a movie about an hour ago. You weren’t really sure what it was about at this point, your eyes continuously falling on your boyfriend instead of the computer screen.
“Did you catch me?” Changkyun chuckled softly, leaning his head against yours. In the months you had been together, it was your first time seeing this side of him. He was acting out of the ordinary, trying not to make eye contact for too long, and his shoulders tensing at your touch.
“You didn’t cheat on me or anything, right?” You murmured playfully into the shell of his ear, a smile pulling at the corners of your mouth as he began to squirm.
“Of course not, you know I wouldn’t do that kind of thing. There’s just been something on my mind lately, but I don’t know how you would feel about it.” He said, the curve of his lips meeting your cheek for a fleeting moment.
“You’ll never know if you don’t ask.” You answered him, trying to keep your voice low as to not shatter the tension hanging in the air. His window was open this afternoon, as it was when the weather was a little warmer, and the sunlight was spread across the walls like margarine. You could hear his every breath, coming and going with the slight breeze. It was a moment that you couldn’t capture in mere sight, the sort of thing that would bring on heavy nostalgia in the years following. The audio of the film was drowned out in your soft voices, Changkyun’s eyes scanning yours for a sort of cue.
“Have you ever thought about making love to me?” He asked cautiously, sunlight reflecting off of dilated pupils. The seconds that followed there were no words, your body reacting before your mind could. Your lungs burned as if you had just run a mile when your lips met, hands melting against each other’s skin. Before you could register it, your back had met the mattress. Changkyun’s arms were shaking as he looked down at you. If anyone saw the way he looked at you, they would know how in love he was within seconds. Sex is something that is seared into our instinct, typically animalistic and fast and hot. Somehow, this was quite the opposite. When Changkyun’s lips met the expanse of skin where your neck meets your collarbone, it felt more similar to being submerged in a warm bath. His hair was a little out of place and his breathing was a little uneven, but looking at him in this moment, you realized there was nothing else quite so beautiful as Im Changkyun. Your hands slid along his neck, tugging him closer until your foreheads were flush. Heat was spreading through you slowly, building his each passing second. The two of you were bare-faced, with disheveled hair, and dressed in clothes that weren’t particularly flattering. You didn’t feel necessarily sexy, but you felt beautiful. The kind of beautiful that comes with being human, with raw and unfiltered emotion for the person in front of you. The kind of beautiful that comes with the wind shaking the trees. It is something unexplainable, this awe for the world right in front of yours eyes, but it was unparalleled. Changkyun’s eyes were still searching your own, the both of you wanting to drown in the other.
“Im Changkyun, I love you.” You whispered, your throat tightening as the words escaped, and your tongue running over your chapped lips. Changkyun’s shirt was off soon after that and your own was shed fairly quickly. Your lips were all over one another, with Changkyun nibbling lightly at your collarbones and your chest. Soon enough, there was no more fabric separating you from him, bare skin kissing bare skin as your tongues danced. Firm hands and long fingers had prepped you well, his grip tightening around your thighs as own of your legs was adjusted over his shoulder.
“I love you.” He whispered, pressing his length into you and allowing you time to adjust with each inch. You nodded in return, the newfound pressure below being something you had never felt before. It didn’t hurt in the slightest, but the fact that Changkyun was inside you, was making you squirm. He thrusted languidly into you, sending an incomparable chill through your bones when your hips were flush together. Your back would bow with the building pressure, your neck thrown back as Changkyun moaned into the crook of it. Small sounds were eliciting, but nothing like the stuff you had seen in porn. It was gentle, the onsetting pleasure more similar to boiling water than anything else. Changkyun was sweating, the ends of his hair slightly damp from the intensity, making him glow. The sex the world had prepared you for was rough and painful and noisy, but you supposed that making love was quite different. There was the awkward stumbling of lips and gaps of silence that came with everyone’s first time, but Changkyun had obviously done a lot of work into making sure he could make the most enjoyable experience for you. Being young and in love was a blessing, you realized. Each thrust sent your mind reeling, the feeling reminding you of oceanic waves crashing against a rocky shore. Everything but Changkyun was nothing now, your eyes only seeing him, your ears only hearing him, your body only feeling him.
As his orgasm approached, his hips bucked a bit faster, his fingers fisting the fabric of the sheets below you in desperation for something to hold him together. He came first, your orgasm following soon after as he drew his own out. It was a rush of heat, causing your toes to curl and your thighs to tremble. It was like a flower blooming, your entirety opening up in front of Changkyun shamelessly and unapologetic. It was a tender moment for the two of you, your chests heaving, and your eyes never leaving each other. There was no second guessing.
He collapsed on top of you after he pulled out, arms wrapping around you protectively. Small kisses were littered over your face, causing laughter to bubble up from your stomach. Lips were now on the shell of your ear, tickling as Changkyun whispered to you, despite the lack of an audience.

“What was that movie about?”